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Get Berkshire Marketing Secrets from the Experts and increase your sales!

Berkshire Marketing Secret #1: Have Courage

It certainly takes a lot of courage to be an entrepreneur, and business owners know what this means. Most people start dreaming about success even while they are still working for another employer. The thought of being your own boss, working at your own convenience and raking up serious dough should be some of the most inviting thoughts about being an entrepreneur.

What successful business folks do not tell us is the fact that they had to go through a number of difficulties, stops and even tears along the way. One thing is for sure and that is to be a good and successful entrepreneur, you need to be fearless and tread where others won’t.

A lot of businesses fail within the first year and many do not attempt to stand back up again. To be better at any business means to face all the harsh realities and the risks associated with it. If you ask any top business person, no one would ever say that the road to the top was easy.

Berkshire Marketing Secret #2: Learn to Smile in the Face of Danger

One of the Berkshire marketing secrets, which is interesting and should I say difficult to develop, is to learn how to smile in the face of danger.

Business people deal with a lot of risks. Even when you have the best mentor in the business, there’s still a lot of uncertainty with every decision to be made. When this happens and you encounter failure, do not be afraid. Just stand back up and take comfort in the knowledge that you have gained something new from your experience. Failure is natural in business so learn to smile and embrace this fear.

Berkshire Marketing Secret #3: Expert Advice is a Must

In business, any kind of help would be beneficial.

Experts in business have wisdom that they got from all their past experiences, which you can learn from. They give quality advice and even Berkshire marketing secrets that could help alleviate your fears and inadequacies in your business. So treat these advices as golden nuggets that you can use to invest in your own business.

Expert business and marketing advice is sound advice and when done right, could spell success in certain areas of your business. So if you are looking for Berkshire marketing secrets to help you through your business, you may want to attend one of The Prudent Marketer’s upcoming seminars / training this November and December!

Creating a Business Opportunity in Berkshire through the Internet

Internet MarketingWhen you want to take your business opportunity in Berkshire further, then perhaps it’s time to extend from your brick and mortar business and promote your business on the internet.

Promoting locally in your community is always a good thing. Perhaps all you need in the offline setup is some creativity when marketing. This can be done through putting up posters, handing out flyers or even decorating your car with your brand!

But then again, with offline marketing, what you will mostly rely on would be referrals within your community. People will be telling their friends and family about their experience with your business. However, there are also a lot of areas that cannot be covered by offline marketing. For instance, if your city is big and you have a lot of competition, it would be hard to establish an identity.

With online marketing, your business opportunity in Berkshire has the potential to grow.

Here are a few ways that you can use the Internet to promote your business opportunity in Berkshire:

  1. Create an online identity. In other words, make your presence known. After creating your website, you should also create a blog. Here, you will be able to write anything that you want in your blog including announcements, launchings and establishing your expertise among your target audience.

Of course, don’t forget to create your social profiles as well. This will help you become more visible to others. Some of the social networks that you should be seen on are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

  1. Gather leads online. Design a landing page where you can let your visitors opt-in for emails from you. A good landing page will help you gather leads to warm up to as well as a gift or a freebie to entice them to sign up.

You can use a good email tool such as aWeber to help you send your emails to your list.

When creating your landing page, make sure that you don’t make it sound like you are selling something or blow their brains out with promotion after promotion when they opt-in to be a subscriber. Perhaps you can offer them an informative email or eBook or the latest updates instead.

  1. Follow up your leads. The follow-up is a very important part of your marketing efforts to extend your business opportunity in Berkshire through the Internet. Start by warming them up to you first. Treat them like how you treat your friends or family. Avoid sending them emails that will look like you’re selling them something. Also, avoid sending long emails that people would find a hassle or too time consuming to read.

You can expect your business opportunity in Berkshire to get better when you employ the right digital marketing techniques.

If you want to learn more about improving your marketing on line, join Steve Mills in his upcoming seminar for Digital and Internet Marketing on the 11th of December 2014. You will learn this and more for your business opportunity in Berkshire.

