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Most people know me through my ability to help small businesses grow and ultimately to make more profit.  I have spent nearly three decades doing this.

Most of my knowledge has come from:

1. Practical experience in the field

2. Trial and error in learning what works and what doesn’t

3. Learning by attending seminars by many of the world’s leading experts in sales and marketing

4. Learning from listening to CD’s by some of the world’s leading experts in my car.  I spend at least and hour per day and often up to three hours per day traveling in my car.  All this time I am educating myself through the medium of CD’s and dare I say it cassettes!  I call my car a University on wheels.

But today, I would like to talk to you about Personal Development.  Why?  Because the more you invest in yourself, the more you have to invest in your business.

One expert I love listening to is Jim Rohn.  Jim sadly died recently, but he was an amazing guy and one who made the complicated simple (which is my definition of of a great teacher).

Here are some of Jim’s words of wisdom:

1. Work harder on yourself then you do in your job, or in your business

2. Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better

3. It’s not what happens to you, it’s what you do about it (I love this one and live my life by it)

4. He encourages people to ask themselves – How come you are not already successful?

5. Don’t major in minor things

6. Increase the value of you

7. If you wish to be wealthy study wealth.  If you wish to be fit study fitness.  If you want more leads study lead generation

8. Take action – A goal is just a day dream until you start along the path to achieve it

9. There is always risk, but not taking risk means certain failure.  There is however a big difference between risk and risky

10. Success is doing what failure won’t

Great stuff Jim.  RIP

Steve Mills

Profit production is easy

Steve Mills

How to make more profit

There are only two ways of making more profit in your business.  Reduce costs, or increase sales.  It is as simple as that.

Reducing costs is good because you can do it instantly.  However, it is limited because you can only reduces costs so much.

The real leverage is in increasing sales.  That is because you can do it exponentially. In other words you can if you build your business correctly increase your sales by 1,000’s of percent.

So how do you do that?  Keeping it simple, there are only three ways of getting more sales:

1. Win more customers

2. Increase your average unit of sale

3. Increase your frequency of re-purchase

That is it!  That is all you have to do!

The questions is how?  This is where it gets more tricky, because there are thousands of ways and some work and some don’t work so well.

I have spent nearly 30 years working with small businesses and in that time I have developed a strong understanding of what works and what does not.

So if you want to grow your business in my opinion you have two choices.  you either spend thirty years learning all you can about marketing, or you hire someone like me as your marketing mentor, coach and business advisor.  Click here for details.

Steve Mills

What does the word strategy mean?

There are clearly many definitions of the word, but the one I like from the dictionary is “a plan of war”.

Not for any agressive reason, but because this really defines it for me.  So the question is – what is your businesses ‘plan of war?’

The fact is that 95% of the business people I meet out there don’t have a plan at all.  There are clearly many reason for this:

  • They don’t have the time
  • They don’t see the value in it
  • They don’t know how to write one
  • They don’t understand what it should contain
  • They don’t know why it is essential that their business has one.

Look at it this way.  Can you name one large business that does not have a strategic plan?  The answer is NO.  If you think about what a large business is, it is just a small business that did it right.  Vodafone was started in a garage in Newbury be two guy who formed a company called ‘Racal Electronics’.  Did Vodafone have a strategy?

The questions is – Which came first – the success, or the strategy (paln of war) for success?  Don’t get me wrong, I am sure that there are businesses out there who are successful and they have never doen a day’s planning ever!

However, I am also sure that having a specific strategy for your business significantly increases your chance of success.

So how can you easily produce a Strategic Plan for your business?  One way is to use a system.

For details about our system click here.

Andy Murrey

Steve Mills

Steve Mills

I always think that sport and business are linked at the hip.  What that means is that business people can learn so much from watching sport.

I have just finnished watching Andy Murrey lose to Raffa Nadal.  Both woldclass players and both capable of winning the match.  So what was the difference?  Nadal won 3-0?

I think it came down to belief.  Murrey never really believed in himself.  It also came down to playing your best at the right time.  Nadal did it and Murrey did not.  Hence 3-0!

So what can we learn from this?  The truth is lots!

