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7 ways to improve your conversion rates

No 1

Follow up straight away!  As the old sales saying goes “SPEED STUNS”! How many times have you expressed an interest in something by emailing someone asking for information, only for it to take them two days to get back to you?

For me the answer is often and sometimes they never get back to me at all!  So follow up immediately and STUN your prospects.

No 2

Ask effective questions.  What are the questions you and your team ask?  Are they the best questions?  Or do you just wing it?  In other words do you just leave it to the discretion of the person answering the phone.  One of the most powerful things you can do in business is to ‘eliminate discretion at the operating level of the business”.

No 3

Provide additional information.  Your objective is to close as many sales as possible.  So the question is – how can you improve your current conversion rate? Do you even know what your conversion rate is?

One way of improving your conversion rate is to provide your prospective client with additional information either on the phone, or via email afterwards.  For example, you could attached a testimonial sheet to an email.

No 4

Answer objections better.  Most business owners have NO specific idea what to say when someone says – that is too expensive, or I need to get three quotes before I buy.  My advice would be to work out what you are going to say on each of these occasions?

No 5

In you are meeting someone in person make sure you look your best.  Most people dress for themselves and not for their customers.  95% of your body is normally covered by clothes during a business meeting and weather you like it, or not, people are going to judge you by what you wear.  There is an old saying which states that “you never get a second chance to create a great first impression”.  What impression do you, your office, your car, your shoes, your brief case and your clothes give to your prospects?

No 6

Improve your rapport building skills.  Nothing in life will take you, or your business further than your ability to build RAPORT.  It is simply one of the most important skills for your to improve.  So go on, get some training.

No 7

As Winston Churchill once said “we will never, ever surrender”.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting that you keep chasing lost causes.  But I do believe most people give up FAR too early.  Keep on keeping in touch until they buy or die.  Last week I had a phone call from a lady who said “I met you at a networking event 18 months ago and you have been sending me emails ever since and I now need a marketing advisor for my business”.  I thought WOW!  How many people would have kept going?  I tell you that not to impress you, but to impress upon you the importance of determination and keeping going!

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The Legendary England & Sheffield Wednesday Goalkeeper – Ron Springett

Steve meets Ron Springett

Today I went to watch my football team Sheffield Wednesday play at Brentford.  Don’t ask me the score, as I am in denial, other than to say we did not play very well!

We were lucky enough to be able to watch the match in Brentford’s Corporate Hospitality (which was very good by the way) and we were amazed to be sitting on the same table as the Guest of Honour – Ron Springett, the former England and Sheffield Wednesday Goal-Keeper.

Ron is now 75 years young and he played over 40 times for England, as well as over 300 for The Owls.

The reason I am telling you about this in my blog is Ron really impressed me with his incredible knowledge of the game.  Both in terms of his recollection of the history of football and in his knowledge of current day football.

It occurred to me how important it is to have experience on your side and in your business.  Knowledge is essential for business in 2010 and yet most business owners have very little of it when it comes to Sales and Marketing.  Why should they have, they are experts in what their business does.

If you take the internet and how essential it is to have up to date information regarding Search Engine Optimisation, PPC Management, Social Media and Link Building, to name just a few.

If you are looking for a Marketing Consultant to provide that expertise, or you would like to download an ebook I wrote called “The 10 biggest lead generation mistakes most small businesses make” click here.

Something to think about

Steve Mills – Something to think about indeed!

FACT – 99% of all businesses are not succeeding to anywhere near the level that they could.  FACT – 99% of all business owners spend little, or no time in educating themselves in the skills required to grow their businesses.

Namely, Sales and Marketing.   Mmmmmmm!  Something to think about?

I recently spoke in front of 75 business owners in Portsmouth at a Business Link Event and when I asked “who in the room was responsible for sales?”, everyone put their hands up.  When I asked, who in the room has undertaken any sales training in the past 5 years only 4 people put their hands up and this scenario has occurred every time I have asked this question.  I often wonder how much all these businesses are losing because of this fact?  Millions?

