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Tony Robbins Money Mastery

How to make money every year and stop trading time for money!

This video lasts 45mins, but it is well worth watching!

How to improve your conversion rates…

How to improve your conversion rates

What are your conversion rates and how could they be improved?

Are you using the three ways of growing your business effectively?

Testimonial from BPMS

Thanks Neil for your really kind comments:

“have had the pleasure of working with Steve at The Prudent Marketer and have been enormously impressed with his knowledge and attention to detail. His considerable skills have allowed my business to take full advantage of the most up to date marketing techniques and in a short time he has completely and positively altered my perception of how to best communicate with my existing Clients and target market. I would have no hesitation in recommending Steve Mills to those wanting to significantly move their businesses forward”.

Neil Hagerty – BPMS Limited

The six step of business success

Are you maximising these six steps?

Steve Mills - Berkshire based Internet marketer

  1. Know specifically what you want to do
  2. Know specifically who your target market is
  3. Know specifically how to get in front of your target market
  4. Set your objectives
  5. Learn and apply what you have learned
  6. Ask your clients – what more can we do?

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