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Business advice and your numbers

Would you be able to answer all of these financial questions without having to dig around or ask your accountant for the information?

  1. What was your revenue in 2016 and what profit did you make
  2. What was your profit for the last month?
  3. What was your gross-profit margin for the last 12 months?
  4. What was your net-profit margin for the last 12 months?
  5. How much operating cash flow do you currently have?
  6. What does your cashflow forecast say about your bank balance two months from now?

If you can’t answer ALL of these questions within a couple of minutes and without having to ask your accountant, then you may need to improve your financial management?

What about your marketing and sales numbers?

  1. How many leads did you get in 2016?
  2. What was your lead conversion rate?
  3. How many people visited your website last month and how did that compare with this time last year?
  4. What is your average unit of sale?
  5. What is your email marketing open rate?
  6. How many LinkedIn contacts do you have?

Not happy with your leads?  Call us on 01256 345 556.

LinkedIn training

Watch Steve Mills – The Prudent Marketer live on Business Connections Live TV.

On this programme Steve discusses what is new on LinkedIn in 2017.

Get the latest LinkedIn training by clicking on the vide below, or go to our events page and find out when our next LinkedIn Training workshop is.

Business Cards by Solway Printers






Tim Solway of Solways Printers

Just got our fantastic new business cards from Solways Printers.

Watch this great video –

Jim Rohn – Use your own mind

Jim Rohn once said “To be successful you need to work harder on yourself, then you do on your job”.

“If you could do better, should you”?

Infusionsoft training Hampshire


Internet marketing training

Have you heard about Infusionsoft?

Wondering if it is for your business?

Why not attend our half day workshop to find out if this event is for you?

The truth is that Infusionsoft is not for every business and you need a level of IT knowledge in order to use it.

Your business maybe too big, or you may not be computer savvy enough to use and fully benefit from it.  You may not have the budget, or the time to learn how to use it.

But if you are willing to take a look and see if it is for you, then it will only cost you half a day and £69 and that just might be the best £69 you have spent in 2016.  Because, Infusionsoft is a bit like, employing a full time marketing assistant working in your business 24/7 for less than the cost of a weekend break.  Infusionsoft will help you to automate your businesses marketing and follow up.  It will enable you to increase sales and improve the relationships that you have with your team and customers/clients.

For further details click here

Seven reasons that you need to use video marketing

Internet marketing training

using video to grow your businessFact – Marketing is changing

One such change is the expansion in video marketing.  The use of video is going to grow and grow over the next few years to an extent that websites will look more like movie sites.

Here are our top seven reasons that you MUST learn for to produce your own video:

  1. The cost of doing so can be next to nothing
  2. You can be far more persuasive on video
  3. You can improve your websites CRO (conversion rate optimisation
  4. You can produce blogs quickly and easily
  5. You can add real live video testimonials
  6. You can produce voice to screen video using
  7. You can use YouTube and market your videos on Social Media, email and

To find out how to use video in your businesses marketing click video marketing.

Cut off day

How are your new years resolutions progressing?

You cannot be serious

Unless you watch this video by Jim Rohn.

Jim provides lot’s of outstanding, yet simple ideas that make a big difference.


Business Connections Live TV Christmas show

Business Connections Live TV Christmas show

Steve Mills was again featured on this fantastic show and this is the sixth time he has been on the show.

Cutting Edge Marketing for 2017

Marketing Training


Steve Mills – The Prudent Marketer

You need to understand this cutting edge marketing idea in 2017

This is without a doubt one of the best new marketing ideas that have just become available.

Take a look at how you can use this fantastic new marketing idea on LinkedIn in 2017 and beyond!

Want to know more about LinkedIn, or marketing in 2017?

Checkout or 2017 events programme now!  Click here

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