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Internet Marketing Training

I am just about to launch a new programme that includes:

  • A brand new website based on the Steve Mills Marketing website (but in your corporate colours and with your logo)
  • The website will be 100% Google compliant
  • An internal SEO pack you yo to use to market your new website
  • A series of videos for your website and a video uploaded on to the home page of your new website
  • Your own channel on YouTube
  • An understanding of YouTube marketing and how to get your videos on to the first page on Google
  • Links from your website to your your social media sites
  • Conducted a key word review and you will have key words for you to focus upon
  • A lead capture devices set up on your website
  • An e-mail marketing system with full tracking and lead acquisition capabilities
  • An Internet Marketing plan
  • Training in both on-page and off-page SEO
  • A proven system that works
  • A website that generates no cost leads for your business on a daily basis


Business Advice for small business – The 7 fundamentals for wealth


1. Have a consistent plan for setting, re-arranging and strengthening the purpose of your goals

2. Having a management plan for your current recources

3. Having a detailed plan for the use of work time

4.Having a consistent plan for gathering knowledge

5. Having an association of people with common interests.  Getting round the right people!

6. Having a plan for the development of all your personal skills

7. Having a consistent plan for figuring out ways of improving everything.

It is incredible how often the word consistent appears.  Consistency is KING!


How has marketing changed and what is new?

Boy that is a big one…

Marketing is changing 24/7.  There has never in all my 30 years of involvement in marketing been so many changes.

This is particularly so with online marketing.  Social Media is a massive shift in the way we communicate.  YouTube is set to change the internet.  I read recently that Cisco state that be 2016 over 90% of internet traffic will be video based.

LinkedIn is emerging as an incredible tool in the B2B market.

In a nut shell – The new norm is constant change and as a business owner in my opinion you only have three choices:

1. You learn what to do by keeping yourself up to date

2. You find someone else who knows what to do (beware of this one).  Hiring someone to do something when you don’t understand what they are doing is often dangerous

3. Die – Sorry to sound harsh, but if you don’t keep up to date, then your business may die.

What is the best way of marketing a business?

The number one strategy on planet earth is in my opinion ‘Referral Marketing’.  That does not mean sitting back and ‘hoping’ someone is going to recommend you.

Rather, it means implementing a specific Referral Marketing Plan based on a minimum of five income streams to grow your business.

How can I create more leads with a minimal marketing budget?

My number one piece of advice would have to be to go back to your current and past clients/customers and ensure that they were fully aware of what you do and then implement a system of educating them and winning referrals from them.

A client of mine did this. He called 10 clients the first day he worked with me and got 6 red hot leads and four orders totalling £5,600.

Internet Marketing

I recently ran another Internet Marketing workshop for small businesses.  Thanks to everyone for the very kind feedback.

Business growth training berkshire

Internet Marketing Conference

On 31st October I am running a workshop with the sole aim of helping small business owners to understand and use the internet to grow their business.

During the workshop I will cover:

  1. Search engine optimisation
  2. Social Media
  3. Websites
  4. Blogging
  5. Email marketing
  6. LinkedIn
  7. Key word research
  8. Integration
  9. Article marketing
  10. The power of video marketing

Marketing Advice | My message is simple…

Steve Mills with the Olympic Torch

The Olympic torch is a symbol of being outstanding.  My message to business owners in 2012 is very simple:

“If you are going to be successful, you are going to need to be outstanding at marketing and selling your products and services”.

Steve Mills – The Prudent Marketer

Marketing Advice UK | Infusionsoft Conference

I am at an Infusionsoft conference at Heathrow. If you are serious about online marketing you might want to take a look at –

Steve Mills speaking in Dubai

Marketing ConsultantIt is great to be running my Marketing without Money training in Dubai.   I am really looking forward to this great event!

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