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Steve Mills is 18 again!

Marketing ConsultantSteve’s 18 again!
Steve Mills Marketing Ltd is celebrating its 18th birthday this year. The Marketing company’s Managing Director, Steve Mills, has seen his business grow and adapt over that time, to reflecting the changes in the marketing tactics used by business and the current dominance of e-marketing. Steve offers training, consultancy and business performance analysis to a wide range of businesses, worldwide.
Steve now operates a company that caters for small local business, those operating in the Thames Valley and across he UK, as well as further afield in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Kenya. The use of the Internet and remote working has enabled Steve to work with a broad range of companies who welcome his depth and breadth of knowledge in the Marketing field.
Although e-marketing is used prevalently across the majority of business sectors, Steve commented ‘it is still imperative to consider the benefits of the other elements of the marketing mix. The use of postal mail outs, telesales, newspaper and magazine articles, advertising, events, video, publications and networking are all options that, used in the right way, can help a business create new leads and additional income.’
Steve loves West Berkshire and finds that it’s location in the Thames Valley is of great benefit to his business. His offices in Bracknell and Newbury are close to major airports, road and rail networks, should his clients wish to meet him personally.
For more information about how Steve could help you to grow your business, give him a call on 0118 930 5700. His website can be found at


Business Advice UK

business advice ukHere are some interesting statistics about business:

  • 80% of self-made millionaires own their own businesses
  • 90% of businesses started by people with business experience eventually succeed
  • 90% of businesses started with NO business experience ultimately fail, at least in the short-run
  • Most small business owners have done very little training in business and marketing skills

Something to think about…


Internet Marketing workshop for small businesses

The Prudent Marketer Announces New Internet Marketing Workshop 

The Prudent Marketer Steve Mills has announced a new addition to his popular one day internet marketing workshops. The session, which will take place in July, will focus on the one area that most business owners still struggle with; how to carry out truly effective internet marketing with little to no budget in order to make sales.

The workshop focuses on the core belief that the days of half-hearted internet marketing are over and provides common sense insights, easy to use strategies and clear guidance to turn sites into lead generators.

Steve Mills said, “There are around five million businesses in the UK, 99.9% of which are small businesses, and in these tough times it is essential that they understand how to market themselves on-line.  Not doing so is costing UK firms thousands and in some cases hundreds of thousands of pounds.

“Most small business owners have a website that wins no leads.  They are nowhere to be found on Google and they do little else to drive traffic to their website. Their website wins virtually no business and they do very little to drive traffic to their website.  Often they don’t think their web designer understands online marketing and in 99% of cases they are right.

“They are on several Social Media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, but rarely use them and don’t fully understand their capability.

“Everyone is telling them that they should be dominating Google, but they don’t understand how.  They have tried Pay Per Click Advertising on Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn, but it just cost them lots of money.”

The question is what to do?

The harsh truth is that most business owners do not know enough about selling and marketing their products and services. Most SME websites, though perhaps nice looking and well designed, do not make money.

When most business owners go into business they do so because they are good at what they do.  A lawyer opens their legal practice, a bookkeeper, their own bookkeeping business and so on.  Many do not realize that there is a vital key skill missing- how to sell and market their products and services on-line.

One of only two clinics of this style to be held each year, the Making Money on the Internet Workshop, chaired by Steve Mills, will take place on Wednesday 3 July 2013. At the end of the day all delegates will know how to;

  • Drive over 1,000 people per month to their website from LinkedIn
  • Dominate the first page of Google (not just be on it)
  • Use YouTube, the world’s 2nd biggest search engine
  • Convert more website visits into enquires using lead conversion technology
  • Improve ROI from PPC Advertising
  • Get hundreds of people creating a brand buzz on Google, YouTube, LinkedIn,, Facebook and even other people’s blogs
  • Win more business, more easily, more often

Tickets are priced at £197 + VAT with a second ticket offer of £100 + VAT. For every ticket sold, one child in Cambodia will be educated for one month. In addition to the one-day workshop, delegates will also receive a 30-minute free telephone consultation with Steve Mills and a one month subscription to the Steve Mills Raise Your Game programme.

To register visit or call 0118 930 5700.

