Marketing Company Basingstoke - Worting HouseWhy is Blogging so important for you?

As a marketing company in Basingstoke we are often asked about blogging!  Blogging is one of the most underrated, under used and important skills in internet marketing.

However, most small businesses either don’t have the time to write weekly blog posts or they don’t have the copywriting and SEO experience to do so effectively.  Nor do they understand the true power of a blog and blogging on a consistent basis.

Why should you Blog?

  • Google loves blogs and so sites with blogs often get rated higher on Google
  • Websites with blogs get an average of 30% more traffic
  • Driving traffic to your blog is a great tool for getting people from your social media marketing on to your website

Ask us how we can help you blog your way to the first page of Google now and drastically increase your leads!

Why is it important to act now?

If not being on the first page on Google is costing you money, then you should try to sort out this element of your marketing ASAP.  One of the things Google loves is ‘new content’.  I am sure that you can imagine that there are millions of websites out there that never have anything new to say.  Do you think Google rates these sites highly?  Or, do you think websites that are full of new content and information are rated higher?  I am sure you know the answer: one of the quickest and easiest ways of getting new content on to your website is by adding a new blog page.

I call it ‘Getting Google Fit’.  You can’t get fitter until and unless you go to the gym, or exercise on a very regular basis, and so it is with Google.  You need to undertake Blogging on an ongoing basis, if you are going to be ‘Google Fit’.

So, you need to take action!  For example:

  1. Learn what to do yourself and write, SEO and upload your own blog posts.  Click here for details of our Internet Marketing Training
  2. Hire someone to do this work for you

Why us?

As a marketing company in Basingstoke, The Prudent Marketing Company, we have spent over 20 years helping SMEs :

  1. We employ a highly experienced professional copywriter
  2. We have the experience to get your blogs on to the first page on Google

What we will do for you

  1. Undertake key word research using our four-step process
  2. Write, implement on-page SEO and publish a weekly blog post for you.  This work will include improving your page titles, headlines, sub-heads and text, as well as adding new content, blogging, videos and adding alt-tags to pictures
  3. Advise you how to drive traffic to your blog (and therefore your website) on a daily basis

What does it cost?

To write, SEO and publish four blog posts per month would cost £300, or £75 per blog post.

What to do now?

Taking action is always the key!  One of the biggest reason marketing fails is the failure to take action and so nothing happens and the company gets no results.  So, call us now on 01256 345556.

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  1. Good information. Lucky me I ran across your blog by chance (stumbleupon). I’ve book-marked it for later!

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