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How does social media help you win business?

How does social media help you win business?

Social media, there’s no way you haven’t heard of it yet. Over the past few years, social media platforms have changed not only the internet, but also the world. With daily users from all over the globe, there’s a big chance for you and for every business owner, practically for everyone out there, to show his products and strategies to such a big community. I already bet your rival companies are already using social media to promote their businesses, so why don’t you also seize the opportunity to take yours to the next level ?

What is social media marketing ?

Social media marketing is, for those who have still not heard of it yet or have still not understood what it really is, is a digital marketing strategy that small and big business owners use to build and promote their brand to a worldwide community.

How does social media help grow and win business?

Through his online presence, any business owner can develop his brand, even from scratch. Here are 4 main things social media marketing allows you to do !

  1. Showcase your brand.

There is not only one platform on which you can plan your marketing strategy. In fact, there are many social media tools that ensure this mission. So, through your presence here and there, you are showing off your brand to people out there, showing them the products you sell, the services you offer, pretty much everything your business consists of. And the more you are active, the more people’s knowledge about your business will grow. Therefore, potential clients will recognise you at a worldwide scale.

  1. Develop a loyal community.

Social media gives you as a business owner, various platforms with different kinds of customers. So, if you want to share your products in a B2B platform, where people are mainly logging in to look for business opportunities and hot product deals, you can use Twitter or LinkedIn, where millions of professionals spend hours every month chasing products. Or, if you want a more global, more thourough community, you can use facebook, third largest international gathering after China and India with a population of over a billion people, instagram, pinterest ,and many other platforms where people themselves will share your product with friends and relatives until you reach a BIG client base starting from a few ones, or even from scratch.

  1. Improve customer service.

Social media platforms are like heaven for every business owner. Why is it so ? Every customer online will share his experience, at least some of them will, and will reach out to you in these platforms whenever he needs anything, or finds something not perfectly working, or has a suggestion for you to improve the business. Therefore, these platforms ensure the fast contact and trust building between you and your customers, stregthening your relations with them, and allowing you meanwhile to know what they do really want, and what they don’t.

  1. Cut marketing costs.

Save your self the money, time and effort of making all those traditional marketing compaigns on press and Tv ! Especially if you are running a small business, this would be very expensive and hard for you to manage. While these traditional methods can lead to good results with tons of money spent on them, social media platforms offer you free to little cost options that can lead to even greater results. In fact, you can just run pages that share your relevant and attracting content, so that people see it and share it with their people. Or for more effective results, you can run an ad compaign that you need to know how to set in order to reach a specefic range of people interested in your business niche, for much less than what a Tv ad could cost you !

To sum up, every business owner should immediately use social media marketing strategies to show off his business to people with little to no cost , developping therefore a loyal client base for his product. Lots of people are doing it, so WHY DON’T YOU ?  The opportunity is still available for EVERYBODY to seize it !

5 Reasons why you should invest in marketing training

5 Reasons why you should invest in marketing training

As a business owner, you surely know that business is all about two main things : The product or service you market, and how you market it. So, apart from having a good quality product that will satisfy your customers, there is a small issue. How do you get those customers ? Through marketing your business, of course ! But, how easy is it to do so ? IT DEFINITELY ISN’T. There are a bunch of ways you could sell and advertise your brand. But, how do you get to know the most effective of them ? How do you get to know how to use them ? And a plenty of other questions that might be flowing in your head by now.. « What shall I do so ? » every business owner has wondered, and here do I have the answer. I’ve been in your place before and I ‘ve tried this, and it did efficiently give its great results. What is it so ? Marketing training, for sure ! You might have heard of it already, but said what if it doesn’t help and all the money I’ve got to pay will just fade away ? I assure you now, dear business owners, that this is completely worth your money and time. So, check these 5 main reasons why you should consider investing in marketing training !

