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100% funded marketing workshop

Steve Mills Marketing and Lead Generation Workshop

Wow!  My 2 day Marketing and Lead Generation Workshop on 21st and 22nd October is almost full after one email sent out only two days ago (only 2 places left).

The workshop costs £497 to attend, but for any business employing 5 to 249 people the seminar is fully funded by ‘Train to Gain’ (TTG).

The good news is I have added another 2 dates.  The new workshop is on 2nd and 3rd December and it is now open for bookings.

So if you want to grow your business and you want to get a government grant to do so click here.

The Power of Joint Ventures

Just to Give you Some Joint Venture Ideas

Are you not sure how you can get into joint ventures? Here are some ideas that may give you an initial knowledge on the kind of business you want to get into.

1. One of the simplest method of joint ventures is text link or banner exchange. You get to exchange these things with websites that are offering related products or services. If you start looking, you will find that there are a lot of companies that have what you have.

2. Sharing of websites with another that is targeting the same market. This basically means you get to share advertising and marketing with that site for half the price but with doubled traffic.

3. Exchanging of endorsements and reviews for both your products and services. Give and take. You write something about them and they write something about you too. Since you both know your products well, this is one form of getting credibility.

4. Combining products or services into a package with related businesses can also be an option. Your buyers will be more than glad to avail of what you are offering since they know that they are getting a good deal. When the profits start rolling, both of you can share them.

5. Products or services that do not sell good should not be left aside. Instead, try to offer them as an added bonus for another company. You can ask for a minimal share of the profits gained.

6. Volunteering a space for another business” ads into your product endorsements. In exchange, you can ask them to do the same thing to their business as you have done with them. This is an effective way of expanding your visibility plus reaching further to other markets not on yours.

7. Trading of auto-responders or ezines with business having the same type of market.

8. Work together with related businesses to produce a promotional e-book to be given away. Publish your web site ads in the e-book then give them all away for free.

9. Sponsoring a virtual trade show or seminar with another business. On these shows, try to include each other’s promotional bits and pieces.

10. Create a freeware program. Put in a promotional ad for each of your businesses in the program. Submit it to free sites and freeware.

In joint ventures, the idea is to give and receive. You can boost your marketing publicity with no problem at all by placing your advertisement on free stuff and allowing other people to give it away. The more people that give away your free stuff, the more your ad will be seen and exposed.

Unlike what you initially thought, many free stuff can be made effortlessly and without or little expense needed. Electronic freebies are perfect because with these types of freebies, you would not have to worry about shipping or physical material costs.

Below are some of the more popular kinds of electronic freebies you may want to take advantage of to make joint ventures work for you.

1. Free e-Books. Present these to your visitors. The e-book should tell something about your web site and what is offering.

2. Free e-Coupons or e-Gift Certificates. Give out free electronic coupons and gift certificates to your visitors so they will have an idea about your products or services.

3. Free e-Courses. Provide your visitors free electronic courses. They could e-mail your follow-up autoresponder to be able to get a free lesson everyday.

4. Free e-Reports. The reports could be in autoresponder form or in text format. In these reports, inform them about what your product or service is about and how it will benefit them.

5. Free Software. A lot of people are a sucker for free software. It could be a game or a useful utility. Have them download easily straight from your website.

6. Free Online Services or Utilities. Since most people are online most of the time, these freebies should be more than useful. They should also be ready to use right from your web site.

When you have decided on which type of joint ventures suit you the most, you can make use of this freebie strategy so your advertising will rapidly spread on the internet.

Marketing Seminar Berkshire

I am pleased to anounce a new date for my next 2 day workshop and even more pleased to tell business owners employing at least 5 people that they can get 100% for the event from Train to Gain.  Funding details can be found by clicking here

The workshop  is being held on 21st and 22nd October.  For further details click here.

Why don’t you have a Strategic Plan?

Get your balls in line!

There are money reasons why people running small businesses do not have a Strategic Plan for their business.

But one thing is for certain – Businesses who do have one are far more successful then those who don’t.

So the question is how?  One option is to produce your own plan.  But how and what should be in it?

The answer to this is to buy a copy of our Strategic Planning folder.  It contains everything you need to write a strategic plan for your business.  All you need to do it to fill in the blanks.

