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Marketing Training Hampshire

Marketing Training Hampshire VenueWe are pleased to confirm that we will be running a one-day Marketing Training Hampshire based workshop on how to use video and YouTube to market your business.  The workshop is being held in our offices in Sherbourne St John, Hampshire, on 20th July 2017.

Workshop content covers

1. How to set up an account

2. How to produce a video on YouTube

3. Using Camtasia

4. Video production

5. Uploading your video’s to YouTube

6. The equipment that you need

7. Marketing your videos on YouTube

8. Piggyback on successful videos

9. Adding your YouTube video’s to your website and blog

10. Adding your YouTube video’s to your other Social Media sites

11. Marketing your YouTube site

Everyone knows that video marketing is the key to the future of marketing, but so many businesses are still not fully using video, either because they think it will cost too much, or they ‘don’t like being on video’.

The truth is video marketing can be totally free and you don’t have to be in any video’s, but you should!

Today I am going to talk about video content and specifically the three keys to selling on video.

Key 1 – People

Tell the listener who the video is aimed at.  For example – This video is for anyone who is not winning business on their website and who wants to do so

Key 2 – Problem

Tell the listener about the problem you are going to solve

Key 3 – Solution

Tell the listener about the solution that you have to the problem that you have identified?

For further tips on marketing, or to sign up for our next workshop, click here.

Twitter PPC Advertising

Social Media Webinar – the Pros and cons

On Tuesday 22nd July, at 11am, I along with Michael Farrier of the Reading based law firm Boyes Turner are holding a free one hour webinar on the ‘Pros and cons’ of using social media to grow your business.
During the webinar we will be discussing:
1. How businesses can benefit from social media and what you need to do to stand out from the crowd
2. How businesses can protect themselves against the many pitfalls of social media.
Further details can be found by clicking this link.


Social Media Training – Socialonomics video

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Social Media Management

Social Media ManagementDid you know that we offer an amazing, low cost service that allows you to get all the benefits of a professional social media marketing campaign, without the usual headache?

From just £200.00 per month (less than you might spend on a tiny display advert in a local paper) we can get our team of social media experts to profile your business, create a campaign, and start tweeting and posting engaging content on Twitter and Facebook that will boost your brand, increase your website conversion rate, expose your business to a huge new market and drive more visitors to your website.

Our team (all UK based and native English speakers) will write daily promotional and interesting content and schedule it a week in advance via our incredible social media control panel.

Our control panel makes it really easy for you to track your campaign’s success, review our content, edit and schedule your own items (when you have a free moment) and even tracks relevant news items that you can post out to your followers. We make it simple for your business to benefit from the huge popularity of Twitter and Facebook.

I am so sure you will like our social media management service that I’ve created you a personal demonstration of our scheduling control panel.

Username: (your own email address)

Password: demo1

We’ll schedule 4 or 5 bespoke tweets and/or 2 posts per day and even upload custom made images a couple of times per week (depending on which account you choose). We’ll still be posting while you are working on building your business. We’ll still be posting when you are on holiday or off sick. We’ll still be posting when you are called out to an urgent meeting that runs on all day. It’s hard work to post four or five times per day with well thought out content. We are experts at it.

The contract

There is no contract! We are so sure you will be delighted with what we write for you and the results you’ll get from the campaign that you are free to leave at any time. We are confident you won’t.

We supply you with:

  • A social media scheduling control panel.
  • 4 or 5 bespoke tweets and/or 2 posts per day – all by our native English speaking team.
  • You will be able to log in and monitor the content we have created for you, as well as view your traffic stats and schedule your own tweets, posts and images.
  • Access to a bespoke news searching system that allows you to post industry news to your followers.
  • Lots, lots more…

Have a look at for more details and prices.

Please drop me a line back either way, I’m interested in your feedback.

I look forward to speaking to you.

LinkedIn Training Wallingford

Want to know more about Linked in?

Our speaker this month at the Wallingford BizLite is Steve Mills of the Linked in Academy.

This Friday, the 16th of May, is the day for our Wallingford 10 to 12 BizLite group which takes place at the Wedding House and is hosted this month by Issy Wiggins-Turner a Co founder of the 10-12 Business Club.10-12 BizClub Lite Wallingford is held the 3rd Friday every other month and is open to male and female,non members and members. A lighter version of the 10-12 Business Club without the structured networking and an ideal way to test the water of business networking.  If you are a new start in business or an established business that has never networked then consider the 10-12 Biz Club Lite for your first networking experience.

The 10-12 Business Club has 6 opportunities for you to network each month in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. We do hope to see you at one of these events soon.

Make sure you let us know if you are coming so that we can confirm numbers with the venue. To do this just visit the 10-12 Business Club website and select the meeting you wish to attend then book online.

Networking event London

Steve Mills - The Prudent Marketer


‘Marketing without money’

Guest Speaker: Steve Mills, The Prudent Marketer.

JANUARY 23 2014

Please join us for business networking and a short talk on ‘Marketing without money’ with guest speaker Steve Mills at Kol Chai Community in 434 Uxbridge Rd, Hatch End, Pinner, Middx HA5 4RG on January 23rd from 7.30pm.

Steve helps businesses to make money without spending money, by providing marketing advice, and training on marketing and social media including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube.

Steve specialises in ‘Marketing without Money’ strategies’and helps his clients to market themselves using different techniques and strategies.  Founder of The LinkedIn Training Academy, set up to help people to use LinkedIn to grow their businesses.  The LinkedIn Academy is privately run and is not owned, or endorsed, by LinkedIn PLC.  He developed an online training programme designed to teach business owners on how to use LinkedIn effectively.  For the last 16 years, Steve has owned a sales and marketing consultancy business and is the author of four books.

