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Marketing Your Business in Berkshire on a Shoestring Budget

Steve Mills Internet marketing advisorMarketing your business in Berkshire does not require you to have a hefty budget in tow. Today, there are ways to help your business along, such as the successful use of referral marketing. In this type of marketing, there is no need to spend money as this simply means that your clients are basically the ones who will be referring your business to their friends, colleagues and so on.

Are referrals effective in marketing your business in Berkshire?

Let’s face it, people are naturally social. We love to talk and listen to others. More so if we like something, we could go into lengthy discussions with our peers.

This is the marketing strategy that businesses should be taking advantage of.

People buy and sell from each other all the time. Because of social media, spreading the word around to others has amplified. A lot of people take to their social media networks to rave about the latest issues or their latest business, while others rant about something that they don’t like.

Can referrals really help you when it comes to marketing your business in Berkshire?

I would say YES, that is, if you are providing excellent products and services!

You can’t stop your clients from airing praises about your business especially if your after-sales support is stellar. On the other hand, if they find your Berkshire business in dire need of improvement, whether it is your service or your unsatisfactory products, you’ll find that cleaning up after your mess is not only tiresome but also costing you prospects.

Remember that while referrals and social media can help you in marketing your business in Berkshire, it can also be a double-edged sword. When people don’t like something, they can be really intense when talking about it online.

Therefore, when you want to do business, you need to give your clients a good story for your brand. Give them something good to talk about and the next thing you know, you will be getting leads from referrals.

If you want to know more about how to market without using any money, you might want to listen to Steve Mills. He is the founder of the Prudent Marketer and he knows what he’s talking about when it’s about marketing your business in Berkshire or in any other place for this matter. He also has an upcoming workshop on Prudent Marketing on the 24th of September at Wokefield Park Hotel.


How Can Surveys Help You Find a Business Opportunity Network in Berkshire?

Steve Mills - Marketing adviserAny business opportunity network in Berkshire is definitely worth looking at.

Whether you already have a well-established business, a small one, or would still want to start one, marketing and knowing what your clients want is something that needs to be done. There are various ways to find out more about the preferences of clients, and having a survey is one of these.

Finding Out the Business Opportunity Network in Berkshire through Surveys

A survey is simply a means for you to ask respondents any set of questions. They could be about your business, your services, what they’d like to see, feedback about your company and more. These can be done on your website so that as your visitors enter a page, they will be prompted if they want to participate in a short survey to improve your service; or you can also use email to inform your clients about the survey.

Creating a survey is not that difficult. You can always use a survey provider. They have everything that you need; from the set of questions to use and how to deliver them to your clients. There are even some providers that don’t require you to have a broad technical knowledge to be able to create a single survey.

You don’t have to worry because almost everything on the internet nowadays is automated. All it takes is a few clicks here and there and you could have a really comprehensive survey.

Of course, it’s important to make sure that the survey won’t take too much time for your clients to fill out. But if necessary, you can always warn your respondents ahead of time that finishing the survey might take time for them so that they know what they are entering into.

Another thing is to keep your questions simple. No one wants to answer difficult questions as if they are being given an exam.

The goal of your survey is to help you determine the business opportunity network in Berkshire.

Therefore, if you have the time (you should, if you want the best possible outcome), try to create a survey to give your clients.

If you want other tips for internet marketing, you can check out Steve Mills’ Digital and Internet Marketing workshop on 11th of December 2014. Through the workshop, you can get ready to learn more about how you can make effective business opportunity network in Berkshire.


Google ranking statistics

The Value of Google Result Positioning

UPDATE (6/12/13): Below is a breakdown of average traffic percentages by Google result ranking for results.

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Not enough Berkshire businesses are using video to market their businesses

4 Points to Remember when Making Videos for Business

One thing that businesses know about marketing is to go with the current trends. This is why local businesses use social media for business in Berkshire.

