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Launch of the Association of Prudent Marketing

Marketing trainingWe are pleased to announce the launch of the Association of Prudent Marketing.

Members can expect weekly sales and marketing tips and ideas to grow their business along with reports and marketing audits.

As a member you will benefit from

  1. Access to the Prudent Marketing social media portal allowing members to top quality social media marketing from one professional website
  2. A weekly profit producing video – covering business development, digital and off line marketing and sales
  3. A certificate of membership
  4. A monthly marketing report – providing in-depth reports on subjects like Facebook, LinkedIn Marketing, e-mail Marketing, Getting and converting traffic
  5. An annual conference – Great for networking and sharing best practice marketing and sales ideas
  6. Access to proven sales letters, scripts and other materials
  7. Monlthy Sales and Marketing Audits and Plans (these come in the form of marketing checklists)

To sign up click here


Marketing planning with Smart Numbers

Smart numbersMarketing Planning

I recently came across a company that might help you to measure your marketing planning more effectively.  

I would like to introduce you to Maincom’s, in particular I wanted to inform you about Smart Numbers, also known as Virtual numbers.  

We have one number on our website, another on LinkedIn, another on our emails, etc and the smart number system tells us how many times each number is called.  Simples!

Smart numbers provide a great cost effective solution for monitoring the success of marketing campaigns such as press advertising, online marketing and of course your website and social media pages.

With a free call recording facility they also provide a great staff training tool to ensure calls are being handled in the correct manner. 

Key features of Smart Numbers:

  • Each number is billed at £1+vat per month (rolling 30 day contract)
  • You can have as many 0333, local area codes, 0800 numbers as you would like, pointed to any landline or mobile number
  • They can provide a list of numbers for you to pick from.
  • Great for marketing and staff training as comes with free call recording, you can listen back to all calls over a 30 day period and download any that you wish to save
  • With your own secure login you can monitor the number of calls received on each one, proof as to whether a campaign is working and generating calls.  
  • As the number is diverted to your landline or mobile, calls are charged at less than a penny for Local and National (£0.0070ppp) and less than 4p to mobiles (£0.0395ppm
  • You can login and re-programme the numbers to point to a different destination at a click of a button which is instance.

If you would like to know more you can either talk to me or please do feel free to contact Sue Morant directly at Maincoms – / 0333 358 3000 /

We are not on commission, but I wanted to let you know about this great way of measuring your marketing.

Website Marketing Advice

Website Marketing Advice

The biggest lie in Marketing…

Reception 3

The biggest lie in Marketing is – “Our website is just a brochure website”

Well, sometimes it is a lie, whilst others it is simply an excuse.

Let’s be honest here:

1. Your website cost you money and perhaps lots of it

2. You could be winning business from it, but if you are like 95% of businesses, then you don’t

3. You do very little to market your website and you spend even less money to drive traffic to your website

4. Your website has no clear MWA (most wanted action).  In other words, there is nothing to sign up for and no call to action.

If you have one of those nice websites with an attractive rotating picture across the top of the home page, then I guarantee that you are losing money.  Now don’t make the mistake of thinking – I will get a new website designed.  If it is not built properly and with Marketing in mind, then you will just have another website that does not work and I don’t want that for you.  Let’s face it, most websites are a complete waste of money!

In summary

There are two keys to winning business from your website:

1. Traffic

2. Conversion

Want to know more about both?  Click this link Digital Marketing

Marketing Training Update…

Marketing Training

Marketing Training – Master Modern Prudent Marketing Methods

Satisfied with your current Marketing?  Need to create more leads?  Don’t really understand modern Digital Marketing methods and strategies?  If any of this rings any bells with you, then you really ought to take action.

We have the following workshops coming up in 2015

Capture – How to turn your marketing efforts into lead capturing

A one day Marketing Training workshop for only £120 on Wednesday 7th October 2015, from 9.30am to 4.30pm

This workshop is all about becoming more effective at capturing more leads from your crowd. In other words, getting people to know you, like you, and then trust you to buy from you!