Let’s take sales as an example – When you go in to that sales meeting, or stand up to do a sales presentation, you must believe in yourself.  If you don’t the person you are meeting WILL be able to tell in just the same way that I could tell Murrey was never totally believed in himself.

In that same way doing your best at the right time is essential to your business.  So the most important time is probably creating a truely outstanding first impression.

So my question is – What can you do to Raise your Game and get the very best out of yourself, your team and your sales and marketing?

Steve speaking at the Opus Accounting Masterclass

Steve Speaking at Opus Accounting Masterclass!

I am speaking at launch of the The Opus Accounting Masterclass Group meeting.  The seminar is being hosted by Opus Accounting and I and the other speakers will be discussing how businesses can cope with the cut backs following the budget.

Go to the Opus Accounting website to book your place.

Raise your Game is 1 year old

I am celebrating 12 months of ‘The Raise your Game’ Programme this month.  Time goes so fast and it is hard to realise the programme has been going for so long.

Someone recently asked me how long I can keep going for in terms of content?  My answer – for ever!  There is always something new to learn in marketing and sales and I spend an average of 1 to 2 hours every day learning more about sales and marketing.

I have a very special offer for anyone reading this blog.  My programmes costs £14.99 + p&p + VAT per month to buy.  So the total cost of the 12 months would be £246.60.  My offer is – I have 10 back issues left.  I am willing to sell these sets of 12 CD’s for £70 + p&p + VAT.  Or less than £6.00 per CD.  Call 0118 930 5700 if you want to order your set.  This offer is strictly on a first come, first served basis.

£1,000 training grant

It is not often that the Government will give small businesses £1,000 and in the future it might be even rarer!

So if you want to access your £1,000 go to this link.

Eat that Frog

Just completed reading Brian Tracy’s book ‘Eat that Frog’.  ‘Eat that frog’ is a metaphor for tackling the most challenging task of your day first – Brian states that this is also the one you are most likely to put off , but also the one that will probably produce the most reward!

He continues “There simply is not enough time to get everything done.  Therefore you should focus on what is important and not what you enjoy!

Mmmm!  Something to think about!

Business Growth Advice

Why hire Steve Mills as your Sales, Marketing Advisor, Coach, Mentor, or Director?

There are many factors to take into consideration when deciding who can help you with your business.  But one clear FACT is:

‘If you are not an expert in Marketing in Business Growth – then you need someone who is’

So here are some great reasons why we believe hiring Steve Mills to help you to grow your business might be a good idea and certainly something for you to consider:

  1. Steve has over 28 years experience working in small businesses just like yours
  2. During this time he has helped many of these businesses to double in size and he has many real life examples of how he has helped his clients to do just that
  3. Steve is a big believer is measuring what is working and what is not.  This enables his clients to reduce their marketing waste and to turn this investment into profitable streams of income
  4. Steve believes in maximising his clients return on investment (ROI) from their current income streams, then helping them to build additional income streams onto their business
  5. Steve is a big advocate of ‘testing’.  Testing each element of a given marketing stream in order to ensure his clients are getting the best possible ROI
  6. Steve has developed systemised processes and has a variety of support programmes to meet his clients’ needs and budget
  7. Steve comes from a background as an international sportsman.  Being ‘the best in sport’ is all about attitude, dedication and desire.  Therefore Steve does everything he can including pushing, nagging, coaching and guiding his clients, to ensure that they get their actions completed on time and within budget
  8. Steve has mentors himself.  He believes in learning from the best in the world and spends an average of 1½ hours every day learning and keeping up to date with the latest thinking from the world of sales, marketing and business growth
  9. Steve is the author of five marketing books and e-books.  He has produced many CD Audio Programmes and speaks on sales and marketing at Conferences and Exhibitions for organisations such as Business Link, Chambers of Commerce, several leading Banks, Canadian High Commission, Chartered Institute of Marketing, Institute of Directors, Microsoft, Education and Business Partnership and Refer On
  10. Above all, he cares about people and helping them to succeed.  He knows that the more successful his clients are, the more successful he will be.

For further details about Steve and how he may be able to help your business,

go to, or call Steve, or his team on 0118 930 5700.

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