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Government want local authorities to work with businesses

Steve’s thoughts

Today the Government stated that it wants local authorities and small businesses to work together to boost the economy.  Well we are a nation of shop keepers and more people work for small businesses than any other sector.

This initiative sounds great to me other than the fact that generally these two groups see each other as alians.  Getting small businesses to spend time sitting round the table in meetings which nothing happens is not going to happen.  Well at least not twice!

Having said that, it could work and I hope it does, but Local Authorities MUST provide added value and support to small businesses in order to first win the trust, then to get small business owners to recognise the value of working together.

This must NOT be another waste of paper and lots of meetings with nothing ever happening.  Let’s work together to really make a difference.

Now is the time for everyone to get off their ‘backsides’ and take ACTION!

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Steve speaking at the Opus Accounting Masterclass

Steve Speaking at Opus Accounting Masterclass!

I am speaking at launch of the The Opus Accounting Masterclass Group meeting.  The seminar is being hosted by Opus Accounting and I and the other speakers will be discussing how businesses can cope with the cut backs following the budget.

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Business Growth Advice

Why hire Steve Mills as your Sales, Marketing Advisor, Coach, Mentor, or Director?

There are many factors to take into consideration when deciding who can help you with your business.  But one clear FACT is:

‘If you are not an expert in Marketing in Business Growth – then you need someone who is’

So here are some great reasons why we believe hiring Steve Mills to help you to grow your business might be a good idea and certainly something for you to consider:

  1. Steve has over 28 years experience working in small businesses just like yours
  2. During this time he has helped many of these businesses to double in size and he has many real life examples of how he has helped his clients to do just that
  3. Steve is a big believer is measuring what is working and what is not.  This enables his clients to reduce their marketing waste and to turn this investment into profitable streams of income
  4. Steve believes in maximising his clients return on investment (ROI) from their current income streams, then helping them to build additional income streams onto their business
  5. Steve is a big advocate of ‘testing’.  Testing each element of a given marketing stream in order to ensure his clients are getting the best possible ROI
  6. Steve has developed systemised processes and has a variety of support programmes to meet his clients’ needs and budget
  7. Steve comes from a background as an international sportsman.  Being ‘the best in sport’ is all about attitude, dedication and desire.  Therefore Steve does everything he can including pushing, nagging, coaching and guiding his clients, to ensure that they get their actions completed on time and within budget
  8. Steve has mentors himself.  He believes in learning from the best in the world and spends an average of 1½ hours every day learning and keeping up to date with the latest thinking from the world of sales, marketing and business growth
  9. Steve is the author of five marketing books and e-books.  He has produced many CD Audio Programmes and speaks on sales and marketing at Conferences and Exhibitions for organisations such as Business Link, Chambers of Commerce, several leading Banks, Canadian High Commission, Chartered Institute of Marketing, Institute of Directors, Microsoft, Education and Business Partnership and Refer On
  10. Above all, he cares about people and helping them to succeed.  He knows that the more successful his clients are, the more successful he will be.

For further details about Steve and how he may be able to help your business,

go to, or call Steve, or his team on 0118 930 5700.

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