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Simon Sinek on Success – How, what and most importantly WHY!

Watch this great video on leadership and success.

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Marketing Development | Grow yourself and your business

Steve Mills - Business Mentoring ‘The knowledge which got you where you are may not get you to where you want to go’.

What do I mean?  Very simply, if you want to improve your business, your sales, your marketing and your income you have to learn more.

So the question is – how valuable is knowledge?  Well I am sorry to have to tell you that learning alone is a total waste of time.

What do I mean?  I mean that learning without action is a total waste of time, money and effort.  It is the application of learning that makes the difference.  One of the differences between poor people and people who have become wealthy is that often wealthy people take action towards their goals on an ongoing basis.

Does this mean that it’s not worth learning?  No, it means that you need to use what you learned to improve your business.  Ask yourself the following:

  • What was the last business book you read?
  • How many business books do you read per year?
  • How many sales courses have you attended?
  • What is your knowledge of blogging and on-line network marketing?
  • Which successful businesses, or business people have you studied?

Mmmm!  Something to think about!

“Knowledge is not the secret of success.  Most people know what to do, but they don’t do what they know!” 

Anthony Robbins

“Success comes down to taking the necessary action”.

Donald Trump

The question to ask yourself in order to help you to grow your business is a very simple one.  How can you make yourself better….?

Steve Mills

0118 930 5700

LinkedIn Marketing Webinar

Our new LinkedIn Webinar Programme starts on 10th January 2013.  So, if you want to learn how to use LinkedIn over an 8 week period, over the web, then take a look at this LinkedIn Webinar.

Each webinar last for only 30mins, so you can learn from your office, then implement the ideas, then get ready for next week.  Each week is videoed, so you never miss a thing.

Marketing Advice Website

Just launched our new website.  Any constructive feedback is very welcome.

Poor people have big TV’s and rich people have big libraries

How true!  I had never thought of it, but it is true.  Most of the people that I meet in business who have no money and are struggling to keep going never read books on business, or marketing.  Most of them have never been on a sales training course in their lives and yet they think that they can sell.

Mmmm!  Something to think about!

YouTube Marketing Training


This Thursday 13th December I’ll be hosting a free training with Glenn Bridges on raising your profile, driving traffic, generating leads and getting more clients using video and YouTube.

Glenn’s run this webinar to thousands of people this year and the feedback has been terrific!

Here’s where you need to go and register and find out what all the fuss is about:

Register here.

On this 90-minute training we’ll be addressing all the biggest issues when it comes to video and YouTube for driving massive amounts of traffic and ensuring every video you create is a “customer getting” marketing machine.

So, if you’re serious about building your business and having a fantastic 2013 or just want to gain massive exposure in your industry and sell more of your products and services, click the link below secure your place immediately.

Register here.

On this live webinar training, you’ll discover:

=> How to sell more of your stuff using YouTube and video even if your worried what you sell isn’t “video friendly” (or you don’t want to appear on camera yourself)

=> The 3 C’s of Video Marketing that have been responsible for Glenn’s “side business” getting over 28 Million views in YouTube and building a raving fan base of over 100,000 people…

=> How to make professional looking videos with a lot less time and effort than you would have ever thought. (You won’t need any fancy equipment or Spielberg as your second name!)

And a WHOLE lot more…

Register here.


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