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Website report

Just how effective is your website?

Marketing is the key to your marketing success and your website is central to that marketing success?  

So, the questions are:

  1. How successful is your website at generating business?
  2. How well does your website perform on Google?
  3. How effective are you at marketing your site on Social Media?
  4. What does your site look like on different platforms?
  5. How does your website look on a mobile?
  6. What do you need to do in order to improve your results?

If you would like answers to these and other important questions about your website, simply fill in the form on the righthand side of the screen and we will send you a free 30+ page website report about your business.

NOTE – The report will take 24 hours to be delivered to you.  We will follow up with you to find out what you thought and to answer any questions that you may have.  To qualify for this free report, you must run a small business employing less than 250 people and be in the UK.

Free website review

4 LinkedIn Mistakes

cropped-TPM-Logo-11.pngEvery day there more people use LinkedIn as a Marketing tool for creating relationships, boosting your reputation, and generating more leads. But most people are not using it properly.

If you aren’t creating leads on LinkedIn, consider asking yourself if you are making the following mistakes.

1) Not keeping in touch on a daily basis

You need to communicate with your contacts on a daily basis using your home page.  You then need to use this to direct traffic to your website.

2) Sending a group message that has no clear benefit to the people in the group.

Lots of people think it’s okay to send out industry-specific information to people who don’t belong to that industry.

A better way to share that information would be to publish a LinkedIn blog post about it. That way, your network gets notified of the information and it has a possibility of getting featured in Pulse. Save a group message for information that can be beneficial to that specific segment and is helpful.

3) Endorsing your new connection’s skills if you haven’t seen them use that skill firsthand.

Some people may think that this is a nice way to show your appreciation of the new connection request, trying to be complimentary, but endorsing someone too early is likely to backfire on you. How can you endorse someone for something that you haven’t experienced?  In doing this, it shows a lack of integrity.

Keep endorsements only to that which you have experienced firsthand.

4) Creating a self-promotional post without any helpful information.

LinkedIn blog posts are there to showcase and share your expertise, and give back to the LinkedIn community.  Just putting a catchy title up and then having your network see that it is nothing more than a link to your event is bad, as it seems a bit self-centered and overly promotional.

Boyes Turner Elite HR Event

Friday 30 January 2015


The Employment Law Group at Boyes Turner is pleased to introduce Elite HR – a new seminar series for the busy employment law and HR professional.

Boyes Turner Elite HR provides you with a complete learning and development experience. Attendance at events will attract CPD accreditation in addition.

As well as community, Elite HR offers the opportunity to network, learn and keep up to date with like-minded professionals, at events led by employment law members of Boyes Turner’s highly regarded employment law team, who will be joined by guest speakers and presenters, covering the latest legal developments and topical issues.

Join us for our first event in 2015 on Friday 30 January. At this event, we will be joined by an eminent member of the employment Law Bar, who will lead a session on significant recent and up-and-coming law changes. We will also be joined by two additional guest speakers who will look at firstly, the true costs of bad hires and secondly, the benefits and burdens of using social media in the workplace to grow your business.

The event will take place in the Premier Lounge; registration is from 8.30am and the presentations will commence at 9am. A buffet lunch will be served at 1pm followed by the final presentations and then questions; the day will conclude by 2.30pm.

Places are limited and we have over 50 acceptances thus far. Early registration with us is therefore encouraged.

We do hope you will be able to join us.

To register for this event, please email Judith Cook.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Yours sincerely

Michael Farrier

If you need advice, an overview or simply a conversation about this event or any other employment law issue please contact us on +44 (0)118 952 7284 or click to submit an enquiry.

For more information on our employment or other legal services, please visit our website.

DATE: 30 January 2015
TIME: 8.30 am – 2.30 pm
Royal Berkshire Conference Centre, Madejski Stadium,
Reading, RG2 0FL
COST: Free
If you have any queries, please contact Judith Cook:

0118 952 7284

For employment law updates, see our recent newsletters:
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For further news click here

Telecoms advice from Beckett Telecom

Social Media Marketing for Berkshire

6 of the Best…

High Level New Year Resolutions for High Level Telecoms

Have Fun while doing the right things!

1. Resolve to remember…  Nobody should care about the technology, it’s only business benefits and productivity that matters. Make this your mantra!

2.Resolve to firmly set your direction, get a clear Telecoms roadmap set out ahead of you to inform all your strategic and tactical decisions… truly know where you are going. This makes everything clearer and easier.

3. Resolve each day to take at least one crucial Roadmap action, take the steps you need to take to be in the right place on your development plans  and stay ahead of the game.

4. Resolve to be 100% clear about your priorities. What are your Objectives? Which are the most important?  Get them properly ordered. Keep looking, be ruthless about the priorities and commit to acting consistently within them.

5. Resolve to relentlessly cut waste. Write a list of all areas of potential waste and overspend. Work out a timetable to look carefully at each area and resolve not to let it slip!

6. Resolve to remember, just because it is new and shiny does not mean it is better for the business purpose and just because it works over the Internet doesn’t necessarily make it better either!

Guest blog by

Graham Beckett of Beckett Telecom

January 2015

Business Advice UK | Tony Robbins is coming to UK

Looking to grow your business?

You need to watch this great video by Tony Robbins. Tony is running a workshop in the UK in May and I can strongly recommend it!

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Email marketing training and advice Berkshire

email marketing training

Are you using email marketing to:

  • Grow your business
  • Keep in touch with clients
  • Undertake client and prospect surveys
  • To create no cost and low cost leads all day long?

If not why not? People often ask me – Why do I send so many e-mails out? The answer is – because it works and I rarely send an email out without winning new business. I have a database of over 60,000 who all know me and an average email open rate of about 25%.

