Umbongo Marketing

One day a marketing advisor set off on a tour of remote African villages.  His purpose was to teach the word of marketing to the villagers.

He turned up at the first village and started to deliver the first training session. He told the villagers all about the power of branding, image advertising, and getting your logo recognised.  He told them that they needed to spend lots of money on advertising, design and brand recognition.  He said that marketing was difficult to measure and you had to ‘just give it a go’.  Upon hearing this, the villagers all started shouting:

Umbongo, Umbongo, Umbongo.

This got the marketing advisor even more inspired to deliver his message.

He spoke about the need to invest in on-line marketing and how important it is to have a good looking website.  He said that it did not matter if it did not create leads, because the website just needed to be a brochure site!  This got the villagers even more animated and they started shouting even louder:

Umbongo, Umbongo, Umbongo!

The marketing advisor continued, by telling them that, all they needed to do on-line was to have a website and then pay someone a load of money and they would get the site on to the first page on something called ‘Google’.  He then told them that all they needed to do to grow their business was to rely on referral and BNI and that was it.  He told them that marketing was simple and that any fool could do it.  This got the villagers even more animated.

Umbongo, Umbongo, Umbongo they shouted!

When he had finished he explained to the chief that he wanted to go to the next village to tell them about the wonderful world of marketing. The Chief said “if you follow the river for 10 miles you will come to the next village”.  He continued “you will be fine, but you must be careful when you cross the first field, because it is full of bulls and you need to make sure that you don’t tread in any Umbongo”.

So my message is – If you want marketing advice without any ‘Umbongo’, then contact me – The Prudent Marketer.  Marketing without the Umbongo (BS).

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