How to write an effective sales letter/email

The skills it takes to write a really good sales letter, or email can never be under rated.  Neither can the importance of doing so!

I have helped businesses to improve the copy on their sales letters and enabled them to achieve a 25%, 100% and even a 250% increase in the number of leads, click through’s and enquiries that they receive.  The question is how?

Here are some mistakes:

1. No headline, or a boring headline
2. A weak headline
3. No P.S.
4. No signature
5. A signature written in black (should always be blue)
6. No guarantee
7. Teaser copy on the envelope.  A plain envelope always gets opened
8. Exaggerated claims
9. Confusing offer
10. Too short – you haven’t told enough of the story to get someone to buy from you
11. Poor graphics
12. Wrong audience – no matter how good your offer or product is you can’t sell to the wrong audience
13. Boring copy
14. Over-long paragraphs
15. Few or no sub-heads
16. No FREE bonuses
17. No close
18. Lack of flow
19. Disrespectful copy
20. No price testing (the digit 7 works better than any other ending digit)
21. Too many typefaces. (Never more than two)
22. Slick corporate, impersonal look

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