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  1. How to Generate Leads – Silvia Pelagreeni interviews Steve Mills – The Prudent Marketer click here
  2. The best example ever of Prudent Marketing in action
  3. Steve Mills live on Business Connections Live TV
  4.  The 18 Secrets of business success
  5. Becoming Google FIT
  6. How to use LinkedIn to Grow your Business – A great Marketing without Money Strategy
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The best example ever of Prudent Marketing in action

I just wish this video was mine!  A great example of the different results that you can get by changing the words in your marketing.


How could you adapt the idea that you learned watching this video to improve your enquiry and conversion rates?

Using the new features on LinkedIn to grow your business

Steve being interviewed on Business Connections Live, an internet based TV Programme.  The subject of the interview is: how to use the new features on LinkedIn.


Are you up to date with the latest strategies on LinkedIn?  Even more importantly, are you using LinkedIn on a daily basis to win business?

Why the Internet is Essential to your Business

Steve reveals why he believes that the future of marketing is online and how you MUST embrace it now, before your competitors do.


Are people searching on Google for what you do and finding your competitors.

Steve on Business Connections Live TV

Steve recently appeared on a new vibrant business TV channel called Business Connections Live .  He was asked how to use LinkedIn to grow your business.  Business Connections Live hosts a weekly business show at 12:00noon every Monday, and each week, a business expert is featured and ideas to help small and medium sized businesses discussed.

Also you may want to sign up to the above link to gain access to the show each week.

During Steve’s interview, he talks about the power of LinkedIn and how it can be used to grow businesses.  To watch the show and to learn some cutting edge tools on effective marketing, click the link below:


The 18 Secrets of business success

There are many definitions of success, and many secrets to being successful in life, relationships, business, finances, sport, your job and health.  In this video, Steve Mills reveals 18 secrets of business and marketing success.  
The video contains some great ideas to help you become more successful.

The Steve Mills Prudent Marketing Formula

A structured process for growing your business prudently.


Becoming Google FIT

In this video, Steve Mills explains how to get on to the first place in Google using his Marketing without Money Formula.


How to use LinkedIn to Grow your Business – A great Marketing without Money Strategy

Jackie Jarvis interviews Steve Mills on how to use the world’s No. 1 Social Media Website for business.



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