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Business Advice for small businesses – Testing Headlines

Business Advice for small businesses – Testing Headlines to improve conversion rates

Whatever results you are currently achieving in your marketing can be improved by testing your headlines.

I have helped businesses to improve their lead generation by 10%, 35%, 100% and even 250% by testing a different headline from the one, or ones that they were using.

Watch the video below, as Steve demonstrates how he helped a company to make a £2.2 million pound sale by testing a new headline.

Be outstanding by standing out – The Prudent Marketing Company

The Prudent Marketing Company can help you to turn your business’ marketing into a Purple Cow.

In marketing it is essential to be different.  Just like a purple cow is different, your marketing needs to be likewise.

At The Prudent Marketing Company, we help businesses to be different and to think differently.

Watch this video and, if you want to stand out from your competitors, call The Prudent Marketing Company on 01256 345 556.

Tony Robbins interviews Eban Pagan

Tony Robbins interviews Eban Pagan – This is so powerful and a must for every business that employs people

If you employ people, then you need to watch this short video.  Tony Robbins interviews Eban Pagan about hiring the people, getting the best out of each member of your team and turning them into a superstar!

Eban describes the three questions that you must ask each employee every day and they are:

  1. What results did you get today?
  2. What problems did you encounter today?
  3. What questions do you have for me today?

Simple, but brilliant!

Here is your 2016 e-mail marketing plan

email marketing

Here is your 2016 e-mail marketing plan…

Send emails that are interesting and beneficial.  Email 10,000 contacts and get 200 to click on your great knowledge.  Use a system that provides you with a list of the people who click.

Then call those 200 contacts and get 10% of them interested in your products, or services.  This should take about two days.

Then get ten good prospects to meet with you and convert two or three of these ten into sales.

And repeat…

From a standing start you could have an on-going stream of prospects turning into clients.

Better still, you have a system that you can turn on or off, up, or down! 

You can do with your in house resources, or if you want help with any part of the process just call us on 01256 345 556.

Learn more at email Marketing training

Loyalty Marketing Singapore

Prudent Marketing company







The Prudent Marketing Company is pleased to announce the Steve Mills will be speaking on Loyalty Marketing in Singapore on 25th and 26th January 2016.

To book click here –

Workshop Overview

This workshop provides delegates with the three key dimensions of loyalty, which are retention, cross-sell and up-sell. Attendees will have the ability to evaluate the ROI (Return on Investment) and measure results, as well as master the concept of testing to make certain your outbound marketing continues to deliver a higher and higher ROI.

This course highlights that social media adds a new dimension to loyalty in driving increased value from your customers through the brand and through revenue.

It reveals the tools and guidelines to help improve your loyalty and customer engagement activities. Attending this course will improve your ability to evaluate, analyse and track your loyalty marketing success in order to defend, maintain and grow your budgets.

Tony Robbins rules for success

Marketing Advice and tipsOver the new year I listened to Tony Robbins on YouTube.  Here is the link.  Tony spoke about what he considers to be the top ten rules of success – and I have to say that I am sure that he is correct.

So, here are the rules:

1. Raise your Game

You have got to improve how you run your business, manage your people, look after your customers, manage your finances and market and sell your products and services.

2. Be fulfilled

A life without fulfilment is a waste of life.  Being the richest man in the graveyard is not my goal and I hope that it is not yours.

3. Progress = happiness

Tony said that if you are not getting better then you are moving back and the only way to be truly happy is if you are getting better.

4. Love your customers

What can you do to improve your current level of satisfaction?

5. Add value

What can you do to add even more value to your clients?

6. Have an exit strategy

What are you going to do when your business is finally done?  What is it going to be worth?  Plan things now, because without a plan ‘all roads lead there’.

7. Be resourceful

What resources do you have?  Can you tap into any that you are not currently using?

8. Pay attention to the little things

Because it is the little things that make the big difference.

9. Look for leverage

Who can help you?  Who has got a list that you can market to, or a piece of equipment that you could use?

