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Marketing Consultant | Goodbye to 2011…

How can you be successful in 2012?

As 2011 closes on us, the question that is on most people’s mind is – what will 2012 bring us?

And in my opinion that is totally the wrong question.  If you wait to see what you get, you will get what the masses get and that is they will either struggle along for another year, or they will go out of business.

A better question is – what will I do in 2012 in order to create the business I want.  The key here is the word do.

I have a very profound question for you:

Why aren’t you already successful?

For many people in business the answer to this is usually external.  It is the economy.  It is the fact the they don’t have the budget.  It is the competition.  In truth this is not the case.  The truth is: “The fish stinks from the head down”.  In other words if there is something wrong with your business, then it is your fault and you as a business owner need to fix it.

Most business owners I speak to say things like “I am too busy”.  Too busy making no money?  We can all be busy, but are we busy, doing the right things?  For most businesses the answer is NO.

90% of the business owners I speak to tell me that they want to grow their businesses, but they are not busy doing so.  They are in fact often busy working as an employee in their business.

How can you grow your business in 2012?

The answer is simple, but first you have got to step our from behind your comfort blanket.  Secondly, you have got to put more time, money and effort into the things that will help you to grow your business.

You’ve guessed it – you have got to focus on your businesses sales and marketing.

What would it mean to your business if you have a marketing expert working in it besides you?

If you need help doing this call me for a no obligation chat on 0118 930 5700.

Marketing Consultant | The 3% theory

If you take your Sales process and improve it by only 3% each week, within a year that is a 150% improvement. And a 3% improvement is very reasonable, but it is the cumulative impact that each week, you add another 3% improvement.

So the question every business owner needs to answer is what can I do to achieve this?  And then do the same in other areas of their business…

Mmmmm – something to think about?

Marketing Training Berkshire | Business Accelerator Progamme

One of the members of my programme announced that they had received 48 leads over the past six months from members of the BAP.

Thank to all for making this programme such a success…

Business Growth Advice | I can’t afford it…

I wish I had a pound for every time someone had told me “marketing was too expensive”.

In truth, only ineffective, poor quality marketing is too expensive.

Good quality marketing that is measured and quantified is not expensive.  In fact the opposite is true.  If you are marketing your business in a cost effective manner, then not marketing is expensive.

So the question is – How can you as a business owner understand the difference? The answer is training.  When was the last time you trained yourself in how to sell and market your products and services?

As I marketing person, my training programme goes something like this:

  1. I spend each day traveling to and from work (1 hour) listening via CD to the world’s leading sales and marketing experts
  2. If I have a meeting, then the above figure could be increased to up to 4hours (I call my car a university on wheels)
  3. I spend over £5,000 of my own personal money every year educating myself by attending seminars in order to keep my self right up to date with the latest thinking and technology from the world of sales and marketing
  4. I have a library of over 600 sales and marketing and business growth books which I read
  5. I use YouTube, Ted and other online training resources to provide me with additional learning

Marketing is a bit like IT.  What you know today will be old hat and obsolete tomorrow.  Now I am not suggesting you do the same as me, but your choices are to either get yourself highly training in marketing, or to find someone who is and learn from them.

For details omy on-going training pprogramme take a look at my Business Accelerator Programme by toing to this link:

Marketing Training UK

Business Coaching UK

The longer you’ve been in business, the longer you become accustomed to using the same techniques to increase your sales and improve your business.

The problem is that using the same techniques will likely get you the same results.

And if you’re not constantly increasing your sales and doubling your profits…then it’s time to try something new.

Marketing Consultant | Reasons for not taking action

I hear many different reasons for not taking action on marketing.  Reasons like “I am too busy”, I don’t understand how to use it”, “It is not a priority”.

The truth is – It is not hard to get busy.  Everyone is busy!  The key is – What are you doing?

Specifically – What are you doing to grow your business?  The fact is is you put time into marketing you will make money from it.  If you don’t, then you won’t.  It is as simple as that…

Business Coaching Services | I’d love to hire you Steve, but I just can’t afford it

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard this.  People often then say something like – I am going to sign up in March, because I just need to earn some more money.

Do you know what.  It very rarely happens.

Last week I was taking to one such business and I recommended that they join my business accelerator programme (£147 per month) and the business owner said that he would love to join, but he could not afford it.

I asked him, how long he had been in business?  Three years he replied.  I then said – so if you have been trading for three years and you can’t afford £147 per month!  What are you going to do in the next three months to change that?

The fact is that it is a checken and egg situation.

Sometimes in business you need to take a leap of faith and take action to grow your business.  Remember – your business is either growing, or dying…

The Cost Reduction Company | Business Coaching Services

The Cost Reduction Company join the Business Accelerator Programme

I would like to welcome Nigel, Iain and the team at The Cost Reduction Company to Steve Mills Marketing.

For years I have been talking about the two ways of increasing profit:

1. Increase sales
2. Reduce costs

Look out for our joint seminar in 2012. How to increase profit by reducing costs and increasing sales!

Reducing costs is exactly what The Cost Reduction Company does. They provide a free analysis of your business and will only charge you if they save you money (no win on fee). If you want further info, go to

They are also looking to recruit new partners, so if you know of someone who is looking for an opportunity, then again take a look, or call Nigel, or Iain.

Business Coaching UK

Marketing Consultant
What I believe to be wrong with many businesses…
It comes down to two words ‘operational expertise’.

What do I mean? I would suggest that the problem is that most small business owners are experts, to some level, in the operational section of their business. In other words the solicitor, garage mechanic, website designer, IT company, photographer etc, are all experts to some level in what they do operationally.

However, all businesses have three sections to them.

Operations, Finance and Marketing

On the finance side, most small businesses realise that they do not have the financial expertise to run their business and so they employ someone who is an expert (an accountant). Here is the BIG mistake!

They trust the Sales & Marketing of their business to someone who has very little
knowledge, no training and even less time – themselves!

In other words they trust the most important side of their business (Lead Generation and Conversion) to someone who does not really have the time, training and certainly not the expertise and this is the problem with most small businesses.

Lack of marketing expertise!

Marketing is the lifeblood of all small businesses. There are only two ways to increase the profit in your business. Firstly you can cut costs and that is good to do, but there is only so much you can cut. Secondly, you can increase sales by improving your lead generation and lead conversion.

This is where the exponential growth can occur. If a business is marketed effectively and if that marketing is measured and improved on an on-going basis, then doubling the size of the business is a real reality (one of my clients achieved this in just nine months).

But you need a high level of expertise in order to do this.

Only you know if you have that expertise.

Business Coaching UK | Carol Spiers New Book | Show stress who is boss…

Show stress who is boss… A book by Carol Spiers

For starters, here are Carole’s Top 10 Stress Tips:

  1. Get sufficient sleep. Aim for 7-8 hours
  2. Always allow an extra 30 minutes for commuting
  3. Learn to say ‘No!’ to unreasonable demands
  4. Put 20 minutes ‘me time’ into your diary every day
  5. Draw up a ‘to do’ list at the end of each day
  6. Don’t dwell on the past – draw a line and move on!
  7. Have one ‘arrangement free’ weekend every month
  8. Chunk your time into 2-hour blocks
  9. Set regular times each day to check your email
  10. Time management. Use it effectively

Read Carole’s new book ‘Show Stress Who’s Boss!’ and discover 4 easy steps to beat your stress!

Buy it here:

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