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Something to think about

Steve Mills – Something to think about indeed!

FACT – 99% of all businesses are not succeeding to anywhere near the level that they could.  FACT – 99% of all business owners spend little, or no time in educating themselves in the skills required to grow their businesses.

Namely, Sales and Marketing.   Mmmmmmm!  Something to think about?

I recently spoke in front of 75 business owners in Portsmouth at a Business Link Event and when I asked “who in the room was responsible for sales?”, everyone put their hands up.  When I asked, who in the room has undertaken any sales training in the past 5 years only 4 people put their hands up and this scenario has occurred every time I have asked this question.  I often wonder how much all these businesses are losing because of this fact?  Millions?

Mmmmmm!  Something to think about?

A Strategy for your Business for less than the cost of a half decent brief case

Statistics prove that businesses who have a strategic plan consistently out perform those without one. The question is – How can you produce one without knowing what do do?

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Strategic planning

As the old saying goes “plans are nothing, planning is everything”.  In other words, once the plan is written, the benefit is over, as the value comes in the planning process.

Whilst this may not be totally true, I have to agree with the sentiment.  Business planning is essential to all small businesses, but a business plan is a plan of how to get somewhere.  First, there must be a destination.  This comes in the form of a Strategic Plan.

All big businesses have a strategic plan, very few small ones do.  Is there a message there?

I think the message is – If you want to be successful, you must plan for success.

The question is – How do you write a Strategic Plan?  Well if you will forgive the advertisement, you might want to take a look at my Strategic Planning folder.  It contains everything you need to write a strategic plan allowing you to simply fill in the dots.

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Andy Murrey

Steve Mills

Steve Mills

I always think that sport and business are linked at the hip.  What that means is that business people can learn so much from watching sport.

I have just finnished watching Andy Murrey lose to Raffa Nadal.  Both woldclass players and both capable of winning the match.  So what was the difference?  Nadal won 3-0?

I think it came down to belief.  Murrey never really believed in himself.  It also came down to playing your best at the right time.  Nadal did it and Murrey did not.  Hence 3-0!

So what can we learn from this?  The truth is lots!

Let’s take sales as an example – When you go in to that sales meeting, or stand up to do a sales presentation, you must believe in yourself.  If you don’t the person you are meeting WILL be able to tell in just the same way that I could tell Murrey was never totally believed in himself.

In that same way doing your best at the right time is essential to your business.  So the most important time is probably creating a truely outstanding first impression.

So my question is – What can you do to Raise your Game and get the very best out of yourself, your team and your sales and marketing?

Business development strategy

I recently read a great article by Peter Thomson on his weekly email.  It said “Write down everything you spend time doing.  Then write down the top three things that give you the best results.  Then list them one to three.  Then spend more time doing these things.

I love this!  Simple, but brilliant.  Or should it be, simply brilliant?

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