10. Change your mindset

As the good book says: “As you believeth, so it is done unto you”.

600 Giving impacts in 2015…

IMG_1391Steve and the Prudent Marketing Company team,

As we approach the end of another great year, we want to let you know how grateful we are that you and your business created …..

600 Giving Impacts

….. this year. It’s a fantastic achievement. Many congratulations and much gratitude.

Of course, these great impacts were made possible by the people you work with and your customers/clients. So, if you have a chance, please pass on our gratitude to the people who are part of making it all possible.

Again, thank you for the fantastic giving you do. We wish you a fabulous completion of the year and an amazing New Year ahead.

Smiles from us and from all the people whose lives you transform…

Masami, Paul and all of us from the B1G1 Team

Online sales in 2015

Marketing TrainingIn 2014 on-line sales were $107 billion.  What will they be at the end of 2015?

I am not sure what the figures for online sales will be for 2015, but I guess we will know soon. One thing I do know is that they will be higher than 2014 and that 2016 will be even higher than 2015.

As the internet changes and and we all become more comfortable with buying online, what does the future hold?

  1. Will cash totally disappear, as many are predicting?
  2. Will Amazon continue to dominate online sales?
  3. What is the future for small businesses online?
  4. Will it become easier to market your business online?
  5. Will video turn websites into TV stations?
  6. Will TV become how we browse the internet?
  7. What is going to happen to credit cards?  Will they even exist in two years’ time?
  8. What is going to happen with mobile browsing?  Is it the future?
  9. What new technology is just around the corner?

Several things are for sure:

  1. Your company needs to start creating sales or leads online
  2. The internet is going to become more important to small businesses in the future
  3. The technology is going to become more powerful, and therefore more complex, in the future
  4. If you don’t embrace the internet, and internet marketing, then you will get left behind
  5. Constant change is the new norm
  6. Social media marketing will become more effective
  7. Businesses will need to embrace additional income streams
  8. It is going to become even more competitive
  9. Some industries will die away, or we will be outsourcing to other countries
  10. Software will continue to replace people


Marketing planning with Smart Numbers

Smart numbersMarketing Planning

I recently came across a company that might help you to measure your marketing planning more effectively.  

I would like to introduce you to Maincom’s, in particular I wanted to inform you about Smart Numbers, also known as Virtual numbers.  

We have one number on our website, another on LinkedIn, another on our emails, etc and the smart number system tells us how many times each number is called.  Simples!

Smart numbers provide a great cost effective solution for monitoring the success of marketing campaigns such as press advertising, online marketing and of course your website and social media pages.

With a free call recording facility they also provide a great staff training tool to ensure calls are being handled in the correct manner. 

Key features of Smart Numbers:

  • Each number is billed at £1+vat per month (rolling 30 day contract)
  • You can have as many 0333, local area codes, 0800 numbers as you would like, pointed to any landline or mobile number
  • They can provide a list of numbers for you to pick from.
  • Great for marketing and staff training as comes with free call recording, you can listen back to all calls over a 30 day period and download any that you wish to save
  • With your own secure login you can monitor the number of calls received on each one, proof as to whether a campaign is working and generating calls.  
  • As the number is diverted to your landline or mobile, calls are charged at less than a penny for Local and National (£0.0070ppp) and less than 4p to mobiles (£0.0395ppm
  • You can login and re-programme the numbers to point to a different destination at a click of a button which is instance.

If you would like to know more you can either talk to me or please do feel free to contact Sue Morant directly at Maincoms – / 0333 358 3000 /

We are not on commission, but I wanted to let you know about this great way of measuring your marketing.

Social Media Training in Singapore

Steve Mills - Internet Masterclass Dubai

Social Media Training in Singapore

We are pleased to announce that Steve Mills – The Prudent Marketer – will be providing social media training and marketing advice in Singapore on 3-4 March 2016.  Steve said: “It is great to be involved in this type of training.  Being asked to travel half way around the world to deliver training is indeed a great opportunity.”

For details about the workshop, or to book, simply click on the link below.

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