Why Social Media Marketing does not work

Steve Mills - Part time Marketing directorWhy Social Media Marketing does not work.

There are many reasons for implementing social media marketing in your business.  But the fact is that the biggest reason that social media marketing fails is that it is done badly by people who don’t understand it and who don’t have the time to do it anyway and so often it simply never gets done!

For me, the key is to automate part of it and to take massive action on the rest of it.

Firstly, you need to consider using one of the many different social media marketing systems like this one.

This can help you to:

  1. Maximise your use of time on your social networks
  2. Increase your engagement, likes and success
  3. Easily find and post relevant content & videos
  4. Schedule days or weeks of content in minutes
  5. Manage your social networks in one place
  6. and more!

Secondly, it is about personal interaction.  Yes, that is right – Pick up the phone and talk to your contacts.  These are the people that you have built some form of relationship with.  They have connected with you and hopefully read your posts and tweets and they are probably already on your email list.

So, the real secret to Social Media Marketing success?  Take massive action!

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