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Marketing Advice for small businesses

Steve-MillsNot yet tried our Raise your Game Programme?  You have nothing to lose.  Give it a try and if you like it great and if you don’t just call and cancel.  Remember that the first two months are free and when you want to cancel, you can just drop us an email.

To sign up simply call us on 01256 345 556, or email and we will pop the first two months in the post to you.

So, here is the deal

I want you to try it at my expence.  Just call us on 01256 345 556 saying YES, I would like to give it a go and I will post you the first two months CD’s free.

You can listen in the car, or out jogging/walking, so it does not take up any of your extra time and it really is full of geat ideas.

The first two months cover:

  • Quantification
  • Assessing your Marketing
  • Creating additional income streams
  • Testing
  • Windows of opportunity
  • Pricing strategy
  • Added value
  • What are your aims and goals for your business
  • Using email marketing
  • The power of highly effective Networking
  • Criteria elicitation (it is worth it just for this!)

Here is how it works:

  1. You call us now on 01256 345 556
  2. We send you two months for free
  3. We take your credit card details and if you like the programme we will take a monthly payment of £17.50 + VAT
  4. We will do this every month until you say stop sending the programme
  5. If you don’t like the programme, simply call us and ask to stop and you can keep the CD’s and owe us nothing.
  6. We will thank you for trying it and wish you every success.

Does that sound like a fair deal?  

We think so!  The only thing I ask in return is that you promise to listen to the CD’s.  Sending them out for you to try costs us money and we do so with the utmost intergity.

Any questions, please feel free to ask.

01256 345 556

Raise your Game - Free

The day I nearly beat Stellan Bengtson – World Champion

I played Stellan in the German Bundesliga in 1985 losing two games to one and only 21-19 in the third.  I also once beat Des Douglas 21-3.

PR Article – 20 years in business

The Prudent Marketing Company are…

Celebrating 20 years of successfully helping small businesses grow.

Relatively new to Basingstoke, Steve Mills owner of The Prudent Marketing Company – is celebrating 20 years of successful business.  His company provides training and consultancy in addition to mentoring business owners on Prudent Marketing methods.

Steve is a former international sportsman and he understands the value of having a good coach. When Steve went into business for himself, he applied many of the principles he learned as a sportsman, including a continual and never ending growth, to be the best he could be. He now inspires his clients with the same ethos. “There is a great opportunity for SME’s to embrace the internet – but they need to understand and put into action internet marketing tactics in order to increase leads, conversions and business growth”

Approved Enterprise Nation Business Growth Voucher advisors, The Prudent Marketing Company, moved into Worting House from their original Bracknell offices earlier this year, and are focusing on using all their expertise and knowledge on helping local businesses get a tangible return on investment and achieving greater sales from their marketing effort.

“We understand the many reasons that small businesses cease trading and unfortunately it generally comes down to a lack of sales!   So, we help clients make marketing work for their business in a practical and prudent way; we help them identify sales opportunities, increase profit, have a better understanding of how to take products to market and how to sell, as well as coaching them through the marketing maze of internet and social media.  We really care about people, and want to make a difference by sharing with others what we do best”. 

The Prudent Marketing Company is not a marketing agency, they provide a huge range of free advice, as well as regular low cost monthly options for in house or web based training across a myriad of subjects such as PPC, Social Media, Sales, Event or Bid Management.  Their Marketing Services covers much more and is again, targeted and priced for SME budgets.  “We have helped a broad range of businesses raise millions pounds worth of addition income – some have said that we have ’saved’ their business from going under with the advice that we have given.” Jayne Mills, Operations Director

The Prudent Marketing team deliver this through three engagement models: 

  • Train you – training, mentoring, advice and guidance
  • With you – direction, support, tools, systems and a little hands on help
  • For you – complete marketing services from a team of experienced marketers.

As for success, The Prudent Marketing Company website shares client feedback and testimonials, such as

“We selected Working House with great ambiance for TPMC team and customers, good/versatile training facilities on site, Basingstoke has great Networking opportunities in with many start-ups and SMEs within a 10 mile radius. We see Basingstoke as a modern and growing business hub”

Steve is a Marketing Consultant, Author, Professional Speaker, he is acknowledged as a leading marketing advisor, as well as a professional sales and marketing speaker. With over 25 years’ experience Steve has built The Prudent Marketing Company into a unique position with the focus on helping other small business owners to experience growth.

He is known as ‘The Prudent Marketer’, and has authored four books on marketing, he is also the founder of ‘The LinkedIn Academy’.

Marketing Advice for small business

Are you serious about growing your business?

Importantly – Are you willing to take the agreed action to do so?