Email marketing is still one of the best forms of marketing on the plannet and if you are not doing it, or if you are not getting results, or creating sales and leads from email marketing, then you need to attend this workshop.

On 29th January 2015, I am running a one day workshop on how to create and abundance of leads through email marketing. This workshop is new and it is going to cover my latest ideas and concepts in email marketing in 2015.

During the workshop I will cover:

  • Building your list
  • Increasing your open and click through rates
  • Reducing your unsubscribes
  • Opting in Inbound marketing
  • Defining your target market
  • Which email systems to use
  • Writing effective copy
  • Use of video emailing
  • Improving open, click through and enquiry rates
  • Use of pictures
  • Plain text v html
  • Using survey monkey
  • Writing an effective headline to improve open rates
  • Creating links and driving traffic to your website, or blog
  • Creating landing pages.

Download my free ebook | A salesforce of Thousands

Marketing advice for small businessesDownload The Salesforce of Thousands free e-book

How to double your business in 12 months using…  A Salesforce of Thousands

How can you get thousands of people to promote your business for free?

There are many ways to grow your busines,s but which one, or ones are best for your business?

One thing for sure is that unless you have millions of pounds to throw at your marketing, then you better do it PRUDENTLY.


  • Get thousands of people to recommend you
  • Get even more to give you testimonials
  • Get other people to do your marketing through Join Venture partners
  • Win more business on Social Media
  • Create leads all day long from networking.

Go on then, take action and sign up using the button below.  The e-book will be with you soon.


What is new with SEO?

Great marketers are always on their toes, keeping up with the news, anticipating and adapting changes as they happen.

SEO is no exception:

Google changes its algorithm 500-600 times per year. With so many updates happening so often, even the most diligent marketers can miss an important release or two.

To make sure you’re all caught up with the latest and greatest in SEO, check out the information below.  It’ll walk you through the major changes SEO has undergone in the context of mindset, keywords, content, and link building.


Twitter, A Top Social Media Tool for your Berkshire Business

Twitter marketing - The Prudent Marketer

twitterA lot of entrepreneurs now know that Twitter is a great top social media tool for your Berkshire business.  Even though only 140 characters are allowed on a single status update, people will always find ways to shorten their posts. Actually, it is also the 140-character limit that many individuals like–it means they don’t need to write a lot just to update their profiles.

Just like with any other social media sites, Twitter also has private messaging and photo uploading features. These can be used well for business.

Many have already tried and failed at Twitter. They have spent a lot of time tweeting, and some have gained business, while for others, it just didn’t work. However, there are many entrepreneurs who don’t know how to maximise the use of Twitter to gain business.

Twitter as a top social media tool for your Berkshire Business?

Basically, Twitter is a very useful social tool. People from all around the world converge and chat on this micro blogging site. Because of this fact, for businesses, it has become a tool that could easily engage followers and customers.

When your clients ask you a question, you can respond in real time. Just make sure to respond in a timely and professional manner.

Promoting on Twitter

As with any other social media site, you can easily update your status. With Twitter, because of the 140 character limit, updating shouldn’t be that difficult.

You can also post photos of yourself, your office and events. Remember as well that your followers would be able to respond better to real photos and not stock photos. They also want to see a real face behind the brand.

What’s more, it’s important to avoid constantly selling or marketing on your Twitter page. You get followers because these people are mostly interested in quality information about your brand or any knowledge that you can share.

Sure, they would still like to know more about your products that would make them lose weight within 7 days or gain 6 pack abs or win a new iPhone; but if you keep doing this, of course it would get annoying for your followers.

Make sure that you balance your tweets between business, information and a little bit of entertainment. If you get new followers, you can follow back as well because your followers like the feeling of being followed back.

If you want to know more about marketing, The Prudent Marketer has an upcoming seminar on marketing and business growth.  It will be held in Berkshire on the 19th November at 10:00 AM.

How Video Marketing Impacts Social Media Marketing for Businesses in Berkshire

Video Marketing - You Tube

using video to grow your businessIn advertising today, more businesses are taking the route of video marketing. This is simply because people nowadays seem to have less and less time in their hands. Before, a person would take the time to sit down and read the newspaper for news and ads that they need. Today, this is no longer the case because of the many other forms of media used for socialising, advertising and keeping up to date with the latest events. Let’s just say that social media, even when just scanning your social network, could take a lot of time and attention.

Businesses are taking advantage of the impact of social media on business in Berkshire in the form of video marketing. It is short and concise and could contain a ton of information.  

How Video Marketing Impacts Social Media Marketing for Businesses

Most people, when reading articles, especially marketing spiels, don’t really read the whole article. What they do is just read the beginning, probably scan the headings and then jump to the end. You may be even guilty of this. The problem is that reading materials tend to be too plain and boring for many people whose attention spans are quite short.

This is often the problem nowadays. While there are few whose attention spans are really short, most people develop a short attention span because of so many distractions all around.

For a business in Berkshire that needs to market their products and services, the marketing advertisement should be short and interesting. This is where video marketing comes in.

YouTube is currently the biggest site for streaming videos. There are millions of videos and millions of users who watch videos every day. Businesses are also seeing a lot of potential in using YouTube as part of their marketing needs.

What people want, is to see a face behind the brand and businesses can do this through the use of video marketing. To have a successful video marketing campaign and to make an impact of social media on business in Berkshire, create a video that does not necessarily sell a product. Instead, come up with something interesting and definitely memorable. 

Remember that people don’t like hard selling and doing this could diminish the value of your video. Therefore, try to be as creative as possible with your videos and make sure that it will gain the interest of those who are watching them.

Steve Mills has a marketing programme that would be perfect for small businesses in Berkshire. find out more about The Prudent Marketers Social Media Management.


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