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World Expo 2020 in Dubai

DubaiCongratulations to the Government, people and residents of UAE for the successful bid of Dubai to host the World Expo2020. It is indeed a moment of pride for everyone involved. Best wishes and respect to Turkey, Brazil and Russia as well for their participation in the bid.

Winning Expo 2020 is an acknowledgement for the country’s achievements and will see a marked economic growth and a major job boost, particularly in tourism and real estate sectors.

LinkedIn Training is helping to educate children in Africa

A big thank you to delegates attending our LinkedIn training in Bracknell yesterday.  Thanks to them, we provided education for 11 Children in Africa, for a month.

Every person who books on to one of our workshops means that, we pay to educate an African child for a month.  The training is in basic language, maths, health and child protection.


school Africa

Learn how to dominate the first page of Google

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For further details regarding how to achieve the results mentioned in the video go to Internet Marketing.

Marketing Advice | Have you set up a Google Alert for your company name?

What are people saying about you and your company on-line?

Not sure, then set up a Google alert.  What this means is that when anyone mentions your company, then Google will alert you (good or bad news), but at least you will know!

Simple to do and it’s free information for you.

PS… you can set up an alert for almost anything.  So say you were an accountant, you could ask Google to alert you with news on any text changes etc.

Marketing Advice UK

Steve Mills - Marketing adviceThere is a goldmine sitting there waiting for you to claim it.  It is sitting in your database.  It is the business that you could harvest from the list of clients and prospects that you currently have.

If you don’t have a top quality database, then you are simply missing out on £1,000’s worth of lost income.

One client came to me recently having been in business for over 15 years with a prospect database of 95 people.  I asked him “what an earth have you been doing for 15 years”?

If you don’t have a first rate client and prospect database, then why not?

There are no excuses at all.  If I was the minister for business, I would make it against the law to run a business that did not have a database of clients and prospects.

It is hard enough to run a business, but to run a business with one hand tied behind your back, is not an option.  You need exceptional information and data to run a successful business.  How good is yours?

Marketing Advice for small businesses | The 10 biggest mistakes

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Marketing Training Dubai

Steve Mills - The Prudent MarketerSteve Mills, The Prudent Marketing is in Dubai at the moment running a Prudent Marketing Masterclass for The Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority.

Steve is there to help them encourage Technology Businesses within Dubai as well as Internationally to use the Oasis and to move to Dubai.

Dubai is a great place and is a Candidate City for Expo 2020.  Expo 2020 is viewed as a massive opportunity for the people in Dubai and is on many peoples minds at the moment.

During the training Steve spoke about generating traffic to their website and how to convert more of that traffic into leads.

Office Space Dubai

Office Space DubaiI am over in Dubai at the moment providing Marketing Training for the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority.

Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA), is a 100% government-owned free zone, was established in 2005, with the Mission to “facilitate and promote modern technology based industries” thus supporting the region’s demand for business expansion.

They provide a full package of incentives and benefits  to companies interested in moving to Dubai and operating within the free zone. Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) is a technology park and provides both a living and working office space in Dubai’s integrated community.

The park is expanding massively at the moment, with lots of new construction and my role is to help them to market these superb facilities both on and off-line.

It is great to be involved in such a great project and I always love traveling to and working in Dubai.

Marketing Speaker | Steve Mills is Speaking at the Fast Signs National Conference

Steve Mills - Marketing AdviceI am looking forward to to speaking at the Fast Signs National Conference on Saturday 9th November 2013 –

My talk is called ‘How to use LinkedIn to Market your Business’ and during my talk I will explain exactly how the franchisees can market their business on LinkedIn for free.

Business Advice UK | UK SME Statistics

Business advice UKThe Department of Business, Innovation and Skills recently stated that there are now 4.9 million businesses in the UK, with 99% of those businesses employing less than 250 people.  Of these, 50% employ less than 50 people.  These businesses employ 14.4 million people.   The turnover of these SME businesses is 14.4 trillion, out of a total UK private sector income of 3.3 trillion.


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