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Marketing advice for small businesses

If you are a small business and you are struggling to create the leads you need and you do not really have the budget to spend lots of money on Marketing   Then you might want to attend my Marketing without Money Workshop.

It is free to attend and is being held on 19th September 2012, from 7.30am to 10.00am.  The venue us the DCE Conference Centre, Bone Lane, Newbury, Berkshire.

To book either to to Marketing advice for small businesses, or call 0118 930 5700.

Lead Generation | 10 ways to improve your sales conversion rates

10 ways to improve your sales conversion rates

So you convert five prospects out of ten. Does a 50% success rate mean you are wasting half of your marketing budget? Of course not. But maybe some sales training could boost your rate to 60% – and that would up your turnover by 20%!

Meantime here are a few ideas that may prove useful.

  1. Get yourself into the proper frame of mind. You can’t expect to do a good job if you are still fuming about the idiot who cut you up on your way to the appointment. Let go of the day’s frustrations and concentrate on the customer.
  2. Find some common ground. Sometimes this means talking about (or letting the customer talk about) last night’s football or the awful state of the country before getting down to business. Just don’t let it get out of hand!
  3. Clearly indentify the customer’s need. It’s a cliché but don’t try to sell the drill bit – sell the hole!
  4. Use their words, not yours. Sometimes we get carried away with our own clever jargon. If the customer wants ‘plenty of loft space’, don’t turn it into ’30 square metres of unobtrusive storage solution’.
  5. Paint attractive word pictures. Ask the customer to ‘imagine yourself driving through the countryside in your new convertible on a sunny day’.
  6. Use positive reinforcement. When the customer himself talks about the benefits of ownership, don’t be tempted to add lots more features – (s)he knows what (s)he wants. So just agree and ask for the order.
  7. Put yourself in their shoes. Try to see things from the customer’s viewpoint; ask yourself, ‘Would I buy it from me?’ If you can’t convince yourself ….
  8. When they suggest a feature they want, ask questions. ‘Why is that important to you?’ The more you ask, the more you will understand what they are looking for and the better you will be able to match your product to their requirements.
  9. Always be credible. Don’t make outrageous claims. Most customers can spot them and the ones that don’t come back looking for refunds when they discover the truth.
  10. Be prepared to say no if you believe they are making a mistake. It’s awfully hard to turn down a sale but they will thank you and probably become your most loyal customer in the future.

YouTube Training | Webinar

YouTube Marketing Webinar

Understand and utilise the key benefits of video for your business...

Following the launch of our YouTube half-day workshop last month, much of the feedback we received about this programme was that ‘this is great, but I don’t have the time’ so, just like we did with LinkedIn, we have created the YouTube Webinar Programme – Thirty minutes a week for six-weeks.

This programme is going to cover everything you need to know in order to market yourself on, and with, YouTube effectively – something that is fast becoming crucial in the modern marketplace.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to get ahead of your competitors and connect with your consumers in this unique and crucial way.

For more information on what will be covered in the Webinar Programme and to book, click this link.

Business Growth Advice | Marketing Success System

The Steve Mills Key to Marketing Success System

Marketing Success Keys

Your percentage score

How good at you at attracting traffic?
How good are you at turning traffic into capturing leads?
Do you nurturing prospects effectively?  If so, rate yourself
How good are you at converting prospects into sales?
How are you at delivering and satisfying and keeping clients?
How good are you at up selling to your current client base?
How good are you at creating referrals?
How good are you at creating ongoing streams of income?
How good are you at educating and adding more value to your clients?

Not happy with your score?  Call Steve on 0118 930 5700.

LinkedIn Webinar

LinkedIn Webinar Training

How to use LinkedIn to Grow your Business – 8 week Webinar Programme
Hopefully by now you are convinced that LinkedIn should be a key part of your marketing (if not click here and watch the video).

So the question then becomes – how can I use LinkedIn effectively to grow my business?

An even more important question for many people is – How can I find the time to get trained in how to use LinkedIn properly?  Time is such an important resource and travelling to and from a seminar is often not the best option.

This being the case, I am just about to launch an eight week Webinar based training programme.  Now I don’t know about you but the thought of spending hours on the phone on a webinar fill me with dread and so I limit each session to only 30mins (4 hours in total).

In this time I am going to not only teach you, but also show you what you need to do to market your business on LinkedIn.  The programme covers:

Week 1

Your LinkedIn Marketing Plan
Setting up an effective personal profile
Week 2

Setting up a company profile
Building your database
Week 3

Keeping in touch with your target market
Using groups to grow your business
Week 4

Using LinkedIn for search engine optimisation
Week 5

Getting recommended
The paid for services
Week 6

Email marketing
Linking your LinkedIn marketing with other Social Media
Week 7

Using the many applications
Your Social Media Policy
Week 8

Putting your plan together
The whole programme costs £97.00.  That is just £12.12 per week.  If you think about this in terms of return on investment (ROI) then signing up is a no brainer.  I have clients who have made £135,000, £55,000, £28,650 and one who made £58,000 from one meeting that they got from LinkedIn.
Having said that, using LinkedIn to grow your business is about taking action and this is why this webinar format is so good because you get trained every week and in between times you take the required actions.

