Whats wrong with traditional marketing?

The biggest problem with typical marketing advice is that it just does not work.

Instead of creating sales and business growth, marketers and designers are more interested in trying to make your marketing look good, win design awards and create awareness.  Typical marketing advice is not even up to date with modern marketing methods and technology.  Business coaches tell you what you already know and rarely measure their performance, let alone yours.

Typically, marketing advice focusses on spending money, taking risks and is often not done in a commercial, marketing way.   This is often implemented before using the power of low cost and no-cost marketing, like referrals, social media, networking and joint venture marketing.   In short, typical marketing does not pay the bills!

So often I hear people telling me that they can’t afford to do a particular form of’ marketing.

For example, you may say that you can’t afford to do search engine optimisation, Google PPC Advertising, exhibiting at an event, or attending a marketing training workshop.

But the truth is that you can’t afford not to do it – if it works.

Let’s say you invest £100 in PPC Advertising and every time you do this it creates £1,000 worth of business.  How often would you want to do this?  Just once?  Or, would you rather do it on a daily basis?  Would you also rather invest £10,000 per month, so you get £100,000 of business….and so on?

So the real truth is, that you can’t afford to continue wasting your money on ineffective marketing.

Here lies the problem – MOST MARKETING DOES NOT WORK!

Let’s have a look at how most small businesses undertake their marketing:

  1. They have never been trained.
  2. They don’t have a marketing plan.
  3. They get some advice from someone who tells them that they should do ‘x’.  They do it once, then it does not work. Consequently, they complain that ‘x’ does not work in our industry!
  4. They often get advice from someone who is not up to date with modern marketing methods.
  5. They sometimes stop doing whatever it was that they were doing and they go and find the next thing that does not work.
  6. They become disillusioned about marketing and stop wasting money. They then either go bankrupt, or they survive, relying upon referral, and repeat business.
  7. The marketing that they agreed to do does not get done, or only half of it does.
  8. In short, they waste a significant amount of their marketing budget.

So what is the answer to the huge problem that small businesses have with marketing?

  1. Get trained.  Marketing is one of the most important skills required to run a small business.
  2. Produce a plan for your marketing, even if it is a ‘one page’ plan.
  3. Take a look at what you are doing in terms of your marketing and improve it, then improve it again,
  4. Start to measure what is working and what is not.
  5. Test the use of additional marketing income streams and build multiple approaches to marketing.  There is never one way of undertaking your marketing.
  6. Identify what you can do to market your business for free using ‘marketing without money’ strategies.
  7. Stop utilising the traditional marketing approaches that no longer work and start embracing the future, by becoming effective at internet marketing.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that many businesses suffer from Umbongo Marketing Advice.

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  1. Great post, Steve! Very true. Thanks!

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