If the answer to these questions is YES, then we should speak. I’ve set aside some time for us to do so, on a one to one basis. During that time, I’ll evaluate your sales and marketing and work with you collaboratively to create an immediately actionable plan to increase your sales and profits.

There is no charge for this and there’s no catch. If you enjoy the conversation and get value from it, we can discuss you being part of my Prudent Marketing Academy, or us working together, for a longer term.  If we decide to work together, then our aim will be to create a 10 to 100 times return on investment for you.

After our meeting, you will have some great ideas to grow your business. Or, perhaps we will start working together to grow your business. Either way, I promise you, there will be no hard selling.

Click this link and enter your details on the form and I will ask Britta (my PA) to set up a convenient time for us to meet.

What have you got to lose? Sign up NOW…

Warm regards,

Steve Mills – The Prudent Marketer

01256 345 556

Spring Marketing Training Programme

Please find below our Spring Training Programme options which you may find of interest, if you are serious about growing your business and…

  • Increasing leads
  • Converting more leads into sales
  • Driving traffic to your website
  • Improving the effectiveness of your current marketing.

For further details click on one of the links below, or call us on 01256 345 556. Alternatively, if you want to try us out, you could attend one of our preview events by simply clicking on the button below:

Forthcoming events


The PPC Revolution

Pay Per Click Advertising is probably the biggest thing to happen to Marketing since the Internet.  The problem is most people find it complicated and so don’t use it and therefore lose money every day in lost leads and sales.

To learn the secret of PPC advertising attend our workshop on 20th May 2015.  For further details click here


How to produce winning tenders 

What success have you had when responding to tenders?  Are you missing out on business because you don’t know where to look?  Do you work through the night when writing proposals and trawling through tender questions? Or do you need to register on preferred supplier’s lists?  Then you need to know how this process works.

To learn the secret of successful tendering and winning bids you need to attend our workshop being held on 11th June 2015.  For further details click here.


Twelve month Sales & Marketing Masterclass

Are you ready to take your business forward?  Are you willing to take action?  

If so, then our 12 month Marketing Masterclass is for you.  In this programme you will learn everything you need to double the size of your business by the end of the 12 months.

For details and further information, please click here.

Share this valuable information and help others on your Social Media sites…

Internet marketing advice Hampshire

On Tuesday 21st April 2015 Google mobile algorithm update was launched. Here are a few things you need to know about the Google update:

  • If your website is not mobile friendly, you may lose search ranking and as a result organic traffic/conversions
  • This update will be larger than two of the previous more well-known updates, Panda and Penguin
  • This update affects your website, landing pages and blog. Note: If you are using HubSpot for your landing pages and/or blog, they are automatically optimised for mobile.

Is your website ready? Sign up for our free mobile assessment to ensure that your website is taking the necessary steps to avoid being penalised in search results!

Need help with your SEO?  Call us on 01256 345 556.

20 years providing marketing advice for small business

We are celebrating 20 Years, serving small businesses on 1st May 2015…

As well as a game of Golf, I thought that the best way of celebrating our anniversary would be to provide the readers of our blog with our top Marketing Tips for each year, that we’ve been in business.’

It is a bit like a Top of the Pops, except it is called ‘Top of the Tips’. Coming in at No.1 (1995), we have:

1995 Top of the Tips: Testing

Test your headlines to improve performance. In 1995, it was all about testing your direct mail headlines. Now it’s more about PPC titles, but this strategy could still create 200% growth.

1996 Top of the Tips: Follow-up

Follow up on each of your mailings. This was as true in 1996 as it is today. Most businesses mail or email without follow up. Follow up can often double conversion rates.

1997 Top of the Tips: The three most important words in marketing

The three most important words in Marketing are test, test and test. Test everything to improve performance. It still is as true today as it has always been.

1998 Top of the Tips: One of anything is dangerous

One of anything is dangerous. Having one big client, one way of Marketing, one product, or one sales person is never a good idea.

I learned this from a client in 1998 when they came to me having just lost 85% of their business by losing their biggest client (Vodafone).

1999 Top of the Tips: Working on your business

An oldie, but a goodie – Work harder on your business than you do in your business. Michael Gerber said, “If you are working in your business doing the work, then who is running the business?”

2000 Top of the Tips: Getting past the 5-year point

We had made it into the new Millennium and past the point where 80% of businesses fail. We got past the 5-year mark. Read the E-Myth by Michael Gerber!

2001 Top of the Tips: Maximisation of your database

At number 1 during this year was maximising the current database of clients and prospects. So many businesses spend most of their time, money and effort trying to sell to people they don’t know when there is a pot of gold, just sitting there waiting to be asked for, which is winning more business from current customers and contacts.

