Should you be blogging?

Steve Mills - Blogging adviceI keep being asked by clients ‘is really worth using a blog as part of my marketing?’

The answer is yes, yes and yes!

Blogging is essential to any business using modern forms of marketing and here is why.

1. Google loves blogs.  If you blog you will find your blog all over the first page on Google (like mine is)

2. One of your goals for your social media should be to drive traffic to your website, but if you keep sending them to your ‘sales pages’ people will quickly get fed up, so send them to your blog, where they can get great tips and advice whilst accessing your videos, testimonials and case studies.

3. If you use a website like (owned by Google), you can create lots of traffic and you can also create high quality links back to your website (I have created 16,000+ views on my, in the past six months)

4. An on-site blog helps you to grow your website.  Let me ask you a question?  Does Google like small websites, with little content, or larger websites, with lots of new content?  If you know the answer, then you know you should be blogging.


So why aren’t you blogging?

1. I don’t have the time
2. I am not sure what to say
3. I have no idea how to do it!
4. I am not sure, until now, if it is worth it.

I hope I have convinced you that blogging is not a ‘could do’ but a ‘should do’.  It is, in fact, a MUST do and should be done on a regular basis.

By the way – Do not set up a blog, then leave it.  There is nothing worse than going to a website and finding that the last blog post was on 15th July 2012!

Here at the Prudent Marketer, we can set up a blog on and produce weekly blogs for you.  Our set up fees are £150.00 and blog posts cost £30 each (£120 per month).  That is for writing, uploading and Search Engine Optimising the blogs.  Call me, if we can help.

Here is one of our blogs on  Take a look:

Here are the results we get from blogging.  Watch the 2nd video down:

Social tagging: > > > > >

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