About Steve Mills

Steve Mills helps clients to create more leads. Over the past 17 years, Steve has built a reputation for helping businesses to market themselves using his ‘Marketing without Money Formula’. Never one to take unnecessary risks for himself or his client, Steve is now known as ThePrudent Marketer.

Steve established his reputation by training thousands of business people in how to market themselves without a budget. He has spoken to audiences all over the world and authored three highly successful marketing books as well as writing articles for many leading business magazines. He is the founder of The LinkedIn Training Academy which provides training, coaching and mentoring, through video, audio, workshops and webinars.

We have just paid to educate 330 children for a day

Boy that feels good!

We have just provided education to 330 Primary School Children for a day in Cambodia.  Every time someone books on to one of our workshops, we pay for a child to be educated for a month, in Cambodia.

To do the same go to (buy1 Give 1)

This is a great charity for businesses.  The better we do, the more we give.  Outstanding and inspiring, to know that we are making a real, if small difference.

Tony Robbins started by feeding one family on ‘Thanks Giving’ and he now feeds over 2,000,000 people.

From tiny acorns…

Business Advice UK | Tony Robbins on Business Success

This is a great video on the importance of understanding the financial side of your business.  Most people in business do not understand this side of their business and this is often one of the reasons for the failure of the businesses.

I love this video because it explains accountancy in language that a ‘non accountant’ can easily understand.  I love the term ‘things and stuff’.

Enjoy Steve


A BrightTALK Channel

Internet Marketing Training Berkshire

We all want and even need more business and we all know that there is a huge opportunity to win more on-line.

So, I want you to do something for me!

Well, actually, it is for you.  I want you to go and watch this video.  It will be the best decision you have made this year (it is about 4mins long) – Click here

The video demonstrates ‘dominating Google’.  In other words, how to become so effective on Google that you remove your competition from page one.

When you’ve watched the video, click this link and learn how to get the same results.

Here is the link – Click here

Online Marketing Advice | Conversion Rate Optimisation

Internet Marketing.  The missing pieceConversion Rate Optimisation is the practice of increasing sales leads on a website, without increasing traffic.

In other words, it is working out how to get more leads from your current traffic.  So much effort and often money in the forms of PPC Advertising, Banner Advertising and other forms of marketing are spent driving traffic to a website.

Often businesses forget to maximise the traffic they already have.  Let’s say you get 1,000 people to your website per month.  This equates to 25 leads, or a 2.5% conversion rate.

The questions is how can you improve this?

Because if you could improve it by only 2.5% that would double the amount of online business you create.

The secret is in the word ‘OPTIMISATION‘.  Can you optimise your:

  • Page titles
  • Headlines
  • Text
  • Use of pictures and alt tags
  • Use of video
  • Testimonials
  • Special offers, bundles and incentives
  • Sign up forms
  • Lead conversion offers
  • Free give-aways
  • Design and look of your site
  • Navigation of the site
  • Call to action

Something to think about?

Want to know how?  Go to The Secret to Internet Marketing.



Marketing Automation System

If you are looking for the best email marketing system and a tool for automating your marketing.  Marketing Automation



Internet Marketing Training Berkshire

Internet Marketing Made Simple 2013

By Steve Mills – The Prudent Marketer

In the next few lines I am going to explain the secret to marketing your business on-line.  The secret is Maximisation.  What do I mean?
Let’s say that you get 1,000 people to your website and 100 people buy.  Maximisation is the process of your‘categories of improvement’ and testing and improving each and every one of them in an on-going and consistent way.

Categories of improvement include:

  1. Driving traffic to your site from Social Media
  2. Using video on your site
  3. The first 10 seconds of your video
  4. The copy on the page
  5. The headline
  6. The colour and location of the order button
  7. The use of pictures
  8. The key words used on the page
  9. The price and positioning
  10. The re-marketing of site visitors
  11. Database for Email Marketing
  12. Getting your Blog on to the first page of Google
  13. On-page Search Engine Optimisation
  14. Following up on the phone
  15. Following up via direct mail
  16. PPC Advertising driving traffic to the website
  17. The use, location and quality of testimonials
  18. The thank you page follow up offer
  19. Follow up email sequences
  20. The special offer, or up sell

These are just some of the Catergories of Improvement.  Can you imagine the potential increase in profits if you improved each of these by 5% to 50%?