These days, marketing through traditional methods are no longer as effective. Tell me, do you still read all the pages of the newspaper? Or would you rather just look at the colourful magazines full of models? Let’s face it; these magazines are actually more effective at marketing as opposed to the usual black and white newspaper ads.

What would be even better is to market your business through videos! There are various video sites today such as YouTube, Vimeo or Daily Motion. These video sites are also being used by a lot of businesses to promote their products and services.

Videos are more convenient to watch and learn from. It’s like when people watch telly or go to the movies and they show trailers of upcoming movies. This is the same with marketing through videos. Companies do not need to really tell their watchers that they are selling a particular product. Through making and uploading that video, they only need to promote their brand.

What to remember when using social media videos for marketing in Berkshire

  1. Make it short. People don’t have all the time to watch long videos. Studies also show that people only have 30 seconds before their attention goes to another thing. So, if you can put in all the necessary information within that 30-second window, you can get the full attention of your prospects and clients.
  2. Show your face. There is something about showing a face behind the brand or business. People want to see that there is someone who represents the brand because this will make your business more credible, not to mention personal, in the long run.
  3. Get more people in the video. Perhaps you can also put in other employees, your cat, your dog or even a family member! What’s more; a testimonial from a happy client is one sure-fire way to hook in more clients!
  4. Be creative in your content. One way to do this is to add a bloopers reel where watchers can see you and the other cast in the video laughing and making mistakes. Watchers will be more comfortable after seeing these types of video clips.

There you have it. If you want to promote your business through videos, make the best of it.

Steve Mills can help you improve your internet marketing skills as well as how to use social media for business in Berkshire. He is an expert in internet marketing and you might want to join his seminar to propel your business to internet success. For more information, click on the link:


Looking for Internet Marketing Advice in Reading, Berkshire to Impact Your Marketing?

Looking for Internet Marketing Advice in Reading, Berkshire to Impact Your Marketing?

The one thing that is important in any business is to generate leads. The internet is a very big place and source for businesses to thrive if it is able to generate lots of quality leads. If you think about it theoretically, there are so many people on the internet every day, every minute. In a single minute, there are hundreds of thousands or even millions who are online and just going about their normal business.

So if you’re looking for internet marketing advice in Reading, Berkshire to augment your marketing efforts, read on!

Now, imagine if you can tap into at least 1 person in an hour, out of the hundreds of thousands looking at your niche, wouldn’t that amount to 24 people in a day?

This sounds easy, but it is not. Without the right information or knowledge of how to properly do these things, there won’t be any leads gained. You would only be wasting your time and energy online if you don’t get leads.

To overcome this, you have a few options:

  1. Hire an expert who can give you sound internet marketing advice to help you create a plan of action to leverage to power and sphere of the Internet. You may need to pay them well for their services but if you agree on specific terms and outcomes, you will not regret the relatively small investment compared to the monetary gains you’ll get from their expert advice and guidance.
  2. Get in touch with someone you know who is also in the business, or who is experienced in the business. They will surely help you in shedding some light on how to do things. The downside of this is, they might not tell you everything they know and are doing since you’ll be competing for leads.
  3. Learn all you can about internet marketing yourself. The Internet is a vast source of information including internet marketing so you can definitely go down this path. Unfortunately, not all of the internet marketing advices online are accurate and you would have to test different strategies, which can become costly over time, in order to pin down the strategies that will work for your business.

You can also search for internet marketing advice in Reading, Berkshire to attend a face-to-face session or workshop with an expert who can help you start on your path to internet marketing and social media marketing.

If you prefer to start small, the prudent marketer Steve Mills, who specialises in helping businesses run a marketing campaign at next to nothing, thus, the term Prudent Marketing.

He is running an Internet Marketing Advice workshop in Reading, Berkshire on the 23rd of September 2014. You can read more about the programme here:

Internet marketing will only continue to grow, so it’s best to take advantage of it before your competitors gain a distinct advantage over you. The video below shows how internet marketing has grown during the past few years and this might just change your mind about stalling this huge move to join the internet marketing arena.

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