In this workshop, we will be covering:

  • Understanding your current lead capture rates
  • Agreeing on a target for lead capture
  • Confirming your multiple streams of income
  • Using the WOO system to grow your business
  • Improving the profitability of your current income streams
  • Developing new income streams
  • Increasing your website’s conversion rates

For further details, please call us on 01256 345 556.

To book your place and for further information, simply call us on 01256 345 556, or click here

How to win £80,000+ in new business per year, per person from LinkedIn

A one day workshop on 27th October 2015, from 9.30am to 4.30pm

The biggest problems that business face on LinkedIn is that they either don’t understand it, or they don’t have the time to use it.

The fact is, if you sell to senior management, middle management, or business owners, then your target market is on LinkedIn.  In fact, there are 277,000,000 people worldwide and over 17,000,000 in the UK on LinkedIn.

So, the question is – How can you grow your database, keep in touch with your clients, create leads, and turn those leads into sales?  In other words, how can you monetise it?

For further details and to book, simply call us on 01256 345 556, or click here.

LinkedIn 8 week Webinar

Every Thursday for 8 weeks commencing on 22nd October 2015, at 4.30pm to 5.15pm

Time is such an important resource and travelling to and from a seminar is sometimes not the best option.

If this the case for you, then you might want to try attending our 8 week LinkedIn Webinar-based training programme.

Now, I don’t know about you, but the thought of spending hours on the phone on a Webinar fill me with dread and so I limit each session to only 45 mins per day and we cover everything you would learn in my one day workshop.

I am not only going to teach you, but also show you what you need to do to market your business on LinkedIn.  You also get a recording of each Webinar, so if you miss one week, don’t worry!

For further details of the Webinar programme, either call us on 01256 345 556, or click here.

How to use Social Media to grow your business

A one day workshop on 9th December 2015, from 9.30am to 4.30pm

On the day, Steve is going to show you how to get a significant amount of business from social networking.

The workshop is called ‘Using Social Media to Grow Your Business’ and he will share with you the Marketing strategies that will grow your business dramatically using social media strategies.

You can learn new, low-cost strategies for boosting your business with the minimum effort and at the minimum risk.

These strategies are proven to work but rarely used because few business owners realise how simple it can be to increase sales – even during tough economic times.

Most business owners have set themselves up on Facebook, or LinkedIn, or one of the other sites, but have not done much else.

For further details, simply call us on 01256 345 556, or go to Social Media Training

Marketing training programmeNo time to attend a Marketing Training workshop?  Learn on CD in your car

Get 80% off this 12 CD Marketing Programme for a limited time only!

The Raise your Game Marketing CD is a 12 CD programme that is full of great ideas for marketing your business, creating leads and converting those leads into sales.

The price of the programme is normally £299 + VAT, but we are currently offering an introductory price of £60 + VAT.

I have invested more than 30 years in learning from the best marketing and business growth experts in the world.  My “Raise your Game” programme is a culmination of all that I have learned in the process.

For further details, simply call us on 01256 345 556, or go to Marketing CD Training.

Online marketing advice for small business

Internet marketing adviceHow to compete online with BIG Companies…

One way is through Search Engine Optimisation, or (SEO). SEO can be difficult, but it is not complicated, if you know how to do it properly.

You do need to focus time on it and spending hours of hard work on it isn’t every small business owner’s idea of money or time well-spent. Yet, in order to get a good ROI from doing SEO, you must at least understand what ‘good’ looks like.

In fact, not spending time on SEO can mean failure for your e-commerce business, or any business, as internet marketing become more and more important. After all, if no one can find you, you don’t exist! On the internet, that means if Google isn’t ranking you well, you might as well not even bother having a website.

The only problem with SEO, is that it takes time to see the benefits.

“A typical client wants results as soon as SEO tactics are implemented, but it does not work like that” says Steve Mills. “SEO never finishes – it is a bit like getting fit, you can’t go to the gym for 3 months and then think that’s it, I am fit now, so I don’t need to do that any more!”. SEO takes time and constant tinkering and updating.

