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Steve Mills - Part time Marketing director

The Steve Mills Foundation

“Make the world a better place”

In 2012 we started ‘The Steve Mills Foundation”.  The mission of the foundation is simply ‘to make the world a better place”.  We do this by donating to charities and other good causes and so each time we win new business, get a referral, complete a speaking or training event, we like to make a positive difference to others in the world.

Cancer Research UK






The Steve Mills Foundation donates £100 to Cancer Research UK every time we win a new client.  You can help by referring people to us.  The Prudent Marketing Company team has raised a total of: £5,264.00 for the charity.

Cancer is something that touches most people’s lives in some way.  We see it as a privilege to help people climb the mountain called overcoming cancer.

The Marathon Des Sables – the 150 mile Marathon …




Jim Ewan, our trainer/copywriter, completed the Marathon des Sables. This extreme marathon takes place over six days and involves running 150 miles across the Sahara Desert carrying all your own food and clothing.  That is roughly equivalent to running over one Marathon each day for six straight days – but in 40-50 degree heat across sand dunes. Not only that but he raised over £8,000 for charity whilst doing so.

The Three Peaks Challenge

The Prudent Marketing Company team have completed the “Three Peaks Challenge” three times.  We climbed the tallest mountains in England, Wales and Scotland and raised over £1,000 on each occasion.  This money has been donated to Cancer Research UK.


We support B1G1, which is a charity set up to help businesses give to charities.  We joined on 9th May 2013 and so far we have paid for:

  • Just paid for a Cambodian child to be educated for one year as part of our commitment to helping others
  • Just paid for 200 days worth of education for children in Cambodia
  • 600 days of education support for disadvantaged children
  • Drinking water for 351 children for a day
  • 330 days of education for children in Cambodia
  • 159 days of education for children in Cambodia
  • 510 children in Kenya to have books for a day
  • 715 days of education for children in Africa
  • 357 days of drinking water for children in Africa
  • 100 days of education for disadvantaged children
  • One week’s education for ten children in Cambodia
  • The education of 1,865 disadvantaged children
  • £100 days of education for children in Thialand
  • Provision of 20 days of safe spaces for Children in Crisis.

If you want further details on how your company can give to B1G1, then go to, or call us on 01256 242 272.

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