Peter Thomson on the Power of Words

Marketing advisorI subscribe to many leading marketing experts and business advisers’ newsletters and blogs as well as attending many of their marketing workshops (where do you think I get my ideas from?).  One of the advisers I hold in the highest esteem is Peter Thomson.  I have learned so much from Peter over the years from his TGI Mondays emails, reading his books, listening to literally hundreds of his audio programmes and attending many of his talks, workshops and conferences.

This week, Peter told a great story about ‘the power of words’.  You can read about it below.  This really is worth reading!

By the way, Peter now spends most of his time helping consultants to turn their knowledge and experience into audio, video and other on and off line products. In other words – enabling consultants, trainers and advisers to stop ‘just’ exchanging time for money and to start leveraging their experience.  I attended one of his workshops and turned my one day LinkedIn workshop into an 8-DVD programme that I sell to people all over the world.  This week, I posted DVD’s to Denmark, USA, Canada and Spain.  Take a look at it here: LinkedIn DVD Training Programme

Anyway enjoy and learn…


It’s ALL in the Words!”

One recent Saturday morning, Sharon and I visited The Touchwood Centre in Solihull, near Birmingham.

It’s a massive shopping centre.

To start the day…

We decided to have a cup of coffee (they’re excellent) at Joe and The Juice, which is on the crosswalk of one of the main thoroughfares.

I had to laugh… 

There on the counter just where you order your coffee and / or your juice is a Joe’s pink coffee mug and sign that read:

‘Sexy people tip’

Now as you and I am fascinated by words and the variable and amazing difference they have in any communication – I just had to ask the guy who served me: “Do you get better tips with this version?”

He laughed and nodded vigorously, “oh yes!”

Naturally, as an experienced marketer I had to know the other variations and about how much better the sexy people one was.

The others he could recall were:

1. “Help us place bets on the world cup” and

2. “Help us buy presents for girls”

Both – clever and amusing.

But you’ve already noticed…

Those two slogans were ‘staff centred’. 

The current winning one is – ‘customer centred’

What was the difference?

Well, the guy, who was really friendly and helpful in both marketing and coffee-providing terms told me:



Double – just for using THREE WORDS!


And that’s the insight you and I take away from this, isn’t it?

Ted Nicholas told me that in his early days in the sweet shop business, he’d change the words on the ‘A’ Boards that were positioned some yards away on either side of his shop. Then he’d measure the impact of different words on footfall, sales and profits.

Same idea, same results, same genius!

Now here’s the kicker: 

What parts of your marketing messages can you change to DOUBLE your clicks, your conversions, your sales, your turnover, YOUR PROFITS?

I’d have thought it was worth taking a look at:


Wouldn’t you?

Go on then

Oh by the way – I did place a sizeable tip in the coffee cup – well I had to, didn’t I?

Go on then…

Peter Thomson

Editor and ‘Watching out For Genius’ Publisher of tgiMondays


How to get more leads – Silvia Pelagreni interviews Steve Mills

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Marketing Training Berkshire – Preview workshop on 19th November 2014

Most of the 1,000’s of companies that I have trained and advised over the past 20 years have the same seven problems:

  1. They don’t have enough leads;
  2. They don’t have a marketing plan;
  3. They don’t have anything in place to measure their sales and marketing results;
  4. They have tried lots of things that don’t work;
  5. They have very little time, or money to invest in marketing and view marketing as a cost and not an investment;
  6. They win little, or no business from their website;
  7. They win businesses from word of mouth, but they do not have a referral marketing system in place.

I don’t suppose this rings any bells, but if it does, then the above mistakes are costing you and other businesses that I meet a small fortune.

The question is – Are you going to do anything about it?

If you are interested in doing so, then I would like to invite you to attend a 3-hour introductory workshop and networking event called – The Prudent Marketing Academy Workshop.

During the workshop I will explain how to:

  • Use Prudent Marketing;
  • Analyse your Marketing Strategy;
  • Grow your business for free, using the internet;
  • Get Government funding to grow your business;
  • Develop a marketing plan.

The workshop details are, as follows:

Date: 19th November 2014

Venue: Wokefield Park, Near Reading, Berkshire

Time: 10am to 1pm

Cost: £27.00 + VAT

To book your place click below:

I want to attend The Prudent Marketing Academy


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