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Tony Robbins interviews Eban Pagan

Tony Robbins interviews Eban Pagan – This is so powerful and a must for every business that employs people

If you employ people, then you need to watch this short video.  Tony Robbins interviews Eban Pagan about hiring the people, getting the best out of each member of your team and turning them into a superstar!

Eban describes the three questions that you must ask each employee every day and they are:

  1. What results did you get today?
  2. What problems did you encounter today?
  3. What questions do you have for me today?

Simple, but brilliant!

Tony Robbins rules for success

Marketing Advice and tipsOver the new year I listened to Tony Robbins on YouTube.  Here is the link.  Tony spoke about what he considers to be the top ten rules of success – and I have to say that I am sure that he is correct.

So, here are the rules:

1. Raise your Game

You have got to improve how you run your business, manage your people, look after your customers, manage your finances and market and sell your products and services.

2. Be fulfilled

A life without fulfilment is a waste of life.  Being the richest man in the graveyard is not my goal and I hope that it is not yours.

3. Progress = happiness

Tony said that if you are not getting better then you are moving back and the only way to be truly happy is if you are getting better.

4. Love your customers

What can you do to improve your current level of satisfaction?

5. Add value

What can you do to add even more value to your clients?

6. Have an exit strategy

What are you going to do when your business is finally done?  What is it going to be worth?  Plan things now, because without a plan ‘all roads lead there’.

7. Be resourceful

What resources do you have?  Can you tap into any that you are not currently using?

8. Pay attention to the little things

Because it is the little things that make the big difference.

9. Look for leverage

Who can help you?  Who has got a list that you can market to, or a piece of equipment that you could use?

10. Change your mindset

As the good book says: “As you believeth, so it is done unto you”.

The three steps to go from average to a fortune

Social Media Management

The three steps to go from average to a fortune

If you run an average business, then you get average results.  Average results mean no profit and you are struggling to survive.

Watch this video to learn the three keys to go from average to a fortune.

Business growth advice

Marketing Training‘The knowledge which got you where you are may not get you to where you want to go’.

What do I mean?  Very simply, if you want to improve your business, your sales, your marketing and your income you have to get some business growth advice and you need to learn more. 

So the question is – how valuable is knowledge?  Well I am sorry to have to tell you that learning alone is a total waste of time. 

What do I mean?  I mean that learning without action is a total waste of time, money and effort.  It is the application of learning that makes the difference.  One of the differences between poor people and people who have become wealthy is that often wealthy people take action towards their goals on an ongoing basis.

Does this mean that it’s not worth learning?  No, it means that you need to use what you learned to improve your business.  Ask yourself the following:

  • What was the last business book you read?
  • How many business books do you read per year?
  • How many sales courses have you attended?
  • What is your knowledge of blogging and on-line network marketing?
  • Which successful businesses, or business people have you studied?

Mmmm!  Something to think about!

“Knowledge is not the secret of success.  Most people know what to do, but they don’t do what they know!”

Anthony Robbins

“Success comes down to taking the necessary action”.

Donald Trump

The question to ask yourself in order to help you to grow your business is a very simple one.  How can you make yourself better….?

Give me a call if you want to know about the £1,000 training grants available for you use to grow your business.

Business growth funding

Steve Mills - Marketing Advice

I want to share some really important points with you today.  This is only for businesses who are serious about taking action and working with me to develop a High Growth Marketing Programme.  I have recently accessed some Business Growth Funding to help you to work with me and to get your training and mentoring 50/50 funded (you only pay for 50% of the cost).

If this is of interest, then get in touch and we will arrange for you to come to our offices for a Marketing Review Meeting.  I have only a few dates available before I travel to run a series of workshops in Singapore on 19th November, so call now to book on 01256 345 556.

Take action,

Steve Mills – The Prudent Marketer

01256 345 556

PS… Take a look at this…

Your Marketing Checklist

Steve Mills - Marketing Advice

Five elements of a marketing checklist

1. Test everything

The No 1 rule of a Marketing Checklist has got to be to test everything.  In other words, you need to test each element of your marketing and then improve it.  So, if you want to be more Prudent with your marketing, then test to improve performance.  I have known testing a headline to triple orders.  I have known testing the use of video on a website to create a 500%+ increase in enquiries and sales.  I have known a 1,200% increase in enquiries by testing copy, pictures, headlines, video, target market, media etc.  So test, test test!