In order to get you signed up I also want to offer you several bonuses:

Bonus 1 – When you sign up for the programme you get access to my 28 video on-line programme.  So if you forget anything, or you can’t make one week you can go to the members only website and learn from the videos.

Bonus 2 – I will give you two months membership of my Raise your Game Programme (a monthly Business Development CD programme)

Bonus 3 – I will send you a copy of my e-book ‘A Sales Force of Thousands’ (a book about referral marketing)

The programme details

Day – Thursday

Time – 4.30pm to 5.00pm

Dates – 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th March | 5th, 12th, 19th April

Investment – £97.00 + VAT

Value – Immense

To book click here

Sales Training Berkshire | Essential to all businesses in 2012

Today in business every potential sale matters.  Sales & Marketing specialist Steve Mills states “if you are only converting 40% of your leads into business, then you are wasting 60% of your marketing budget”.  Steve reveals that every salesperson, regardless of the industry, product, or skill level, makes mistakes. Here are some basic sales mistakes to avoid and some tips for selling more and having happier customers.

Number 1

Not listening. Do not just listen to what the customer is asking for; look past that to find out what they need. Too often salespeople sing the praises of a product without hearing what the customer wants. You cannot sell to someone if you do not know what they want. Listen to your customers, identify the need, and fill it.

Number 2

Not being up to date. Would you hire a doctor who told you they had not done any training since medical school 25 years ago?  No!  Why?  Because there have been so many advances in the world of medicine and the doctor would not be well trained and so it is in the world of sales training.   You must keep up to date in order to keep your conversions as high as possible.  For details of how to do this click here.

Number 3

Being unprepared. Whether you are making a sale in a showroom, a board room, or on the phone, you need to know the details about what you are selling and be able to answer all pertinent questions. Be prepared. If you are prospecting for new business, know what you are going to say and be ready for questions you may be asked.

Number 4

Jumping straight to the sale. In any type of sales business, you need to establish a relationship. Even on the Web you need to have landing pages to provide information about your products or services before jumping to the shopping cart. Do not rush to the sale. Take the time to educate your customers, and they will reward you with sales.

Number 5

Not closing the sale. This is the flipside of the mistake above. Once you have provided your customer with the information he or she needs, ask if the customer is ready to make a purchase. It may seem unnecessary, but sometimes asking for the sale can be the nudge your customer needs to make a final decision.

Number 6

Going off topic. Some salespeople overdo the need for a “relationship” with excessive chatter. Others continue to talk about the product or service, but spend an inordinate amount of time on irrelevant information. While you do want to build a relationship and make your customer comfortable, the goal is to make the sale. If the sale is the topic, don’t veer too far off on tangents.

Number 7

Not researching your customer. If you are trying to sell to a specific client at a meeting, you need to know what he or she is all about. Do some research before the sales meeting and get a good idea of the prospects likes, dislikes, interests, and manner of doing business. The same holds true for consumers. Get to know who makes up your target audience.

Number 8

Judging books by their covers. Salespeople routinely miss sales because they prejudge their customers. Do not let race, creed, gender, ethnicity, age or appearance stand in the way of making a sale.

Number 9

Not following up on leads. Just because someone does not buy immediately does not mean they will not be interested later — particularly if they requested information. Follow-up is a critical aspect of sales that is often neglected.

Number 10

Failing to prospect for new customers. Even when sales are at their peak, you need to devote time to looking for more customers. No company can survive without a constant influx of new customers, so no business can afford not to prospect for them.

For further details of the sales, or marketing training provided by Steve call him on 0118 930 5700, or go to training link

Why small businesses stay small…

The big difference between success and failure, between a large business and a small one is, the number of sales created.  Why do small businesses stay small?  Because they don’t make enough sales!

It is that simple!  Bigger companies are better at selling.

I recently spoke at a large Business Conference with over 600 small business delegates and I asked them two questions:

1. Who in the room is responsible for sales in their business?  About 90% of the room put their hands up.

I then asked:

2. Who in the room has done any sales training in the past 5 years?  Less than 5% of the room but their hands up.

Need I say more?

OK I get it – An article that does not mention LinkedIn

OK, so I am going to talk about blogging! And more precisely the title for your blog posts.

Simply put – you must make sure that the posts that you are adding to your blog has a title that is key word rich.

In other words, they have key words (the words others would use when searching for you) in the title.

Take a look at my past blog post titles for example!

Social Media Training Masterclass

We have only two places left for The Masterclass on 23rd June
If you only attend one workshop this year then this should be it.

I am going to be working with Frank Furness and he is going to explain to delegates how he got 2.2 million people to his YouTube account.

As if that is not enough. I am going to show delegates how to create an abundance of leads from LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

So if you want more info click here and watch Frank’s video

Social Media Training

If you think Social Medai is not for businesses. Watch this vido and think again:

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