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Internet marketing adviceAre you leaking?

The rain has receded but many owners and managers of health/lifestyle stores have also sprung a leak or two; leaks that are every bit as inconvenient as the rain, but far more costly.

The leaks I am talking about are the ones that allow prospective customers to dribble away.  Leaks in the on-line marketing and specifically in PPC Advertising, E-mail Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Re-Marketing, Banner Advertising and Social Media etc.

When I started in business in 1995 direct mail was ‘king’ and the best way of getting a marketing message out.  Now I can send a marketing message out to over a million people on LinkedIn for free, in less than 10 minutes.  The problem is that keeping up to date with modern marketing methods is almost impossible for owners and managers of health/lifestyle stores with an online shops.

Let’s take a look at dominating Google

Wouldn’t it be great if you could not only be on the first page on Google, but you could be all over it?  For example, you could be in positions 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, and 9.

What would this be worth to you?  Only you know that answer to that!  The truth is that you could do this in your niche.  If you knew how.

One of the keys is understanding that Google registers web pages and not just websites.  In other words it is possible to get more than your home pages on to the fist pages on Google.  It is possible to get many pages, blogs and videos on to the first page on Google and in doing so, you could remove your competition.

Getting Google Fit

Getting rated highly on Google is like getting fit.  You need to go to the gym on an on-going and consistent basis.

There are many different things that you need to do to get your website Google fit, but one of the easiest things that owners and managers of health/lifestyle stores can do is to ensure that their web-page titles and headlines are SEO compliant.

For example, one of the mistakes I see are websites that have a page called ‘about us’, or ‘our services’.  Google has no clue what these pages are about and so may not register them.  Instead of use the above headlines these pages could have been called ‘health store Basingstoke’, or lifestyle shops for pregnant woman’.  The key is to consider – if you were looking for a website that sells what you sell.  What would you type into Google?

So where is the leakage in your SEO?

Leak number one is – Not have clear SEO friendly page titles and headlines

Leak number two is – Not have sub-heads that are SEO compliant

Leak number three is – not have enough text on your pages and not using bold, or hyper-linked key words on the page

Leak number four is – not have video on your website.  google loves video, especially if it is YouTube video

Leak number five is – Not adding alt-tags to any pictures on the page.  goggle can’t read pictures and alt-tags tell Google what the page is about

Lead number six is – not having a blog.  Google loves content and more specifically it loves ‘new content’ and having a blog is one of the bast ways of adding new content to your website

In summary, be clear on the purpose of your website.  Put time and effort into marketing it and dominating Google.

Don’t consider Google as the only place to drive traffic to your website.

We can’t cover all the other leakage areas in one short article. However, we can help you to plug the leaks in your on-line, plug those leaks and build you a fully watertight marketing system.

Watch for leaks and profits will flow!


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