It would be very easy to increase the number of visitors to your site from 1,000 to 1,500.  That is an improvement from 100 to 150 sales.  Let’s say that the use of a video increases your numbers by 10%.  This is an increase from 150 to 165.  Then the addition of a follow up email sequence adds an additional 10% increase over the next six months.  This comes to 181 sales.  Or an 81% increase in sales.

This is the secret of how to sell on the Internet.  It is that simple, but most businesses don’t do it.  How many of the above are you focusing on?

Recently, I have been sending you emails to get you to spend one day, out of the next 365 with me in order to learn how to make the right choices for your business, your website and your internet marketing.

Today, I am only going to ask you one question.  Do you want to get more sales on-line?

If so, go to Internet Marketing Made Simple 2013.

The Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce – Internet Marketing Workshop


The Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce invites you to a half-day  

Internet Marketing Workshop

‘Internet Marketing Made Simple 2013’

with Keynote Speaker 

Marketing Consultant

Steve Mills – The Prudent Marketer

Founder of The LinkedIn Academy & the Marketing without Money Programme

During the workshop Steve will discuss

  • Drive over 1,000 people per month to your website from LinkedIn
  • Dominate the first page of Google (not just be on it)
  • Use YouTube the world’s 2nd biggest search engine (there are currently 4 billion videos watched on YouTube every day)
  • Convert more of your website visits into enquirers by utilising lead conversion technology (it is simpler than it sounds)
  • Improve your return on investment from your PPC Advertising and your website
  • Get hundreds of people telling others how great you are on Google, YouTube, LinkedIn,, Facebook and even other peoples blogs
  • Win more business, more easily, more often

Tuesday 4 June 2013

The Large Salon Room, Canadian High Commission, Macdonald House, 41 Grosvenor St, London, W1K 4AA

Registration & coffees etc: 09.00 – 09.30 Half-day Workshop: 09.30 – 13.00

Members & their guests: £85inc VAT Non Members: £110inc VAT

Sponsored by:

Marketing Advice and training


To attend this event please RSVP with payment & registration form where appropriate by Monday 3 June 2013 to:  T: +44 (0) 20 7258 6578



Steve Mills is known as ‘The Prudent Marketer’ and provides Marketing Advice, Marketing Training, Social Media training including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc, for new and small businesses. He is the author of four books on marketing. Steve helps businesses to make money without spending money: he specialises in ‘Marketing without Money strategies’ and helps clients to market themselves using many of these techniques and strategies.

A leading Marketing Expert and Professional Sales trainer with over 25 years’ experience, he is the founder of The LinkedIn Training Academy and has also developed an online training programme designed to teach business owners exactly how to use LinkedIn effectively. The LinkedIn Academy is privately run and is not owned, or endorsed by LinkedIn plc.

Over  the past 17 years Steve has helped businesses develop systems and strategies to:

  • Improve the ROI from their current marketing
  • Measure and track everything
  • Test their marketing to get the best possible results from every marketing pound
  • Make a marketing plan and set a budget with specific targets
  • Make full use of referrals and with a plan and scripts for winning them
  • Systemise their marketing and sales processes

Steve has appeared on many tv programmes on the BBC and ITV including: Blue Peter, Wish You Were Here, Look North, and South Today. And multiple commercial radio stations including: BBC Radio Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Sheffield, Jersey, Leicester, Hampshire, Jersey, and Leeds.

He has been featured in Business Today, The Sun, The Star, The News of the World, Success Magazine, The Newbury Weekly News, Reading Chronicle, Berkshire Life, and multiple on-line websites.

Steve is a former successful international table tennis player and fully understands the value of having a good coach. When he went into business for himself he applied many of the principles he learned as a sportsman including a continual and never ending journey to be the best he could be. He now inspires the clients he works for with the same ethos.

‘I really care about people. I have a great sense of humour and I really want to make a difference by sharing with others what I do best. I am committed to consistent and never ending improvement both personally and for those I work with.’

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