Client Charter

Marketing support company

The core purpose of Prudent Marketing

To train and mentor business owners to grow their businesses using Prudent Marketing and to help those businesses get a 20% to 200% increase in sales.

Our core values

We will always:

  • Provide outstanding service
  • Keep ourselves up to date with the latest marketing techniques
  • Provide valued products and services to our clients
  • Work as a team both internally and with our clients
  • Be approachable and considerate to everyone
  • Act professionally and efficiently for our clients
  • Have fun and enjoy our work!

Our commitment to you

We have developed policies within our company that help us work more efficiently and effectively and maximise the use of our time.  Some of these are listed below:

  • All letters, emails and telephone calls will be answered within one business day
  • We will constantly strive to improve what we do
  • We will keep you fully informed via your action plan, email or phone on the work we have completed and work we intend to complete for you
  • We will inform you about the latest services we can provide to help you grow your business
  • We will agree on deadlines with you and deliver them where possible
  • We will use agendae to structure our meetings, meaning that nothing gets missed
  • We appreciate that everyone is different; we will agree your preferred method of communication
  • We will ask you for “nagging rights” so that we can help you meet your goals and obligations
  • We strive to become a trusted partner across all aspects of your business

Your commitment to us

We are working with you to improve your marketing and, ultimately, your profit; so we need you to make your marketing partnership with us a high priority.  

So, if you want to work with us to grow your business, then we need you to:

  • Return our e-mails within one business day
  • Keep your marketing numbers up to date
  • Keep to meeting times and regard our meetings as a high priority
  • Complete your action plan according to the agreed schedule
  • Keep us informed about any changes within your business that affect our work
  • Answer all our letters and telephone calls within one business day
  • Pay us by credit card before we do the work
  • Let us know in advance if you are not happy with any of our proposed actions within your action plan

Our code of conduct.

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