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Video Marketing – Explainer videos explained

Video Marketing - You TubeA short video can be a great way to explain your business online.  Video Marketing can help increase your Website conversion rates and reduce your cost of acquisition. They can encourage referrals, improve your Search Engine Optimisation and if you get it right, they can go viral.

Video is easy for your prospects to understand and show cases your brand’s personality. Video Marketing can be just what someone needs to understand how your service or product could help them.

Here is a video we produced for Crunchers Accountants.

Crunchers position themselves as Alternative Accountants because they are different to traditional accountants. They work to keep costs low and look to do more for clients than accounts and tax returns.

Trust me I know because they are my accountants – not only do they take care of the accounts we’re working on business planning and budgets – all in the Cloud.   

A video like this can take a few weeks to produce because you need a strong concept, script and story board.  We can offer a fixed price or a rental agreement, if you want to avoid an upfront cost. This can enable you to test different concepts.

Feel free to call or email me if you’d like to discuss using videos – and give Bob a call at Crunchers if you’d like to explore a fresh approach to accounting.

Free Marketing Webinar

Marketing webinar

Book your place on the 5 C’s of Successful Marketing Webinar

On Thursday 17th September we are holding a free Webinar training session called ‘The 5 C’s’ of Successful Marketing.  The webinar is going to cover what I believe are the keys to sales and marketing success, including:

  1. Growing your contact lists both on and offline and using social media
  2. Getting your name out there and becoming a ‘key business of influence’
  3. Keeping in tough with your list
  4. How to get help your clients more and get rewarded for doing so
  5. How to keep people coming back again and again.

The 5 ‘C’s of Successful Marketing Webinar is going to be a launch pad for your business and if you follow through and take the required actions, then it is going to make a BIG difference to your bottom line!

There are only 100 places and the Successful Marketing Webinar will be full, so please book your seat early.

The details are as follows:

Date – Thursday 17th September 2015

Time – 12.30pm to 1.30pm

To book – Click this link

Business Advice – You have read before

Business advice ukI am sure you have heard this Business Advice many times…

Sometimes, in fact often the best business advice is the obvious business advice.  It is often common sense, but more often, not common practice

•    80% of profit comes from 20% of your customers, 
•    80% of the sales comes from 20% of your products, 
•    80% of results comes from 20% of your effort

Question – When was the last time you looked at how you spend your day?  Are you spending 80% of your time doing the 20% of things that will make the biggest difference in your business?

It’s much smarter to identify the things that give you the biggest impact and then focus your time, money and effort on those things, rather than trying to hammer away at everything you need to do.  The simple fact is that you can’t do everything and, if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll get the results you’ve always got and you’ll never get the rewards that you could.  The key is to MAXIMISE the return on investment that you get from each and every minute you take and every £1 you spend.

What have you spent your time on over the past few days?

Why not start keeping a log of what you do, every 10 minutes, today?  Have you ever said “I just don’t know where all the time goes”.  Don’t you think that it is about time that you did start to know when the time goes?

Once you realise that 80% of your results come from 20% of your actions, all you have to do is to start doing more of what works!  In other words, the key 20% of activities that really drive your business forward.  I’m not saying it’s easy – nothing worthwhile ever is – but it could really make a difference to your business and in fact every aspect of your life.

So take action and consider your own time allocation…

Identify your top 20% and then allocate more time to those activities.

Don’t leave Referral Marketing to chance

Marketing advice for small businessesOne of the biggest mistakes made by most business is leaving referrals to chance.  In other words, not having a referral marketing system and instead relying on the fact that you ‘do a good job’ to encourage people to refer you to others.  And some people will do just that out of the goodness of their own heart.  Others however, will think you always look busy and probably don’t need any more business.  Whilst others may just not take the time to think about who to refer you to, because they are so busy.

My point is that “if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”.  Or, more accurately, you never MAXimise your referral possibilities.  So you must plan.

Let’s have a look at the numbers!  Suppose you have 100 clients and your plan is to ask each of them once per year for a referral.  Let’s say that as a result you get 100 referrals (note – some clients will not give you any referrals, whilst others will give you 5 or 6).

Then let’s say that because of the quality of referrals in terms of leads you convert 50% of these into sales.  What has just happened?  You have just grown your business by 50%, with no marketing risk whatsoever.

So how can you MAXimise this?  Well let’s get a little adventurous and say that we are going to ask for referrals twice per year, or even four times per year.  I am sure you get the picture.

Then when you have thought about your current clients the next question to think about is who else will give you referrals?

This list could include:

  1. Prospects you did not sell to
  2. Sports club members
  3. Networking contacts
  4. Your family
  5. Your friends
  6. Club members
  7. Your suppliers (especially those who benefit if you sell more)
  8. Your bank manager
  9. Your accountant
  10. Your solicitor
  11. Your PR or press contacts
  12. Your marketing advisors, designers
  13. Business organisations
  14. Trade associations
  15. Companies selling similar non competitive products into a similar market as yours
  16. Your printers
  17. The list goes on and on.

