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Marketing your business on LinkedIn

LinkedIn ManagementHow many people have you called this month who are connected to you on LinkedIn?

Just posting information out is simply not enough!  The secret to LinkedIn, is the same as the secret to any networking and that starts with showing up on a regular basis (posting out of indeas, information and questions) and then picking up the phone, or sending out emails in order to meet, or to find out if it is worth meeting.

The truth is that the quality of your contacts and your relationship that you have with those contacts on LinkedIn is more important than the number of contacts, that you have got.

So, start working on the quality of those relationships.  Why don’t you try:

  1. Calling 10 of them per day
  2. E-mailing them once per month through LinkedIn (not a mass e-mail, but rather a personal one)
  3. Adding them to an external emails system like
  4. Invite then to your event, or an event that you are attending
  5. Find some other way of getting in front of them.

I hope this tip starts to win you business on LinkedIn and if not take a look at this, or call me on 01256 345 556.

Basingstoke LinkedIn Training

LinkedIn: One of the Best Social Media Campaigns

In any business, it is important to be well connected with other businesses whether in the same niche or another through one of the best social media campaigns which is LinkedIn. We all know that LinkedIn is a popular tool that businesses use. Not only is it a social network for professionals, more importantly, it is a place where businesses can generate more leads.

Apparently, LinkedIn is used by many professionals and many find it to be user friendly and very easy to navigate. Whether you are an entrepreneur or someone looking for employment, if you haven’t tried LinkedIn yet, you are definitely missing out.

Generating Leads Using the Best Social Media Campaign in Basingstoke

One of the reasons why LinkedIn is convenient for businesses is because it is extremely conducive for lead generation. You can do this after you create your LinkedIn profile. Creating your profile should be easy as you only need to follow the instructions and fill in the necessary details.

What’s great about LinkedIn is you can brag about your accomplishments without being awkward about it. Besides, having a list of your accomplishments on LinkedIn will make your profile more interesting to others. These accomplishments are also a way for you to build credibility such that when others visit your profile and see how much you’ve accomplished, they will get the feeling that your business is credible.

Filling in as many details as you can on your LinkedIn profile will let other people know you and your business better. It is a way for you to look and feel knowledgeable in your niche, so that in the future, when others will look for your services, they will remember you.

Realising the Full Potential of LinkedIn as one the Best Social Media Campaigns for your Business

When in LinkedIn, it is best to immerse yourself with other professionals. There are discussions that you can join where it is also important that you show your knowledge about your business. If you do not want to join discussions, you will still take away important information that other business people will freely give on different discussions or blogs.

Basically, when you are in LinkedIn, it would be the best place to increase your exposure. Whether you are talking to other business people or clients, LinkedIn is a great place to be. It’s no wonder that it is one of the best social media campaigns in Berkshire and if you want to learn more, the Prudent Marketer is an expert in LinkedIn as well!


4 LinkedIn Mistakes

cropped-TPM-Logo-11.pngEvery day there more people use LinkedIn as a Marketing tool for creating relationships, boosting your reputation, and generating more leads. But most people are not using it properly.

If you aren’t creating leads on LinkedIn, consider asking yourself if you are making the following mistakes.

1) Not keeping in touch on a daily basis

You need to communicate with your contacts on a daily basis using your home page.  You then need to use this to direct traffic to your website.

2) Sending a group message that has no clear benefit to the people in the group.

Lots of people think it’s okay to send out industry-specific information to people who don’t belong to that industry.

A better way to share that information would be to publish a LinkedIn blog post about it. That way, your network gets notified of the information and it has a possibility of getting featured in Pulse. Save a group message for information that can be beneficial to that specific segment and is helpful.

3) Endorsing your new connection’s skills if you haven’t seen them use that skill firsthand.

Some people may think that this is a nice way to show your appreciation of the new connection request, trying to be complimentary, but endorsing someone too early is likely to backfire on you. How can you endorse someone for something that you haven’t experienced?  In doing this, it shows a lack of integrity.

Keep endorsements only to that which you have experienced firsthand.

4) Creating a self-promotional post without any helpful information.

LinkedIn blog posts are there to showcase and share your expertise, and give back to the LinkedIn community.  Just putting a catchy title up and then having your network see that it is nothing more than a link to your event is bad, as it seems a bit self-centered and overly promotional.

Social Media Training – Socialonomics video


New LinkedIn Marketing Tool


LinkedIn Training Wallingford

Want to know more about Linked in?

Our speaker this month at the Wallingford BizLite is Steve Mills of the Linked in Academy.

This Friday, the 16th of May, is the day for our Wallingford 10 to 12 BizLite group which takes place at the Wedding House and is hosted this month by Issy Wiggins-Turner a Co founder of the 10-12 Business Club.10-12 BizClub Lite Wallingford is held the 3rd Friday every other month and is open to male and female,non members and members. A lighter version of the 10-12 Business Club without the structured networking and an ideal way to test the water of business networking.  If you are a new start in business or an established business that has never networked then consider the 10-12 Biz Club Lite for your first networking experience.

