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The five Characteristics of Successful People

(Based upon Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich Book)

Number one – Burning Desire

The most successful people have a burning desire to succeed.

Number two – Specialised knowledge

Individuals who want to have success in marketing, in business and in making money need to have specialised knowledge.

Number three – Decisiveness

Individuals who are the most successful in the world are decisive.

Number four – Goal orientated

The most successful people in the world are goal orientated.  A goal unwritten is only a wish.

Number five – The mastermind group

The 500 most successful people had one common characteristic.  They belonged to a mastermind group.  In other words they had a group of people with whom they sort advice, coaching, mentoring and general counsel.

So there you have it.  Now rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 

Burning desire ____

Specialised knowledge ____

Decisiveness ____

Goal orientated ____

Mastermind group ____

Business Advice UK

The 10 biggest mistakes in Business:

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Internet Marketing Training Bracknell | Why my workshop only costs £27?

I would like to invite you to a 3 hour seminar on on Internet Marketing being held on 5th November 2013, in Bracknell, from 10am to 1pm – only £27.00 + VAT.

The reason that it is only £27 is because, I want to meet you personally, and show you what I can teach you. I want you to see for yourself that there is a HUGE opportunity right now for you to get well paid for doing what you do.

And, if you’re interested, I’ll also share lots of tips and tricks for simple to use Internet Marketing and tell you a little more about Prudent Marketing, so you can quickly start turning your businesses around and make a stack of cash in doing so.

So in summary…

You get 3 hours of very valuable training, plus a great ortunity to network and I get to introduce you to the concept of Prudent Marketing.

PLEASE NOTE: There are only 40 seats available and they are allocated on a first come first served basis.

So, if you want know how you can drive traffic to your website and convert more traffic into leads, then click Marketing Training Berkshire


LinkedIn Training – Nottingham

Steve Mills - Marketing adviceI am pleased to confirm that I will be holding a LinkedIn workshop in Nottingham on Wednesday 5th March from 9am to 4.30pm at The Langer Hall Hotel.


The cost of the workshop is only £197.00 + VAT. 

To book call us on 0118 930 5700

or click this link

We look forward to seeing you on the 5th March 2014.



Networking Berkshire

This is a special invite to an event I am holding on 5th November in Bracknell, from 10am to 1pm.  The event is both a networking event and training session, covering - how to get more treffic to your website.

Attending the event only costs £27 and the session will be packed full of great tips, including the latest thinking from the world of online marketing.  The value you will get from the event is going to be incredible and the event will be worth 1,000 times more than you are paying.  The reason it is so cheap is because, I am recording it and I want a large group to be there.

At the moment this e-mail has only gone out to my clients, but on Thursday it will be sent to the rest of my database of over 58,000 business people and so the event will fill up quickly.

To book your place and for more info, follow this link -


Sales training with Scrooge

Steve Mills - Marketing AdvisorIn this interview with leading Marketing expert Steve Mills, Steve explains how to use the pain of doing nothing to help you increase sales.

Think of it this way.  Do you remember the story “A Christmas Carol”?  Three sales people ‘ghosts’ turned up to Scrooges house and tried to sell him on an idea of ‘giving’.  This was something he had no intention of doing at all and did he did not even want to listen “bar humbug”.

However, by using the forces of past, current and future pain and pleasure they were able to convince him that change was a must and not just ‘a should’.  He changed his mind and his outlook instantly by linking pain to staying as he was and pleasure to change.

Here I uses an example of how I would sell sales training services to remove resistance to buying.

Steve – How many sales people do you employ?

Client – Six

Steve – How good are they at achieving their targets?

Client – Some are better than others, but on average they achieve approximately 75% of their target.

Steve – What is each person’s target?

Clients – They don’t have individual targets, but their overall target is £200,000 per month.

Steve – So they are currently achieving £150,000 per month is that correct?

Client – It varies, but roughly yes.

Steve – How long has your sales team been together?

Client – Some people have been with us longer than others and some have come and gone, but essentially we have had a sales team for five years.

