Criteria Elicitation

Steve discusses sales conversion

Criteria Elicitation is understanding your prospective customers buying criteria and it is a great tool for helping sales people to better understand a prospects priorities.

So how does it work?

Firstly, you need to ask your prospect a very important question – When you are thinking of hiring a  …………………. company what is important to you?

They are going to say things like – quality, guarantee, price, reliability, etc.

The next question to ask is – which one of these is the most important?  And next?  And after that?

So you now have all the things that are important to them and you have them in the right order.

You then need to discuss and explain how your product, or service satisfies each of their needs.

Once you have done this you can ask for the sale.

Why do this?  Most sales people sell use their own criteria.  For example, they may decide that price is going to be a real motivator and so they spend all their time talking about how cheep their product is.  In fact the prospect is a multi millionaire  and has little interest in saving a few pounds.

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