Mmmmmm!  Something to think about?

Winning business from current clients

Steve Mills

One of the biggest mistakes made by 99% of small businesses is without doubt – Spending too much time trying to get new clients when they have not fully maximised their current clients.

Most businesses spend very little time, money and effort trying to educate their current clients and to get them to:

1. spend more each time that they buy

2. Get them buy more often

It is not your client job to remember who you are, what you sell, or how much you charge.  It is YOUR JOB!

You must start marketing to your current list on a consistent basis.

Steve speaking at Newbury Event

Steve Mills – Keynote Marketing Speaker

Steve it speaking at Newbury Business Event managed by Veriety Events.  Click here for details.

Event Management

Why having an event can build client and team relationships:

There can be many business reasons why a company should consider having a corporate event.  They are one of the most effective and strategic tools to make the advertising and corporate communication more reliable and effective. Understanding the corporate strategy and communicating this message is very important to consider when organising press conferences, promotional events and other corporate launches.  These corporate showcase the company’s expertise in the market and promote their products or services.  Events are an important part of the marketing mix.  They are also an excellent communications channel for building the relationship between your company and the client as well as your own employees.

Some of the ways an event can assist in relationship building for your prospects and clients are:

  • A medium for passing on information, specifically for new products and services
  • Used by Associations to network and educate their members
  • A forum for discussing world/business issues or topical subjects
  • One of the marketing vehicles for increasing regular communications with both current, new and potential customers
  • A platform enabling the company to know the client better, understand their business needs enabling the company to develop their portfolio of products and services that the client requires
  • Make the customer feel that they are being listened to and giving the company first hand research into the future product direction
  • Excellent PR opportunity to make the customer feel important and build on loyalty and customer relationship, through personal invitation to event.
  • Using hospitality events to show customer appreciation or build relationship with prospects

Benefit of an event for relationship building and team work for internal employees

  • Events can be used as internal communication to employees regarding internal information, such as training, boosting morale, making announcements, launch a new culture
  • Team building events great way to improve employees working together as a team and understanding strengths and weaknesses of the team
  • Incentive Trips or award dinners are an excellent reward to employees showing how the company appreciates their hard work and awarding those employees who have exceeded goals

The moment you start to organise the corporate event you need to have in place effective management to execute the best available resources.

Detailed planning, goal setting and understanding the return on investment needs to be considered in organising and promoting a corporate events. Since corporate events are important to the whole marketing mix they can sometimes be time consuming and take additional resources.  This is where a good and effective event management company can assist and enhance not only the planning but the successful execution of your event.

Corporate event management companies are the experts in this field and take care of all the logistical activities such as venue selection, catering arrangements, planning and seating arrangement etc.

The success of a corporate event is very important in leaving a lasting impression of the target audience of the business and are a vehicle of enhance brand awareness and company goodwill.

B2B Event Management based in Berkshire and has over 17 years of experience offering a high quality, high value solution at a competitive cost.

B2B Event Management will create and deliver your total event management requirement regardless of the size of the event whether it is a business meeting, conference, seminar, product launch, exhibition, road show, travel incentive reward, gala dinner or Christmas party.

The services we offer:

Event Management

Free lance Service

In house extra resource

To find out more about B2B Event Management services visit our website or phone 01628 825184.

A Strategy for your Business for less than the cost of a half decent brief case

Statistics prove that businesses who have a strategic plan consistently out perform those without one. The question is – How can you produce one without knowing what do do?

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Steve Mills – Masterclass Marketing Group on Facebook

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This is a great way of sharing ideas and tools to grow your business and I add a tip, idea, or concept on to the groups page about twice per week, so it is well worth checking out.

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100% funded marketing workshop

Steve Mills Marketing and Lead Generation Workshop

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