  1. Gain the marketing skills you need to start doing it on your own !

That is what marketing training is mainly for : to teach you how to do it yourself ! Throughout your training, you will go beyond the basics everyone out there knows, to reach the information you need to take your business to the next level. And whether you are a small or big business owner, this training offers pretty much something for everyone ; it will always give you some new piece of information, no matter what marketing niche you’re in, your coach knows well that every specific niche requires a specific care and a specific effort along the way.

  1. Keep up to date !

Staying in touch with the latest marketing strategies, tips and tools can be hard sometimes. That’s why your training coach knows everything ; he will do the job for you, not the marketing  job obviously, but the process of looking into what’s trending, what’s effective, and what’s most suitable for your business. This will save you tons of hours of reading and reseach that will probably lead to nothing. Through marketing training, the methods you need will come to you, simple and clarified, ready to apply right away !

  1. Learn to communicate!

Some of you might be laughing now, saying that they already know how to communicate. Yet, this is not normal communication, the one you use with everybody all day long. In business marketing, there are some specific ways to talk, to text and to interact with your customers. You will know what phrases to use, when to use them, and all the tiny details you might be missing that might be leading you to a stronger relation between you and your customers. Knowing how to deal with your clients is the hardest part, cause that’s when it comes to knowing how to talk about your product, in a specific way with every specific person, that’s how you show them you care about them and about fulfilling their needs through your product.

  1. Reach out to a wordlwide economy !

Now that you’ve gained some marketing skills, got yourself some effective strategies and known how to effectively communicate with your customers, that’s all you ever need to start marketing ! You now have to use those three to go out to the world and market your product or service. Unlike most small business owners who are still attached to their basics, you now have the tools that bigger companies use ; you’ve know got the secret recipe that will help you compete with them on a large territory !

  1.   A cost-effective investment !

There are a bunch of marketing training courses out there, with prices varying from cheap to expensive. You just have to choose to most convenient one for your budget, but no matter what you will pay, in the end, you’re going to be learning lots of things. The marketing tools and strategies you’ll end up gaining will set then place to your business growth and thousands if not millions of dollars in revenues just because you’ve used the right methods to show off your brand.

To sum up,  marketing training is not just a classical training ; it is a lifetime business marketing opportunity that will provide you with the right ingredients and the right recipe to effectively sell your services to a global economy. So, what are you waiting for ? Seize the chance and take your business to the next level !

5 reasons why you should outsource your marketing

5 reasons why you should outsource your marketing 

Are you tired of doing all the work by yourself ? Are you exhausted with working 90 hours a week just to try uselessly to grow your small business and take it to the next level ?You’re not alone ! Every business owner does face this issue at least once in his business career. So, you might be thinking of either hiring some employees to help you with your business or outsource your marketing. But, why does  outsourcing seem a  better option ? Here are 3 main reasons for you to outsource your marketing immediately !

  1. Saves you time to work on other important tasks in your business or to just relax !

  Being a business owner nowadays means you have to keep up to date with all the business news, all the strategies that might take your business to the next level, all the  tools and ways to market your products, and so on. These do take too much time of your life, and outsourcing your marketing could save you some of that time to do other revenue producing tasks, or to just relax and have some fun. This could indeed set you free to do some sports or go watch a football match with your best friend ! Such activities are needed in one’s life for him to entertain himself and forget about all the work’s stress !

  1. Hire experts instead of just entry level administrators !

The reason some of us, business owners, hire some entry level employees as part time or full time workers is because of our low budget. But, even if this is convenient for our minimal financial budgets, It won’t give you the help you could get from a marketing expert ; these entry level marketing employees are just order takers, not next move makers, not thinkers and decision takers. They won’t therefore make you benefit from any marketing and strategical expertise that a marketing expert could be giving you. In fact, outsourced marketing professionals are not full times workers for any company or individual. This means that they work for a big number of customers all at once. You may be wondering now what does that have to do with expertise, or you might be pondering that as a cause of them not giving your work the importance it requires to get because of the huge number of their customers. Unfortunately, none of this is true, Fortunately, I mean ! This working style gives them access to an infinite number of ideas and inspirational thoughts they get from their contact with plenty of customers. So, some of their best ideas for some  clients are ones they get from other ones, coming  from completely different industries ! This variety is indeed a source of creativity and inspiration. And not to forget the fact that these marketing experts are, by the end, entrepreneurs, just like us ! This actually means that they know what it takes to do the work, and how hard is t to run the business. That’s why they’ll give you the best they can to ensure you won’t struggle down the way !