2. Speak out loud

“He who whispers down a well about the things that he can sell, will not make those shinny dollars like he who climbs a tree and hollers”.  Are you a best kept secret?  Well, shame on you!

3. Make it feel like valuable education and news

The days of going up to someone and saying “Do you want to buy this?” are almost over.  The truth is now that we are smarter than that and smart marketers are doing more nurturing and educating than cold selling.  In essence it is more about getting people to know you, like you and trust you.

4. Narrow your niche

How broad is your niche?  No matter how broad or niched it is the question is how could you narrow your niche.  Or create a niche within a niche.  The three key questions that you need to ask to establish a niche is:

– Are they hungry?

– Are they satisfied?

– Are there enough of them?

5. Measure your results

In over 20 years of providing marketing advice, support and training to businesses, the single biggest mistake that I come across again and again is not measuring marketing results.  And yet we all know the old saying: “You cannot manage what you do not measure”.

Need more help, then book in for a marketing review.

Marketing Self Assessment tool

Business Connections Live – Steve Mills, The Prudent Marketer

Business Connections Live – How to build a successful brand.  Advice for small businesses has changed and so has sales and marketing.  It is no longer good enough to present your products to the market with a list of reasons why people should buy them; you now have to get people to know you, like you and trust you – and to build trust and position yourself, your company or your products as the natural choice using Inbound Permission-based marketing.

On this edition of the Business Connections Live, Steve will explain:

  • How to change the way that you look at marketing
  • Build a brand and create loyalty
  • Use social media to build a list
  • Use email marketing to develop that list
  • Convert more of your list/prospects into sales
  • Create more sales
  • Learn the business fundamentals on how your business can achieve:
    • More Leads
    • Increased client/prospects loyalty
    • Improved conversion rates
    • Increased sales
    • Stronger life time value

Watch NOW …

Need help?

Take a look at this, or call us on 01256 345 556.

Marketing Advice for Small Businesses

Marketing Advice and tipsSmall Business Marketing Advice

Find below a copy of the recording of the Small Business Marketing Advice webinar recorded on 17th September by Steve Mills – The Prudent Marketer.  Learn the tools of Geometric Growth and how to double your business within the next twelve months.

Steve Mills,  The Prudent Marketer, will be discussing “The Five Cs”.  He is going to explain to you how to create Geometric Growth in your business.

The interview is going to cover what Steve believes are the five keys to sales and marketing success.

For more marketing advice and to join the programme, go to Small Business Marketing Advice.

Steve live on Business Connections Live

Marketing advice from Steve Mills

Steve live on Business Connections Live, the UK’s No 1 online Business TV Channel

On 21st September Steve will be live on Business Connections Live and discussing ‘The Five Cs”.  He is going to explain to you how to create Geometric Growth in your business.

The interview is going to cover what Steve believes are the five keys to sales and marketing success.

The details are at –


Part time Marketing Director

I am looking for five clients to work with as your Part Time Marketing Director and I wanted to know if you are interested.

I can help you to:

  • Set up a Marketing and Sales measurement system, so that you will know what is working and what is not
  • Improve the number of enquiries and return on investment that you get from your current marketing
  • Set up a Sales and Marketing plan, with targets
  • Set up a structured sales system
  • Set up a Referral Marketing system
  • Develop and implement new on-line digital Marketing systems, including SEO, Social Media, PPC, etc
  • Get more traffic to your website and improve your websites conversion rate optimisation
  • Get more leads and sales out of LinkedIn
  • Etc.

I am looking for businesses who:

  • Are looking to grow by at least 25%
  • Are willing to invest time and money in marketing
  • Are committed to taking the actions we agree to take
  • Will measure their Sales and Marketing results.

 My commitment to you is to help you to – Get and Keep customers/clients.  To maximise your Marketing investment.

Steve Mills - Part time Marketing director

How my Part Time Marketing Director service works:

  • I will work for you an agreed number of days per month
  • I will work in your office, when required, or my office, at other times
  • I have a team of people that can help you implement strategies like Social Media, email Marketing, etc
  • I can provide your team with training in LinkedIn, Social Media, Sales, Referral Marketing, E-mail Marketing, etc.

If you are interested in working with me as your Part Time Marketing Director, then call me for a no obligation telephone meeting, on 01256 345 556.

I have attached some comments from others who I have worked with.

Warm regards,

Don’t take our word for it….doc

Steve Mills

The Prudent Marketing Company
01256 345 556

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