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Twitter, A Top Social Media Tool for your Berkshire Business

twitterA lot of entrepreneurs now know that Twitter is a great top social media tool for your Berkshire business.  Even though only 140 characters are allowed on a single status update, people will always find ways to shorten their posts. Actually, it is also the 140-character limit that many individuals like–it means they don’t need to write a lot just to update their profiles.

Just like with any other social media sites, Twitter also has private messaging and photo uploading features. These can be used well for business.

Many have already tried and failed at Twitter. They have spent a lot of time tweeting, and some have gained business, while for others, it just didn’t work. However, there are many entrepreneurs who don’t know how to maximise the use of Twitter to gain business.

Twitter as a top social media tool for your Berkshire Business?

Basically, Twitter is a very useful social tool. People from all around the world converge and chat on this micro blogging site. Because of this fact, for businesses, it has become a tool that could easily engage followers and customers.

When your clients ask you a question, you can respond in real time. Just make sure to respond in a timely and professional manner.

Promoting on Twitter

As with any other social media site, you can easily update your status. With Twitter, because of the 140 character limit, updating shouldn’t be that difficult.

You can also post photos of yourself, your office and events. Remember as well that your followers would be able to respond better to real photos and not stock photos. They also want to see a real face behind the brand.

What’s more, it’s important to avoid constantly selling or marketing on your Twitter page. You get followers because these people are mostly interested in quality information about your brand or any knowledge that you can share.

Sure, they would still like to know more about your products that would make them lose weight within 7 days or gain 6 pack abs or win a new iPhone; but if you keep doing this, of course it would get annoying for your followers.

Make sure that you balance your tweets between business, information and a little bit of entertainment. If you get new followers, you can follow back as well because your followers like the feeling of being followed back.

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How Video Marketing Impacts Social Media Marketing for Businesses in Berkshire

using video to grow your businessIn advertising today, more businesses are taking the route of video marketing. This is simply because people nowadays seem to have less and less time in their hands. Before, a person would take the time to sit down and read the newspaper for news and ads that they need. Today, this is no longer the case because of the many other forms of media used for socialising, advertising and keeping up to date with the latest events. Let’s just say that social media, even when just scanning your social network, could take a lot of time and attention.

Businesses are taking advantage of the impact of social media on business in Berkshire in the form of video marketing. It is short and concise and could contain a ton of information.  

How Video Marketing Impacts Social Media Marketing for Businesses

Most people, when reading articles, especially marketing spiels, don’t really read the whole article. What they do is just read the beginning, probably scan the headings and then jump to the end. You may be even guilty of this. The problem is that reading materials tend to be too plain and boring for many people whose attention spans are quite short.

This is often the problem nowadays. While there are few whose attention spans are really short, most people develop a short attention span because of so many distractions all around.

For a business in Berkshire that needs to market their products and services, the marketing advertisement should be short and interesting. This is where video marketing comes in.

YouTube is currently the biggest site for streaming videos. There are millions of videos and millions of users who watch videos every day. Businesses are also seeing a lot of potential in using YouTube as part of their marketing needs.

What people want, is to see a face behind the brand and businesses can do this through the use of video marketing. To have a successful video marketing campaign and to make an impact of social media on business in Berkshire, create a video that does not necessarily sell a product. Instead, come up with something interesting and definitely memorable. 

Remember that people don’t like hard selling and doing this could diminish the value of your video. Therefore, try to be as creative as possible with your videos and make sure that it will gain the interest of those who are watching them.

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