  1. Costs you less than an FTE ( Full Time Entry )

Hiring a professional marketing expert costs you as little as 50% what can cost you a full time entry or mid level marketing coordinator.  In other words, on one hand,  paying half the price to hire a professional marketing consultant will give you acces to all his marketing expertise and all his strategies and helpful ideas ; things you won’t get with an entry level employee. On the other hand, thses FTEs would only cost you more and more expenses ; labor laws, health care, payroll, taxes, and much more than this. You will be needing therefore a human resources professional just to manage all your employees ! These would not even exist if you just hire a marketing expert instead !

To sum up, outsourcing your marketing will mean having a professional, experienced help and a  source of inspiration to grow your business and take it to the next level, for costs far less than what could require a normal entry level employee. So, why don’t you give it a try ? I bet your rival business owners already use this method. So, why don’t you ?

Business Results Coaching Session

business results coaching

As you are on our website I assume you are interested in growing your business.  If so, I wanted to offer you a very special free service. A free Business Results Meeting.

You can book here:

You may be doing well in your business right now, or you may not be doing too well, but the fact is – if you want to do better then there is only one way. You have got to ‘Raise your Game’.

For over 28 years I have been coaching people like you to do better. Let’s face it everyone needs a coach, someone to push you to the next level! I would like to be your coach. I will help you to become more focused and accountable, helping you to achieve the consistent results you want.

I have developed the Business Results Coaching System and I can help you in the following ways:

  • Join my Association and get support via video
  • Book a one-day Business Results Coaching Day
  • Sign up to a monthly Business Results Coaching Programme
  • Attend our 7-month Business Results Programme.

I am a sales and marketing advisor, entrepreneur, author of four marketing books, and a business strategist. My goals are to coach start-ups to get them to their first £million and to get established businesses who turn over a £million+ to get to £10 million.

Take the first step to closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be and book your free ‘Business Results Coaching Session’.

Call 01256 242 272 to discuss your needs, or fill in your details by clicking here and we will call you to book your free meeting:

Sign up to my new Podcast

Subscribe to my free Podcast called Raise your Game

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Here is my latest Programme…

Listen to “Raise your Game” on Spreaker.

How to reduce time and increase sales on Social Media

Why you should outsource – Outsourcing your social media to us

Outsourcing your social media to us will ensure you have a professionally managed social media campaign at a great price point that will deliver you a solid return on investment

Why should you use our service when you can do it yourself?

  • We keep up with trends and technology
  • We understand hashtags, memes, mash-ups and microblogging – so you don’t have to
  • Keeping your social media feed active takes a lot of dedication
  • Logging into post 4 or 5 times per day, or even more if you use both Facebook and Twitter
  • Building your social channels takes time and patience
  • We are experts at social media
  • We will still be posting while you are working on building your business
  • We’ll still be posting when you are on holiday or off sick
  • We’ll still be posting when you are called out to an urgent meeting that runs on all day
  • It’s hard work to post four or five times each day with well thought out content
  • We are experts at it.

We schedule everything at least a week ahead in a very convenient control panel that allows you to review and edit your content, add your own posts and monitor your campaign statistics. Don’t worry you don’t ever have to use it if you don’t want to.

We profile your business to ensure the information we use is the perfect mix to promote you on social media.

  • We’ll also create unique images a few times per week and schedule them to go out via your control panel.
  • We try to keep it fun.
  • We’ll make sure your social media feeds are buzzing with activity that’s positive for your business all week, every week.
  • We’ll keep your pages looking good and add a layer of viral marketing into the mix.
  • Don’t forget that you can post too!
  • We highly encourage our clients to post as often as they like, with the things that we can’t.

