Active Campaigns

How to automate your sales and marketing to save time, increase response and get better results

Our new software will enable you to:

  1. Automate your marketing and so save time
  2. Improve the marketing results that you achieve
  3. Enable you to become better at keeping in touch with your clients and so improve client retention
  4. Provide you will an analysis of your results
  5. Improve your lead generation
  6. Increase your profit.

Watch Steve’s video demo explaining why we use this system and why you should too.  Then if you want to know more give us a call.  Pricing starts from $9 per month.

Or, watch this video from Active Campaign…

Watch this short demo:

Below are the features:

One-time Emails

Send a broadcast message to lists of contacts or a targeted campaign to very specific segments.


Send messages the instant someone joins your list. Perfect for welcome campaigns, keeping in touch with clients and prospects.

Date Based

Send campaigns to contacts at different times based on date fields.

Drip Campaigns

Create a series of messages for new contacts. Perfect for new customer onboarding or educational series.

Automated Workflows

Create sophisticated follow up by combining triggers, actions, and logic to create complex workflows.


Send campaigns at a specific date and time. Perfect for sales, events, and holiday greetings.

To set up a demo, please call us on 01256 242 272.

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