Swim in the right direction

One of the biggest mistakes made by many small businesses is that they swim in the same direction as everyone else.  In other words, give or take 10% they do more, or less the same marketing as everyone else in their market!

They have a similar website, charge similar prices, have similar products and invest similar amounts in their marketing.  And so, they get similar results and those results are NOT THE ONES THEY WANT!

Who was it who said “If you want to be successful find out what everyone else is doing and go in the opposite direction”.  My point is – What can you do to set yourself apart from your competitors and to not be the same as everyone else?

If you do this, then you become outstanding in your field and not outstanding in a field!  In others words when you ‘stand out’ you get all the rewards!  And that my friend is where you and I need to be in business.

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