To compete with BIG Companies, smaller businesses must understand SEO.

Below, are the top three things you need to be implementing when it comes to SEO.

1. Use Long-Tail Keyword Phrases

For instance, “marketing advice berkshire” works better for us than “marketing advice”. Again, get specific and descriptive for your product pages, Optimise for individual products.

2. The Long-Tail Theory

Why use a long-tail keyword phrases instead of something shorter? It is as simple as this.

Because the big companies of the world have already optimised for short-tail keywords, and your small business won’t be able to compete with them.

And that’s totally fine.

Long-tail keyword phrases catch the customer who knows what they want. They know exactly what they are looking for.

They don’t want just any Solicitor, they want a ‘solicitor in Wokingham who specialises in employment law’.

Larger brands focus more often on short-tail keyword phrases that pull in high traffic volume to their site.

They do this because they pay SEO companies £1,000s per month to keep them at the top of the search engines and because of their brand name and sizable online presence.

A smaller company won’t receive such a luxury.

3. Instead of trying to compete with the bigger brands learn how to be more niched

The goal here is to put your keyword phrase in as many places as possible, without over-optimising for it. Google will penalise you for using a keyword phrase so often that it becomes obvious you are writing for the robots, not for people.

To learn how to do this and much, much more, take a look at our newly launched 12 month Marketing Training programme, providing business growth and Marketing advice for small businesses.


So, if you want to succeed with digital marketing and SEO, you must make sure that each of your long-tail keyword phrases are unique, descriptive and specific.

In addition, be sure that you aren’t just using that keyword phrase once. Use it in all of the spots where robots only can read them (i.e. the metadata and alt text).

When it comes to what your actual customers are reading, be sure you use the keyword phrase, but not in a way that alienates them (i.e. only once!).

Also, keep in mind that good SEO pulls in traffic over time, not over night. Be sure to use SEO best practices on all product pages, and watch your site begin to make it to the top of Google search queries for long-tail keywords.

Take a look at our results – by going to internet marketing advice.

Website report

Just how effective is your website?

Marketing is the key to your marketing success and your website is central to that marketing success?  

So, the questions are:

  1. How successful is your website at generating business?
  2. How well does your website perform on Google?
  3. How effective are you at marketing your site on Social Media?
  4. What does your site look like on different platforms?
  5. How does your website look on a mobile?
  6. What do you need to do in order to improve your results?

If you would like answers to these and other important questions about your website, simply fill in the form on the righthand side of the screen and we will send you a free 30+ page website report about your business.

NOTE – The report will take 24 hours to be delivered to you.  We will follow up with you to find out what you thought and to answer any questions that you may have.  To qualify for this free report, you must run a small business employing less than 250 people and be in the UK.

Free website review

Marketing Training Berkshire – Preview workshop on 19th November 2014

Most of the 1,000’s of companies that I have trained and advised over the past 20 years have the same seven problems:

  1. They don’t have enough leads;
  2. They don’t have a marketing plan;
  3. They don’t have anything in place to measure their sales and marketing results;
  4. They have tried lots of things that don’t work;
  5. They have very little time, or money to invest in marketing and view marketing as a cost and not an investment;
  6. They win little, or no business from their website;
  7. They win businesses from word of mouth, but they do not have a referral marketing system in place.

I don’t suppose this rings any bells, but if it does, then the above mistakes are costing you and other businesses that I meet a small fortune.

The question is – Are you going to do anything about it?

If you are interested in doing so, then I would like to invite you to attend a 3-hour introductory workshop and networking event called – The Prudent Marketing Academy Workshop.

During the workshop I will explain how to:

  • Use Prudent Marketing;
  • Analyse your Marketing Strategy;
  • Grow your business for free, using the internet;
  • Get Government funding to grow your business;
  • Develop a marketing plan.

The workshop details are, as follows:

Date: 19th November 2014

Venue: Wokefield Park, Near Reading, Berkshire

Time: 10am to 1pm

Cost: £27.00 + VAT

To book your place click below:

I want to attend The Prudent Marketing Academy


How Can Surveys Help You Find a Business Opportunity Network in Berkshire?

