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search engine optimisationWhy is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) important for you?

Search Engine Optimisation is essential to every small business and is only going to become more so in the future.  Look at it this way: if you were looking for a company that does exactly what you do, then what would you do?  For most people the answer would be “I’d Google it”.

You may be thinking that PPC Advertising is the answer and yes, PPC is great – but it only accounts for about 32% of the trillions of clicks on Google.  So if your competitors are on the first page and you are not, then this is simply costing you leads, profit and money – on a daily basis!

Why is it important to act now?

If not being on the first page on Google is costing you money, then you should to sort out this element of your marketing ASAP.  Here is the truth about SEO: firstly, it is not as complicated as the so called ‘Search Engine Optimisation experts’ would have you believe; secondly, it is time consuming and it needs to be done on a consistent basis.

I call it ‘Getting Google Fit’.  You can’t get fitter until and unless you go to the gym, or exercise on a very regular basis, and so it is with Google.  You need to undertake Search Engine Optimisation on an ongoing basis if you are going to be ‘Google Fit’.

So, you need to take action!  And this action could involve:

  1. Do nothing and lose out on all those clicks, leads and sales
  2. Learn what to do yourself and implement your own SEO.  Click here for details of our Internet Marketing Training
  3. Hire someone to do this work for you

The Downside of Search Engine Optimisation Marketing

  1. Due to the way Google’s spiders work, it may take three to six months before SEO work has any effect
  2. There are lots of ‘quick fix’ Search Engine Optimisation strategies.  Some companies may tell you they will get you on to the first page of Google within 24 hours.  These strategies do work until Google finds out what you have done and then bans you for 12 months!  So, avoid these companies like the plague

Why use our Search Engine Optimisation services?

We get results!  At The Prudent Marketing Company we have spent over 20 years helping SMEs to overcome:

  1. A lack of quantification of their marketing
  2. A lack of leads and poor conversion rates
  3. Poor marketing ROI (return on investment)
  4. A reliance in referral and networking
  5. Their limited knowledge of marketing technology

We have produced consistent results.  Watch this video:

I hope you enjoyed this video, and that you are convinced that you need to use SEO and that we can help you.

What we will do for you

  1. Undertake key word research using our four-step process
  2. Implement on-page SEO.  This work will including improving your page titles, headlines, sub-heads, text – as well as adding new content, blogging, adding alt-tags to pictures, addition of video
  3. Implementation of off-page SEO.  This work will including creating links back from what Google calls high credibility, relevant and ethical websites
  4. Ensuring your website is ‘mobile compliant’

What does it cost?

We try to be as transparent as possible with our prices, but the truth is that is really depends on your budget and your objectives.  Simply, the more you spend, the more work we do, and so the more effect and the better your SEO results.

However, as a guide:

  • For a small business our prices start at £250 per month
  • For a million pound plus turnover business we recommend £500 to £1,000 per month
  • For a ten million pound turnover business we recommend a monthly investment of £2,000

What to do now?

Taking action is always the key!  One of the biggest reasons that marketing fails is the failure to take action and so nothing happens and the company gets no results.  So, call us now on 01256 345556.

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