Not only that, but it also only costs £47.00 + VAT.  Click here for further info.

Launch of my new 12 CD Raise your Game Programme

Raise your Game CD Programme

It has now been 13 months since I launched my Raise your Game CD Programme.  During this time I have been lucky enough to have been granted interviews and allowed to feature CD programmes from some of the world’s leading experts in business and marketing.

I have taken the best of what I know and added it onto 12 CD’s.  In other words a box set of a full year’s programme, full of sales and marketing ideas, tips and strategies.

And I am now selling this for a very special price of only £87.00.  The normal price of the programme is £246.60.

If you would like to give my programme a try simply call me on 0118 930 5700 and I will send you a copy.

The programme comes with my 100% money back guarantee.  If you are not totally delighted with the programme, simply return it for a full refund.  I can’t say fairer than that can I.

Steve is Speaking at Business Link Events

Steve Mills

I am speaking at three Business Link Events over the next six weeks.  The first talk is in Portsmouth on 24th August from 8am to 11am.

Further details to come, or contact Business Link.

Your website is not working

Steve Mills

How do I know that?  Well that statement is based on over 30 years of experience working with small businesses.  Yes I was around even before there were websites!

Let me re-phrase this – 98% of the businesses that I speak to have websites that don’t win them any, or very much business.

The reason for this is normally:

  1. They have an awful looking website (what does your website say about your business?)
  2. They have not marketed their website
  3. They do not add content regularly
  4. They do not have any inbound link etc.

My point is that your website is such an important area of focus for your business.  So, my strong recommendation for you is to not sit back and say “ah well my website is just a brochure site”.  In 99% of cases your website can be marketed far more effectively.

The problem is, how do you do that, who is going to do it for you and how much is it going to cost?  In truth this can vary from £100 to £1,000,000.  However, like most things you get what you pay for.

The key to success for your website is:

  1. Drive more people to your website
  2. Increase the conversion rate of visit to enquiry on your website

Most businesses focus on getting more people to their website.  Whilst this is good to do, what really matters is the number of leads, or enquiries your website creates.  So, focus on your ‘on site conversion rate’.

My advice:

  1. Find someone to teach you what to do
  2. Find someone who knows what they are doing and get them to do it for you


Avoid the web designer who also does Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  I am not saying all web designers don’t know about website marketing, but 99% of them don’t!

Your Action Plan:

Take a look at this

Senior Marketing Position

I am looking for someone to take up a senior marketing role in our company. If you know of anyone, please let me know, or get them to contact me.



I have had further thoughts ref – why most small businesses do not succeed to their full potential.

I now believe 80%+ comes down to this one fact.

In business there are three sections, or areas of focus.

Sales & Marketing



Most small businesses spend 95% of their time operationally.  In other words doing the work of the business.  And this is the biggest problem with most small businesses.  Doing the work will NEVER make you successful.  Working on your business to grow it will and yet most small business owners:

  • Don’t have a strategy
  • Have no idea how to write a business plan
  • Have little understanding of marketing
  • Have never attended any sales training
  • Have little understanding of finance
  • Can’t read a set of accounts
  • Have no knowledge of their marketing numbers
  • Do not quantifiy their sales and marketing
  • Do not know how profitable their business is
  • Don’t have monthly management accounts
  • Don’t know how to write copy
  • Hate picking up the phone to make a sales call
  • Are poor at networking
  • Hate speaking in public
  • Don’t have a cashflow forecast

Is there any surprise that they don’t succeed?  The questions are:

  1. Who is doing the marketing work
  2. Who is managing the financial side of the business
  3. Who is working on the business to ensure its growth?

The answer is often, no one.

If there is someone then it is usually someone who is not highly skilled and who does it in their spare time.

So what is the message?  Spend 1/3 of your time operationally, 1/3 of your time working on your finance and a 1/3 of your time on sales and marketing.

Mmmmm!  Something to think about.


Steve Speaker at Business Link Talk – Portsmouth

Steve Mills – Business Link Speaker

Steve is the speaker at several Business Link Events.  The first one is coming up in Portsmouth.  Click here for further details.

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