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Conversion rate optimisation

Conversion rate optimisation

How many people need to visit your website in order to create a lead?  Watch this video for ideas to improve your Conversion Rate Optimisation.

What is your marketing ROI (Return on Investment)?

What is your marketing Return On Investment?  How do you measure it?  What are you doing to improve it?

Website Marketing Advice

Website Marketing Advice

How often should you use email marketing campaigns?

How often should you send out email marketing campaigns?

Using multiple routes to market

referral marketing


Multiple Routes to Market

One of the biggest marketing mistakes that I see in business is not using multiple routes to market. So many businesses get stuck in the “We rely on referrals”, or “BNI is the only marketing we do” mindset!

The truth is that this mindset is simply costing these companies money in lost leads, sales and repeat business.  There are so many different routes to market (or income streams, as I like to call them).  Why would you not use a profitable income stream?  Here are just some of the Multiple Routes to Market for you to think about using:

  • Email marketing
  • Search engine optimisation
  • LinkedIn
  • Networking
  • Telemarketing
  • Advertising
  • PPC advertising
  • Retargeting
  • PR
  • Exhibiting
  • Referrals
  • Events
  • Direct mail
  • Postcards
  • Search engine marketing
  • Video
  • Social media

How many are you using?  On a scale of 1 to 10 how effective are these methods and what do you need to do in order to improve them?

Something to think about?  Take advantage of our many workshops and webinars.  Click here for details

Business Coaching UK

Marketing Advice and tips







Business Coaching UK – 90% of Marketing does not work

I have failed many times in marketing; to be honest I have probably made more mistakes than most.  However, in this process of finding out what does not work, I have also found out what does work – and, believe it or not, in my opinion 90%+ of Marketing undertaken by small businesses does not work.


It is a bit like trying to lose weight.  We give it a go for a month or two and because we don’t get results straight away we give up.  I often hear small business owners making sweeping statements like:

  • Email marketing does not work in our industry
  • Our website is a brochure site
  • PPC advertising is a waste of money
  • Facebook is not for business
  • I don’t win leads on LinkedIn.  I just use it to connect with people
  • etc, etc

The truth is that all these things work some of the time, but most small business owners try to implement these strategies without any training, or understanding of these modern marketing methods.

To clarify

It is not that the above marketing does not work; rather, it is that it was done in a way that did not work.

Here is the truth

“It is not that you are doing the wrong marketing.  It is that you are doing the right marketing, in the wrong way.”

Steve Mills

So, the keys to your successful marketing are:

  1. Keep going.  Be consistent and don’t give in too early.
  2. Change your approach.  If your marketing is not producing the results you want then something is wrong.  Test different headlines, copy, offers, target market, use of video, pictures, etc.
  3. Measure what is working and what is not.
  4. Marketing in 2015 is not as simple as it once was.  Any fool can place an advert in the Yellow Pages, but most people do not understand modern digital methods, so you need to undertake training, or get advice in this.

Need help?  Call The Prudent Marketing Team on 01256 345556.

The biggest lie in Marketing…

Reception 3

The biggest lie in Marketing is – “Our website is just a brochure website”

Well, sometimes it is a lie, whilst others it is simply an excuse.

Let’s be honest here:

1. Your website cost you money and perhaps lots of it

2. You could be winning business from it, but if you are like 95% of businesses, then you don’t

3. You do very little to market your website and you spend even less money to drive traffic to your website

4. Your website has no clear MWA (most wanted action).  In other words, there is nothing to sign up for and no call to action.

If you have one of those nice websites with an attractive rotating picture across the top of the home page, then I guarantee that you are losing money.  Now don’t make the mistake of thinking – I will get a new website designed.  If it is not built properly and with Marketing in mind, then you will just have another website that does not work and I don’t want that for you.  Let’s face it, most websites are a complete waste of money!

In summary

There are two keys to winning business from your website:

1. Traffic

2. Conversion

Want to know more about both?  Click this link Digital Marketing

PR advice for small businesses

Marketing advice for small businesses

Take a look below for some great PR advice for small businesses

PR is often perceived as being too complicated or expensive for small businesses.  However, that is no longer true due to modern technology and the internet.  It is now possible to do all your own PR online from the comfort of your office.  Take a look at just four of the many options that are are currently available for small businesses.


Subscribe to this free recourse to find out what stories the media is working on and where there might be opportunities for you to pitch yourself as an expert.  Click here to sign up.


PRWeb distributes your press release directly to media outlets, journalists and bloggers, enabling them to easily find you on the web and create links back to your website.  Click for details.


Use Cision to find media outlets and contacts that cover topics relevant to your company.  You can find all their basic contact information, including name, email address, phone number, etc.  Take a look by clicking PR Advice


Find out what people are saying about you, your company, industry, or competitors.  It is free and easy to set up.  Take a look at this video.

Video Training Bootcamp

Attend this Video Training Bootcamp, with Business Connections Live, the UK’s leading on-line Business Advice TV Channel.  They are hosting a one day workshop to help small businesses to produce a top quality video.

Watch this video for details of the Video Training Bootcamp…

This workshop has been developed for Entrepreneurs and Businesses who want to tap into the power of using video to Sell, Market and Promote their Business, Services and Products.

This comprehensive studio one day workshop covers all aspects of script development, how to identify key features and sell the benefits along with presentation and delivery. This Powerful One Day Video Production Bootcamp is perfect for Business Owners who feel they would like to develop their presentation techniques or raise their personal online profile without the need to worry about any of the video technology.

At the end of The Powerful One Day Video Production Bootcamp you will have a fully produced 2-3min video with graphics and music ready for your website, social media marketing and events.

Also an “About You” video that you can use for social media marketing or on your website.

On The Day You Will Learn

  1. Script Writing
  2. How to Identify Features and Benefits
  3. What’s in it for the viewer?
  4. Presentation Techniques
  5. Legal provisos – What you can and can’t say
  6. AutoCue training and a lot more…

What You Will Achieve

  1. At the end of The Powerful One Day Video Production Bootcamp you will have a fully produced 2-3min video with graphics and music ready for your website, social media marketing and events.
  2. Also an “About You” video that you can use for social media marketing or on your website.
  3. A feeling of achievement
Course Instructors
The Business Connections Live Team along with Steve Hyland, who has thousands of hours of Television and Radio experience and expertise, will share all the powerful production techniques to make your day on our Powerful One Day Sales Video Workshop a day to remember!

Here is the link to book your place.

Here are my thoughts on Business Connections Live and on video Marketing…

Here is the link to book your place.

Free Marketing Webinar

Marketing webinar

Book your place on the 5 C’s of Successful Marketing Webinar

On Thursday 17th September we are holding a free Webinar training session called ‘The 5 C’s’ of Successful Marketing.  The webinar is going to cover what I believe are the keys to sales and marketing success, including:

  1. Growing your contact lists both on and offline and using social media
  2. Getting your name out there and becoming a ‘key business of influence’
  3. Keeping in tough with your list
  4. How to get help your clients more and get rewarded for doing so
  5. How to keep people coming back again and again.

The 5 ‘C’s of Successful Marketing Webinar is going to be a launch pad for your business and if you follow through and take the required actions, then it is going to make a BIG difference to your bottom line!

There are only 100 places and the Successful Marketing Webinar will be full, so please book your seat early.

The details are as follows:

Date – Thursday 17th September 2015

Time – 12.30pm to 1.30pm

To book – Click this link

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