Enhancing your trustworthiness Brand recognition and repeat exposure.  The main benefits of running a social media campaign are:

  • Your social media followers or browsers are in an environment that they are comfortable in.
  • It is the very best place for you to place your brand and have them take notice.
  • It is said of traditional advertising that a potential customer has to see your advertisement seven times before taking any action.
  • This is your opportunity to get your brand under their noses without being pushy.
  • Why you should outsource
  • Getting ahead of your competitors
  • Grow your marketing power
  • Do your competitors use social media?

Most of your competitors will probably not be doing a good job of embracing social media, so this is your chance to race ahead. If they are engaging well on the social networks then you must get involved or you risk being left behind and losing your audience to your competition.

Your potential customers or clients are engaging in social media personally, whether you like it or not. When they visit a website they expect to find a social media presence and may judge you if there isn’t one – or worse if they find one that hasn’t been updated for weeks or months. You don’t need followers, as our business profilers will include relevant hashtags that will get your brand into relevant conversations, however, as your followers increase your marketing power increases.

Your potential customers or clients are engaging in social media personally, whether you like it or not. When they visit a website they expect to find a social media presence and may judge you if there isn’t one – or worse if they find one that hasn’t been updated for weeks or months. You don’t need followers, as our business profilers will include relevant hashtags that will get your brand into relevant conversations, however, as your followers increase your marketing power increases.

Initially, the increased conversion rate on your website, your hashtagged tweets and the potential for your social media campaign to appear in Google results are all that you are interested in. Over time you’ll also gain a loyal following, who you can market to at any time – at zero additional cost! The more followers you have – the more people want to join in and get involved.

It’s the “crowd effect” – people always want to see what the crowd is interested in, and they join the crowd!  When people see you have a busy social network with hints and trivia relating to your chosen business field they will automatically associate it with authority. Your business will be seen as having increased credibility and specialist knowledge which, in turn, will also increase your sales conversion rates.

For further details click here.

Introduction to Prudent Marketing Webinar

Introduction to Prudent Marketing Webinar

How do you market your business more prudently? How do you reduce costs, increase leads and stop marketing that does not work?

These are just some of the things that I covered in the recent webinar.

The Power of a Coach…

Marketing Training

Marketing Advice and tipsEveryone needs a coach.

Coaches are not always called coaches.  Some are advisors, others are consultants, some are mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, or friends.  But the fact is we all rely on the help and advice of people that we know, like and trust.  We are inter-dependent and have been so since caveman says.

There are of course exceptions to this rule.  Some people are uncoachable and they think that they know it all, and others simply can’t be bothered.  However, if you are like me, then you know and understand the value and importance of having a coach, or a series of coaches.  I have a coaching to help me will my businesses finances (an accountant called Hamish).  someone who advises me about my business (Bob Harper).  I have an IFA who advises me regarding personal finance and a fitness coach who helps me with my personal fitness.

However, if you are like me, then you know and understand the value and importance of having a coach, or a series of coaches.  I have coaches to help me with my businesses finances (an accountant called Hamish).  I have someone who advises me strategically about my business (Bob Harper).  I have an IFA who advises me regarding personal finance and a fitness coach who helps me with my personal fitness.

So the question is – which type of coach do you need?  You clearly need one who is good at coaching and advising.  One who will motivate you to take action and to move things forward.  You also need one who can make a BIG difference to you and your business.

If you consider for a moment – What do you need to do to become more successful in your business?  One of the keys must be to become more successful at generating and converting leads (or sales and marketing as it is sometimes called).  Well if that is the case, then you surely need help with improving your sales and marketing skills and those of your team.

This is one of the keys to improving your results and is the area I have spent over 28 years of my life focussing on and becoming an expert in.

So if you are looking for someone to push you and your business to the next level of success, then I suggest that we have a meeting in order to discuss how I can help you.

If you decide to take action, simply click here.

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