Steve –  Has 75% of target been achieved roughly throughout this time?

Client – Yes, approximately again.

Steve – So the team have been losing out on a potential of approximately £50,000 per month for five years is that true?

Client – I have never thought of it that way, but yes I suppose that is true.

Steve – So if we take that back five years that comes to £600,000 per year x 5 years = £3,000,000.

Client – Yes and that is scary!

Steve – That being the case, I suppose you could say that you will lose another £3,000,000 in potential new business, if nothing changes over the next five years, won’t you?

Client – Err yes we will.

Steve – So let’s say that worse case we could help you and your team to become 15% more effective.  Let’s work out how much extra income could be achieved.

A 15% increase in sales effectiveness would increase your sales from 75% of sales target, up to 90% of target, or from £150,000 per month to £180,000.  This equates to an extra £30,000 per month x 12 months = £350,000 x 5 years = £1,800,000.  Is that correct?

Client – Well confirmed.

Steve – Ok.  So to achieve this we will need to conduct a series of six training days over a period of six months at a cost of £12,000 and then two per year after this at a cost of £4,000 per year.  How does that sound?

If you have done your job effectively you have just made a sale.  How could you use the pain in the past, present and future to increase your sales?  How can you also use this in your marketing copy, on e-mails, web pages and in direct mail?

Let me know if using this technique improves your enquiry rates.

LinkedIn Training | Steve on Business Connections TV

Steve recently appeared on a new vibrant business TV channel called Business Connections Live .  Business Connections live host a weekly business show at 7pm every Wednesday and each week a business expert is featured and ideas to help small and medium sized businesses discussed.  Steve has already been asked to be on the show again, so look out for him on Wednesday 20th November at 7pm.

Also you may want to sign up to the above link to gain access to the show each week.

During Steve’s interview he talks about the power of LinkedIn and how it can be used to grow businesses.  To watch the show and to learn some cutting edge tools on effective marketing, click the link below:

[stream provider=youtube flv=http%3A// img=x:/ embed=false share=false width=640 height=360 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false opfix=true /]

Marketing Advice UK | Effective advertising

Steve Mills - Marketing adviceWhen considering advertising is is essential to direct your headlime to your target audience.  Your readers will feel important and enjoy belonging to a select group of people who buy a product, or service.

For example, ‘How to grow your legal firm using LinkedIn’.  Or, ‘Birthday cakes for busy Mum’s’

The point is – niching is the key.  Make the reader thin – This is for me!

By the way this is not restricted to print advertising.  This also applies when considering – e-mail marketing, PPC advertising, web pages, etc.  As the old saying goes.  ‘The headline is the advert, for the advert’.

Steve’s top tips for Facebook marketing

Marketing Consultant1. Ensure you maximise Facebook links
The No.1 strategy to get your website on to the first page on  Google is to create links from ‘high credability, ethical and relevant websites’.   So the first step is to create links back to your website from Facebook.

You may have already noticed that Facebook allows you to place your page within specific categories. People then find your company within the Graph Search based on the category that you have selected for you page.  It is therefore essential that you choose the category, that is the best match for your business.

2. Include your keywords
Your “About” section on your Facebook page should be treated just like a meta description on your webpage.  Include the keywords which are the most relevant to your product or service in this section. You can also put keywords within status updates and take advantage of Facebook’s new #hashtag system to boost Graph Search visibility as well.

3. Customize your URL
Having a unique URL that has your company name within it helps rankings for both Google Search results, and Facebook Graph Search results.

The part that says “MyCompanyName” is called your username within Facebook.  Go to Facebook Username and create your Facebook URL.

4. Addition of key information on your profile
Include important information about your company in the “About,” “Mission” and “Company Description” sections. If your company depends on local traffic, include your physical address and phone number in the “Basic Info” section.

5. Get more likes
Run contest and promotions that help encourage more people to Like and follow your company’s Facebook page. Comparable to link building within SEO, businesses with lots of followers tend to get better Graph Search rankings.

