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Steve Mills - The Man Behind The Association Of Prudent Marketing... 


Steve Mills is an Internationally renown business coach, marketing consultant, author, professional speaker and trainer.  He is an acknowledged leading marketing advisor, trainer and professional sales and marketing speaker with over 25 years experience helping small business owners to grow.

His background includes:
  • Steve has spent over 10,000 hours learning about sales and marketing from the world’s leading experts
  • He has made over £100,000,000 for his clients
  • He has spent over £100,000 on his own sales and marketing training
  • He has over 20 years experience helping small businesses
  • Steve is the author of four marketing books
  • Steve has worked in Dubai, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, USA, Vietnam, Australia and of course in the UK.
  • He is a former international sportsman and he understands the value of having a good coach
  • When Steve went into business for himself, he applied many of the principles he learned as a sportsman, including a continual and never ending growth to be the best he could be
  • Steve has a database of over 50,000 business owners who get his weekly marketing email tips
  • He has worked with 1,000’s of companies, in hundreds of industries
  • Steve doesn’t just deliver ideas, he really helps his clients make those ideas work for their business in a practical way. He really cares about people and wants to make a difference by sharing with others what he does best.  Steve is committed to consistent and never ending improvement, both personally and for those he works with.

Steve insists that if you have a weakness the “law of success” will find you out.  For example, if you are good at creating leads, but don’t follow up on those leads very well, then you will not be successful.  If you get lots of people to your website, but you don’t have any lead capture devices on your site, then that is going to be very costly.

Steve also believes that the world can be unsporting.  The player or the business that has the edge gets all the rewards.  The difference between winning and losing at any sport often hangs on a single point.  In business, a prospect types a key word into Google looking for a specific service and then selects maybe three websites to take a look at.  Only one company gets that £50,000 order!  The ones who finish second and third get nothing – not even a silver or bronze medal.  Harsh, but true!

Over the past 20 years, Steve has built a reputation for helping businesses to market themselves using his “Prudent Marketing” system.

Steve established his reputation by training thousands of business people on how to market themselves more effectively.

He has spoken to audiences all over the world and authored three highly successful marketing books, as well as writing articles for many leading business magazines.

For over 20 years, Steve has helped businesses develop systems and strategies to:

  • Improve the ROI from their current marketing
  • Use Marketing without Money strategies
  • Measure and track everything
  • Test their marketing to get the best possible results from every marketing pound
  • Make a marketing plan and set a budget with specific targets
  • Make full use of referrals with a plan and scripts for winning them
  • Systematise their marketing and sales processes

When Steve isn’t working he can be found keeping fit on the tennis court, playing golf very badly, riding his mountain bike, or walking along the country lanes in North Hampshire.

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