LinkedIn Training Berkshire

You need to learn how to Use LinkedIn – because it is the world’s leading social networking website

Most people in business have a LinkedIn account, but few win business as a result.  This is often because they have not yet found the time to fully understanding how to use it.  To help you to do so you might want to consider  ‘The LinkedIn Academy’.

Amongst benefits of your membership are:

  • LinkedIn tips
  • Social Media tips
  • A monthly informative newsletter
  • Video training
  • An invaluable LinkedIn Assessment tool called the LinkedIn Grader
  • Plus much more.

In addition you can benefit from:

  • A 28-video based training programme for only £35.00 per month (no tie in).  This programme is website based
  • A series of half day open workshops held in Berkshire and London.
  • In house training for your company
  • An 8 week webinar programme last just 30 mins per week
  • Or if you can’t find the time to manage your LinkedIn marketing.  We will do it for you.

So if you want to start growing your business on LinkedIn then join the LinkedIn Academy today.

A Solicitor client of mine made £135,000 worth of new fees in the first three months following my LinkedIn programme. Another client got a £51,000 order from his first meeting on LinkedIn.

So, if you want to catapult your networking into the 21st Century, then you need to discover how to use the World’s No1 Professional Networking website with The LinkedIn Academy.

To book call us on 0118 930 5700.

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