Association of Prudent Marketing Membership

The Association of Prudent Marketing

The aim of the Association is to help its members to improve their sales and marketing through training and allow them to network with each other both on and offline.

Who is membership for

The Association of Prudent Marketing is open to owners of small business owners, marketing managers and directors and those involved in creating and converting leads.

Members will benefit from

  1. Access to the Prudent Marketing Social Media Portal
  2. A weekly profit producing video (provided either via video, or membership website)
  3. A certificate of membership
  4. A monthly marketing report
  5. An annual conference
  6. A listing as a member on the website
  7. Access to proven sales letters
  8. Marketing audits and marketing plans
  9. Sales scripts
  10. Access to proven email templates.

Cost of membership

Membership of the Prudent Marketing Institute is a 12 month commitment and membership costs £150 per year, or £15 per month.

Price: £15.00

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