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Steve Mills - Marketing adviceThere is a goldmine sitting there waiting for you to claim it.  It is sitting in your database.  It is the business that you could harvest from the list of clients and prospects that you currently have.

If you don’t have a top quality database, then you are simply missing out on £1,000’s worth of lost income.

One client came to me recently having been in business for over 15 years with a prospect database of 95 people.  I asked him “what an earth have you been doing for 15 years”?

If you don’t have a first rate client and prospect database, then why not?

There are no excuses at all.  If I was the minister for business, I would make it against the law to run a business that did not have a database of clients and prospects.

It is hard enough to run a business, but to run a business with one hand tied behind your back, is not an option.  You need exceptional information and data to run a successful business.  How good is yours?

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