6. Include your keywords
Your “About” section on your Facebook page should be treated just like a meta description on your webpage.  Include the keywords which are the most relevant to your product or service in this section. You can also put keywords within status updates and take advantage of Facebook’s new #hashtag system to boost Graph Search visibility as well.

 7. Encourage sharing of your content
Facebook is more of a social experience than a traditional search experience. Your content must be content that people want to share with their friends. Imagine Graph Search as a net which captures likes, shares and comments. So if your page gets more of these incoming relationships. it will get more easily discovered. The most popular and shared posts on Facebook tend to be the ones that are interactive, engaging and contain useful information.

8. Change your company address

Graph search results are often based on location. If you don’t have your address on your page, you will not be viewed for location-based searches.

Marketing advice for small business | Localised Marketing Is A Business’ Best Resource, says The Prudent Marketer Steve Mills


marketing training

Steve Mills, the Prudent Marketer, and expert in all things business, is encouraging businesses large and small to take advantage of the local markets that they have access to online. It is said that local marketing is one of the biggest opportunities for leads that businesses currently have access to, and making the most of this type of marketing can help to create dedicated client bases across the country.

Location marketing, with examples including the daily deal sites such as Groupon, as well as the social network Foursquare, which is based around checking into certain locations to receive promotions and discounts, are both great examples of ways in which businesses are tapping into the local marketing phenomenon. Consumers love to find deals and discounts which are exclusive to their area, and that statistics speak for themselves. Localised marketing produces a 67% better customer response, consumer connectivity is improved by 39% and almost three in ten people become more loyal to a brand when it markets specifically in their area.

Steve Mills says, “In the past few years we have seen a huge rise in the number of businesses attempting to try out localised marketing and see how successful it could be for them. Local websites are linking everything from social media and mobile usage to local search content and review sites, all of which combine to create a complete package for consumers. This is something that all marketing departments should be looking into on some scale, as they attempt to generate more leads for a business.”

After determining the role of local marketing in a business’ strategy, businesses should start putting together websites which target local content. Automated content capability is a distinct advantage, as it means that web teams don’t need to constantly update each local page every day. Then, using local web media channels, businesses can reach customers locally and drive traffic to their website, boosting their brand and also their profits. Marketers can also use local marketing to learn about their marketing ROI, modifying their strategy and placing more investment in this channel if necessary.

It seems strange that, with globalisation and the digital world makes the whole planet smaller, consumers should be so preoccupied with the businesses in their local area, but the figures cannot be argued with; 73% of online search activity is related to local business, and 49% of marketers believe that local marketing will be essential to business growth and lead generation in the coming years.

In order to help more businesses to get to grips with generating business through local marketing, Steve Mills has provided a number of useful tips and ideas on how to get started.

  • Get reviewed as often and as positively as possible. You can’t fake reviews, nor can you openly solicit them, but you can integrate reviews into your everyday operations to help with credibility rankings and to give the business a boost on sites other than Google. Ask for feedback in your email signature, and when you send out a product or sign off on a service with a client, ask whether they’d fill out a feedback form for you.
  • Make friends with the local journalists. In local marketing, it’s often a case of it being who you know, rather than what you know. Interact with the local news teams regularly, and don’t forget to keep a constant stream of newsworthy activity heading their way.
  • Get local recognition by getting involved with a community. Hold a seminar for local people to become more acquainted with your business, offer to teach a class or hold an assembly at a local school, support a local charity or get involved with work experience for local college students. Pillars of the community have a great deal of influence over buying decisions and marketing ploys, and this will come in handy.
  • Cross-promote with non-competitors. Interact with other local businesses and find out how your services could complement one another. Agree to engage in joint promotions, special discounts for loyal customers and even host joint events to draw in bigger crowds.

All of these tips are fairly easy to implement and they can help to build an online presence as well as a tangible, physical presence for businesses which are targeting their local area. Localised marketing and the ability to target key areas is the next big thing in business marketing, and those who get ahead now might well find themselves becoming market leaders in years to come.

For more information about Steve Mills, the Prudent Marketer, and to discover some of his personal marketing tips, visit


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