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Website report

Just how effective is your website?

Marketing is the key to your marketing success and your website is central to that marketing success?  

So, the questions are:

  1. How successful is your website at generating business?
  2. How well does your website perform on Google?
  3. How effective are you at marketing your site on Social Media?
  4. What does your site look like on different platforms?
  5. How does your website look on a mobile?
  6. What do you need to do in order to improve your results?

If you would like answers to these and other important questions about your website, simply fill in the form on the righthand side of the screen and we will send you a free 30+ page website report about your business.

NOTE – The report will take 24 hours to be delivered to you.  We will follow up with you to find out what you thought and to answer any questions that you may have.  To qualify for this free report, you must run a small business employing less than 250 people and be in the UK.

Free website review

4 LinkedIn Mistakes

cropped-TPM-Logo-11.pngEvery day there more people use LinkedIn as a Marketing tool for creating relationships, boosting your reputation, and generating more leads. But most people are not using it properly.

If you aren’t creating leads on LinkedIn, consider asking yourself if you are making the following mistakes.

1) Not keeping in touch on a daily basis

You need to communicate with your contacts on a daily basis using your home page.  You then need to use this to direct traffic to your website.

2) Sending a group message that has no clear benefit to the people in the group.

Lots of people think it’s okay to send out industry-specific information to people who don’t belong to that industry.

A better way to share that information would be to publish a LinkedIn blog post about it. That way, your network gets notified of the information and it has a possibility of getting featured in Pulse. Save a group message for information that can be beneficial to that specific segment and is helpful.

3) Endorsing your new connection’s skills if you haven’t seen them use that skill firsthand.

Some people may think that this is a nice way to show your appreciation of the new connection request, trying to be complimentary, but endorsing someone too early is likely to backfire on you. How can you endorse someone for something that you haven’t experienced?  In doing this, it shows a lack of integrity.

Keep endorsements only to that which you have experienced firsthand.

4) Creating a self-promotional post without any helpful information.

LinkedIn blog posts are there to showcase and share your expertise, and give back to the LinkedIn community.  Just putting a catchy title up and then having your network see that it is nothing more than a link to your event is bad, as it seems a bit self-centered and overly promotional.

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