Steve Mills - Marketing adviserAny business opportunity network in Berkshire is definitely worth looking at.

Whether you already have a well-established business, a small one, or would still want to start one, marketing and knowing what your clients want is something that needs to be done. There are various ways to find out more about the preferences of clients, and having a survey is one of these.

Finding Out the Business Opportunity Network in Berkshire through Surveys

A survey is simply a means for you to ask respondents any set of questions. They could be about your business, your services, what they’d like to see, feedback about your company and more. These can be done on your website so that as your visitors enter a page, they will be prompted if they want to participate in a short survey to improve your service; or you can also use email to inform your clients about the survey.

Creating a survey is not that difficult. You can always use a survey provider. They have everything that you need; from the set of questions to use and how to deliver them to your clients. There are even some providers that don’t require you to have a broad technical knowledge to be able to create a single survey.

You don’t have to worry because almost everything on the internet nowadays is automated. All it takes is a few clicks here and there and you could have a really comprehensive survey.

Of course, it’s important to make sure that the survey won’t take too much time for your clients to fill out. But if necessary, you can always warn your respondents ahead of time that finishing the survey might take time for them so that they know what they are entering into.

Another thing is to keep your questions simple. No one wants to answer difficult questions as if they are being given an exam.

The goal of your survey is to help you determine the business opportunity network in Berkshire.

Therefore, if you have the time (you should, if you want the best possible outcome), try to create a survey to give your clients.

If you want other tips for internet marketing, you can check out Steve Mills’ Digital and Internet Marketing workshop on 11th of December 2014. Through the workshop, you can get ready to learn more about how you can make effective business opportunity network in Berkshire.


Looking for Internet Marketing Advice in Reading, Berkshire to Impact Your Marketing?

Looking for Internet Marketing Advice in Reading, Berkshire to Impact Your Marketing?

The one thing that is important in any business is to generate leads. The internet is a very big place and source for businesses to thrive if it is able to generate lots of quality leads. If you think about it theoretically, there are so many people on the internet every day, every minute. In a single minute, there are hundreds of thousands or even millions who are online and just going about their normal business.

So if you’re looking for internet marketing advice in Reading, Berkshire to augment your marketing efforts, read on!

Now, imagine if you can tap into at least 1 person in an hour, out of the hundreds of thousands looking at your niche, wouldn’t that amount to 24 people in a day?

This sounds easy, but it is not. Without the right information or knowledge of how to properly do these things, there won’t be any leads gained. You would only be wasting your time and energy online if you don’t get leads.

To overcome this, you have a few options:

  1. Hire an expert who can give you sound internet marketing advice to help you create a plan of action to leverage to power and sphere of the Internet. You may need to pay them well for their services but if you agree on specific terms and outcomes, you will not regret the relatively small investment compared to the monetary gains you’ll get from their expert advice and guidance.
  2. Get in touch with someone you know who is also in the business, or who is experienced in the business. They will surely help you in shedding some light on how to do things. The downside of this is, they might not tell you everything they know and are doing since you’ll be competing for leads.
  3. Learn all you can about internet marketing yourself. The Internet is a vast source of information including internet marketing so you can definitely go down this path. Unfortunately, not all of the internet marketing advices online are accurate and you would have to test different strategies, which can become costly over time, in order to pin down the strategies that will work for your business.

You can also search for internet marketing advice in Reading, Berkshire to attend a face-to-face session or workshop with an expert who can help you start on your path to internet marketing and social media marketing.

If you prefer to start small, the prudent marketer Steve Mills, who specialises in helping businesses run a marketing campaign at next to nothing, thus, the term Prudent Marketing.

He is running an Internet Marketing Advice workshop in Reading, Berkshire on the 23rd of September 2014. You can read more about the programme here:

Internet marketing will only continue to grow, so it’s best to take advantage of it before your competitors gain a distinct advantage over you. The video below shows how internet marketing has grown during the past few years and this might just change your mind about stalling this huge move to join the internet marketing arena.

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


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