Steve’s top tips for Facebook marketing

Marketing Consultant1. Ensure you maximise Facebook links
The No.1 strategy to get your website on to the first page on  Google is to create links from ‘high credability, ethical and relevant websites’.   So the first step is to create links back to your website from Facebook.

You may have already noticed that Facebook allows you to place your page within specific categories. People then find your company within the Graph Search based on the category that you have selected for you page.  It is therefore essential that you choose the category, that is the best match for your business.

2. Include your keywords
Your “About” section on your Facebook page should be treated just like a meta description on your webpage.  Include the keywords which are the most relevant to your product or service in this section. You can also put keywords within status updates and take advantage of Facebook’s new #hashtag system to boost Graph Search visibility as well.

3. Customize your URL
Having a unique URL that has your company name within it helps rankings for both Google Search results, and Facebook Graph Search results.

The part that says “MyCompanyName” is called your username within Facebook.  Go to Facebook Username and create your Facebook URL.

4. Addition of key information on your profile
Include important information about your company in the “About,” “Mission” and “Company Description” sections. If your company depends on local traffic, include your physical address and phone number in the “Basic Info” section.

5. Get more likes
Run contest and promotions that help encourage more people to Like and follow your company’s Facebook page. Comparable to link building within SEO, businesses with lots of followers tend to get better Graph Search rankings.

6. Include your keywords
Your “About” section on your Facebook page should be treated just like a meta description on your webpage.  Include the keywords which are the most relevant to your product or service in this section. You can also put keywords within status updates and take advantage of Facebook’s new #hashtag system to boost Graph Search visibility as well.

 7. Encourage sharing of your content
Facebook is more of a social experience than a traditional search experience. Your content must be content that people want to share with their friends. Imagine Graph Search as a net which captures likes, shares and comments. So if your page gets more of these incoming relationships. it will get more easily discovered. The most popular and shared posts on Facebook tend to be the ones that are interactive, engaging and contain useful information.

8. Change your company address

Graph search results are often based on location. If you don’t have your address on your page, you will not be viewed for location-based searches.

Social Media Stats

Internet marketing training






Did you know…

  1. 93% of marketers use social media for business
  2. In the past two years the number of people accessing the internet via mobile phone is 818.4 million
  3. Only 28% of the world’s population currently has access to the internet
  4. By 2017 the above number will have increased to 68%
  5. If Facebook was a country it would be the third largest on the planet
  6. Instagram has 45 million photo’s uploaded every day
  7. Google+ is currently growing by 33%pa
  8. Twitter is the fastest growing network, with growth figures of 44% from June 2012 to March 2013
  9. 21% of the worlds population use Twitter
  10. Pintrest is now home to 70million users
  11. LinkedIn has over 238,000,000 users, with two new members joining every second
  12. There are over 14 million LinkedIn members in the UK
  13. YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine in the world
  14. Over 100 hours of video is added to YouTube every minute
  15. Over a tril;lion hours of video have been watched on YouTube

Social media is just a fad?  What do you think?  I think that it is the biggest change in how we communicate since the invention of the telephone.

LinkedIn Marketing | Combine LinkedIn With Content Marketing For Marketing That Packs a Punch

Steve Mills - Marketing Advice

Press Release

A recent study of over 50,000 active LinkedIn members has shown that 85% of marketers believe that LinkedIn is the most effective social network when it comes to delivering high-quality content to engaged consumers. 71% of those surveyed also said that the audience relevance they find on LinkedIn is one of the most important elements of content marketing. In light of these statistics, Steve Mills, the Prudent Marketer, is urging more businesses to combine content marketing with LinkedIn to create a marketing strategy with high impact.

Steve Mills, who runs The LinkedIn Academy, where business owners can learn how to use LinkedIn to grow a business, says, “The majority of people who attend my seminars and workshops have LinkedIn profiles that read like their CV. There is no indication on these profiles why high-profile decision makers or influencers should engage with this individual, and they are not demonstrating why their content is relevant. It is important for business owners to utilise the powerful tool that is LinkedIn to share high-quality content with their network, and establish themselves as thought leaders in their chosen fields.”

With a series of webinars, online training sessions, one-to-one sessions with Steve Mills himself and in-house workshops held at regular intervals throughout the year, any business owner can learn how to use LinkedIn for content marketing. The courses provided at The LinkedIn Academy include everything from setting up personal and company profiles, to setting goals for LinkedIn marketing and getting those all-important referrals and conversions. Content marketing will help with all of these things, as LinkedIn endeavours to fulfil the task it laid down for itself: for businesses to use its service to be helpful and relevant, rather than plugging away at sales and leads.

Creating relevant content for use in marketing will be something that is personal and unique to each business, but this content would be useless without an in-depth knowledge of how to make LinkedIn work for a business. Taking a seminar at The LinkedIn Academy allows marketers to discover how to build lists of contacts and influential figures who will be interested in their content, link your blog and your website to achieve important conversions and referrals, and track ROI on LinkedIn. All of these aspects should be in place before content marketing comes into the picture, to offer the business the best possible platform to succeed in the digital arena.

For more information about Steve Mills, the Prudent Marketer, and to discover some of his personal marketing tips, visit

About Steve Mills

Steve Mills helps clients to create more leads. Over the past 17 years, Steve has built a reputation for helping businesses to market themselves using his ‘Marketing without Money Formula’. Never one to take unnecessary risks for himself or his client, Steve is now known as The Prudent Marketer.

Steve established his reputation by training thousands of business people in how to market themselves without a budget. He has spoken to audiences all over the world and authored three highly successful marketing books as well as writing articles for many leading business magazines. He is the founder of The LinkedIn Training Academy which provides training, coaching and mentoring, through video, audio, workshops and webinars.


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