The 10-12 Business Club has 6 opportunities for you to network each month in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. We do hope to see you at one of these events soon.

Make sure you let us know if you are coming so that we can confirm numbers with the venue. To do this just visit the 10-12 Business Club website and select the meeting you wish to attend then book online.

Internet Marketing Training Dubai Masterclass

If you are in Dubai, I thought I would be the first to let you know that on 27th and 28th May 2014, I am in Dubai.  During this time I will be delivering a two day Workshop on Digital/Internet Marketing, with the aim of reviewing and improving the website and on-line lead generation of each and every delegate, who attends.

Prior to the event, I will produce a 30-45 page, in-depth Website Review Report, on each delegate’s website. In addition, we will have the opportunity to discuss these reports, during the Workshop.

If you decide to attend, I will also explain:

  1. How to ensure that your website gets a lot more traffic;
  2. How to enable your website to convert more current visitors into leads and sales;
  3. Why you are not getting found on Google.

The Workshop is for people who want to grow their business, using on-line marketing, and who are committed and prepared to ‘take action’!

For further details about the event, please go to –

Better Retailing Magazine

Marketing Advice for the retail sectorLook out for me in the next edition of Better Retailing Magazine.  I wrote an article call Localised Marketing the Best Resource for the Retail Sector.

Moving the free line

Steve Mills - Marketing adviceWhen it comes to marketing everyone knows that the word ‘free’ is the most powerful word in marketing.  So, the question is – what can you do for free?  For most businesses they offer:

  • A free session
  • A free hour
  • A free sample

But the truth is that it is no good doing the same as everyone else.  Because if you do, you will get the same results as everyone else and most businesses are struggling to survive!

So, the real question is – what can you offer for free that is different from everyone else?  In other words, how can you move ‘the free line’?  Well you could give a:

  • Free e-book
  • Free report
  • Free seminar
  • Free webinar
  • Free CD, or DVD
  • Free day
  • Free weekend
  • Free test drive
  • Free…

Look at it this way – Imagine you offered something free on your website and because you marketed it effectively on social media, email marketing and SEO, 100 people download it every month.  As you are great at sales and marketing you follow all 100 people up within 24 hours and you convert 50% of those into an initial meeting.  You then convert 50% of those meetings into sales.  This would result in 25 new sales per month.

I personally use this strategy on my website.  I have a book called ‘The 10 Biggest Lead Generation Mistakes’ on there and between 5 and 20 people download it every day.

What is your story?  How could you move your free line by offering something for free in order to get more people on to your sales pipeline?

Marketing training for small businesses

Small Businesses Urged To Market Without Money in 2014

The UK’s small businesses are being urged to learn how to market without money in 2014 and make greater use of the Internet to generate new client wins.

The Prudent Marketer Steve Mills has launched a brand new seminar for small business owners and marketers which tackles the growing problem of smaller budgets coupled with larger expectations. A respected author and corporate speaker, Mills is one of the country’s foremost experts on small business marketing and recognises the unique challenges that 2014 poses.

He said, “Although the business headlines may trumpet a burgeoning economy and thriving growth figures, the reality for many SMEs is that 2014 is likely to be even tougher than last year as the ripple effect of a difficult 2013 continues to be felt. I expect that many marketing budgets will contract even further because the revenue just wasn’t there consistently enough last year to finance advertising and marketing campaigns for the coming months. This of course makes for a very difficult landscape for those intent on consolidation and growth, unless marketers and owner managers are able to identify effective methods of using the internet and similar resources to generate sales enquiries and new business wins.”

In order to help those facing an uphill battle with marketing budgets, Mills has announced a brand new three hour seminar entitled ‘Marketing and Business Growth’. Run by The Prudent Marketing Academy, the seminar is packed full of tips on how to win business online in 2014. The three hour intensive session is informative, educational and applicable and promises to arm small business owners with the tools needed to move forwards this year without a bottomless marketing budget.

Presented by Steve Mills, who is the founder of The Prudent Marketing Academy and The LinkedIn Academy, the Marketing and Business Growth training seminar will cover a range of topics;

  • What is Prudent Marketing and how you can use it
  • A strategy for creating multiple streams of on-line and offline income
  • How to grow your business for free, using the internet
  • Winning business from LinkedIn
  • How to dominate the first page of Google for no cost
  • How to double your websites traffic without a budget
  • How to use marketing without money and what this could mean for your business
  • Getting the most out of your current clients
  • How to double the size of your database within 12 months
  • Why blogging is a MUST and not a should
  • The ten biggest mistakes most small businesses make
  • How to turn more leads into sales, or appointments on the phone
  • How to get Government funding to grow your business
  • The Marketing Hub

The sessions will take place throughout January and around the UK. Each session starts at 10am with attendance limited to just 40 people per event. Dates and locations include:

Tuesday 21st January 2014 – Kingsclere, Nr Basingstoke

Wednesday 22nd January 2014 – Southampton

Thursday 23rd January 2014 – Oxford

Thursday 30th January 2014 – Swindon

To find out more and to register visit


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