2002 Top of the Tips: Keep on keeping on

My top tip for this years was “Never, ever give in.” Or as my good friend, Peter Thomson, put it “Keep going until they buy or die.”

The truth is most people in business give up far too early. Go and buy a book called “Acres of Diamonds.”

2003 Top of the Tips: A picture paints a thousand words

People love pictures of people. Most of all, they love pictures of attractive people and places – that’s a fact.

My tip for this year was to ‘test’ the use of different pictures on websites, emails, blogs and other materials. After all, a picture paints a thousand words.

2004 Top of the Tips: Websites are a waste of time

Having a website is not going to win you any money. In fact, 99% of small business website’s have won them little or no business, at all.

The key is creating and converting more traffic.

2005 Top of the tips: Your client and prospects are on LinkedIn

So what are you going to do about it? If you are like 95%+ of SME’s, then the answer is nothing, or very little.

The truth is that you could grow your business by at least 25% to 50% by using LinkedIn. The questions are:

  1. Do you know what to do?
  2. Are you taking action?

2006 Top of the Tips: Improvising your online real estate

The most valuable piece of Real Estate you own in your business is the home page of your website. So, you must maximise your Marketing Real Estate.

  • Improve the words
  • Add a video with a good CTA
  • Add or improve the pictures
  • Add a sign-up form
  • Add your phone number
  • Add a great offer
  • Offer something of high value for free.

2007 Top of the Tips: Losing 50% of your website traffic within 8 seconds

About 50% of your website traffic leave your site within 8 seconds of arriving and you need to worry about this and focus on reducing this.

Using videos is a great tool for getting people to listen to what you have to say.

2008 Top of the Tips: “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.”

So, the question is – Do you have a Marketing Plan? 95% of SME’s don’t and those same 95% don’t make the kind of income and profit that they could if they had a Marketing Plan.

2009 Top of the Tips: Get the right people in the right seats on the bus

There is a great book by Jim Collins called “Good to Great.” In this book, Jim talks about the importance of getting the right people, in the right roles in your business.

2010 Top of the Tips: Are you trusting your Sales and Marketing to someone with no training?

Who do I mean? Well if you run a really small business, then the answer is probably you. The other day, I spoke at a large conference and asked the SME’s attending if they where responsible for marketing their business and 97% said ‘Yes!’. I then asked them if they have undertaken any sales training in the past five years and 89% said ‘No!’. The figures for sales training were even worse.

One Sales Director even said, “We employ experienced Sales people, so we don’t need to train them”.

One of my favourite training truisms is the old cliche where the Managing Director say – “What happens if I train my sales and Marketing team and they leave?” The answer came – “What happens if you don’t train them and you stay?”

2011 Top of the Tips: Getting from £40k to £1,000,000, or from £1,000,000 to £100,000,000

Let’s face it, there is no ‘silver bullet’. You are probably not going to win the lottery, so, if you are going to do this through your business, then you must invest time and money in your business, specifically in growing your business.

In other words, in your Sales and Marketing.

2012 Top of the Tips: Measure your results

There is NO excuse in modern Marketing methods and software to not know your key Marketing and sales numbers.

This tip involves the essential business process of measuring your sales and Marketing numbers. What Sales and Marketing numbers are you going to measure going forwards?

2013 Top of the Tips: Using Social Media Effectively

Often, I get asked questions like, “I have used LinkedIn but Facebook is not for business, is it Steve?” And this attitude is restricting the growth of small businesses.

Facebook is an amazing tool for businesses, even if you are a B2B. In fact, I would go as far as to say that Facebook Marketing is probably one of the biggest things to happen to Marketing for the past 10 years.

The problem is that most small business owners don’t understand it at all. They post information of Facebook, which rarely win business.

2014 Top of the Tips: Position yourself and your business as ‘The Key Person, or Business of Influence’

Are you the leader in your field, or standing out in a field?

What are you currently doing to position yourself as a leader in a field, or better still, in your niche?

2015 Top of the Tips: The biggest reason we see for Marketing failure

As we hit our 20th year today and we celebrate, I look back on all of the businesses we have helped and the hundreds that have helped double in size, because of our help.

We also look back on those we have tried to help but have not achieved the level of success they and we would have liked. I have to say that the number one reason by far why marketing fails is:


In other words, action is not taken and the campaign never gets launched, or the business never takes the leap of faith to get to the next level.


Now, it’s time to consider our Top Tips. We look forward to doing this again in another 20 years.

Pause for thought. I wonder how much Marketing will have changed in that time?

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