So, what are you going to do about Referral Marketing? 

How many times are you going to ask for a referral?  What are you going to say?  Who is the best person to ask?  How are you going to train them?  What is success?  In other words, what would a good target of success be for this Referral Marketing plan?  Could you set a target to win 10 referrals per month and to close 50% of those?

If you need help with referral Marketing, simply call The Prudent Marketing Company on 01256 345 556.

A shameless bribe…

Prudent Marketing companyWho Do You Know that we can help?

Who do you know who need to create and convert more leads into sales?

I’m asking because an increasingly high percentage of our new customers are coming through referral.

So here’s my shameless bribe.

Tell your friends about us, and if they become customers of ours, on your recommendation, then I’ll send you a free copy of my ‘Grow your Business with Referral Programme worth £297.00 + VAT, to say thank you. 

Not only that, but you may be aware of the fact that we support B1G1 and through this charity we will also pay for the education of a child in Africa for one month. 

The new customer offer is our most generous ever, even if I do say so myself.  A recommendation from a friend is the most powerful form of marketing in the world.  Nothing I can say, no offer I can give, will be as compelling as a few words from you.  Especially if they say something nice about us.

So the ball’s in your court.

And I sincerely hope that within a week or so I’m able to mail a copy of my Grow your Business with Referral Programme out to you, by way of saying “thank you” for recommending us to a friend.


Steve Mills – The Prudent Marketer

Marketing your business on LinkedIn

LinkedIn ManagementHow many people have you called this month who are connected to you on LinkedIn?

Just posting information out is simply not enough!  The secret to LinkedIn, is the same as the secret to any networking and that starts with showing up on a regular basis (posting out of indeas, information and questions) and then picking up the phone, or sending out emails in order to meet, or to find out if it is worth meeting.

The truth is that the quality of your contacts and your relationship that you have with those contacts on LinkedIn is more important than the number of contacts, that you have got.

So, start working on the quality of those relationships.  Why don’t you try:

  1. Calling 10 of them per day
  2. E-mailing them once per month through LinkedIn (not a mass e-mail, but rather a personal one)
  3. Adding them to an external emails system like
  4. Invite then to your event, or an event that you are attending
  5. Find some other way of getting in front of them.

I hope this tip starts to win you business on LinkedIn and if not take a look at this, or call me on 01256 345 556.

Marketing Training Singapore

Marketing Advice and tipsWe are pleased to announce that Steve Mills ‘The Prudent Marketer’ has just confirmed a booking for two days Marketing Training in Singapore.

Steve travels to Singapore on 22nd November and will be training people and businesses in ‘Prudent Marketing’ on 23rd and 24th November 2015.

Steve said “It is great to be asked to do this type of work, and getting International recognition can only boost our business and the perception of Prudent Marketing.  It certainly beats Basingstoke, or as we like to call it Amaizingstoke”.

Marketing Advice – Know your numbers…

Marketing AdviceThere are three key departments in every business and they are:

1. Operations  = Doing the work

2. Finance = Managing the money

2. Marketing = Selling the stuff

Most of the businesses I meet are generally good at doing the work.  However, they know little about financial aspects of their business, and so many go bust due to poor financial planning and management and they know even less about Marketing.

One of the biggest mistakes I see is a total lack of measurement of Sales and Marketing.

“You cannot manage what you do not measure”

How much does it cost you to win a customer?  How much is the life time value of each customer?  Unless you start to measure your marketing, how do you know if any changes you make, are making a difference?

Here are my top 10 things you MUST start to measure in your business:

  1. Number of sales
  2. Total sales
  3. Average unit of sale
  4. Number of meetings
  5. Meeting conversion rate
  6. Number of enquiries
  7. Where enquiries came from
  8. Number of people visiting website
  9. e-mail open and click through rate
  10. Number of referrals asked for and secured

Need help and advice?  Call us on 01256 345 556.

Today I was asked a very powerful question…

Marketing Advice and tipsToday I was asked a very powerful question….

What is the most important thing you need to do in your business for it to grow?

Wow!  That made me think!

My answer was – to focus every day on keeping and creating customers! 

What have you done today, this week, this month, to create and keep customers?  Is anything more important?

What I learned from Ivan Lendl?

What I learned from Ivan Lendl………………And other sports stars 

I was once fortunate enough to meet my sporting hero Ivan Llendl.  Ivan and I were born on the same day (he is still a very young man!).

When we met, I asked him a very powerful question.  I said “How did you get to be so good?  How did you become the world No.1 and stay there for over 250 weeks?

Ivan looked at me and said “Every day since I was 8 years old, I have done far more than anyone else could possibly imagine”.

My message to you is simple. If you want to create more leads – you have to focus on this – answer this question

“What would happen to your business if, every day you could focus far more on creating and converting more leads, than your competitors do”?

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