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Google to launch a new initiative to help micro businesses

Google is just about to launch an initiative to help small businesses win more business on line.  Micro businesses (those employing less than 10 people) on average make less than £1,000 pa online.

This compares to £179,000 made on average by businesses employing 11 to 49 staff.

Business growth funding

Last week I told you about a site which offers small businesses a grant of £1,000 (matched funded) to help with reducing travel and therefore costs to the environment.

Well this week I wanted to let you know that you can get 50% funding for our Business Growth Training (The Business Accelerator Programme)

So if you want a £1,000 grant to help you to grow your business, call me on 0118 930 5700.

There is no security in life…

“There is no security in life, only opportunity. If you seek opportunity, you end up with security. If you seek security, you end up with nothing.

Marketing Consultant – The secret to financial wealth

If I gave you two options:

The first option was to give you £1,000,000 today
The second option was to give you a penny today and then double that penny every day for a month (31 days).

Which option would you take?

On Day 28 that magical doubling penny would be worth £1,342,177.28.
On Day 31 would be worth £10,737,418.24.

This is the secret of compounding, of building a business upon multiple streams of income and of building your wealth based upon the same thing.

It’s amazing what those last few days do for us, isn’t it?

If you work each day in a professional and disciplined manner, then over the long run, you’ll be way ahead of those that try and become rich overnight. Read a book by my fellow Table Tennis player Matthew Syad called ‘Bounce’. The book is about which is the most important, natural ability, or hard work and it is available on Amazon.

Online LinkedIn training and workshops

I have just read that LinkedIn is now growing at a rate of one new member per second!!! That is just awesome.

I also recently reading that by 2016 China will be the world’s No1 English speaking nation.

The world is quite definately changing.

Social Media – Is it a fad? Reading Business Review

It is always great to get some free publicity. The question is – what are you doing to encourage this type of Marketing?

Reading Business Review

Marketing Consultant – Shift Happens!!!

Business Coaching UK – What is wrong with small businesses?

My theory about small business failure…

Marketing Advice

The 18 secrets to business success – Secret No 7 is…

20% of people would pay more for a premium service…

When deciding how much to charge someone most businesses take a look at the competition and decide to ‘just undercut them’. This is often not the best idea, as the next company undercuts you and so you undercut them and so it goes on.

I always find it strange when I do sales training and I ask sales people – what is the number one reason that they lose a sale? They say it is price. When I ask the same sales people if they have bought the cheapest shirt, soes, car, laptop, or just about anything else, they say no! So when they are selling it is about price, when they are buying it is never about price. Mmmmm I wonder!!!

The fact is ‘price is only a factor’. The other fact is ‘if you can offer a premium priced service, at a premium price, then some people will buy it. But the key is value.

The question is – What could you package together and offer at a premium rate to your market?

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