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Internet Marketing Training – Marketing your website on-line

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Email Marketing Training

Creating leads from Email Marketing

Workshop on 16th April 2013

I have a database of over 80,000 names and a Social Media following of over 35,000 people.  We win about 60% of our business from email marketing and on 16th April 2013 I am going to show a small group of people how I do it.  Do you want to be a part of this group? 

If so, I am going to show you how to: 

  • Grow your database using 

  • Get people to opt in your your emails

  • Set up sequences and events

  • Improve the open rates of your emails

  • Turn your open and click through’s into leads and sales

  • Decide upon the best email marketing system for your business

  • Use LinkedIn email marketing

  • JV with other people

  • Get people to events with email

  • Drive traffic to your website

  • Win more leads

  • Position yourself/your business as as am authority in your niche

The workshop is being held at The Innovation and Business Hub, Ocean House, The Ring, Bracknell, Berkshire and er details can be found by clicking this link.

E-mail Marketing Training Berkshire

On 16th April I am holding a email marketing training workshop.  Details of the workshop can be found by going to email marketing training.

E-mail Marketing Training Berkshire

Ten top tips for making your campaign effective

Want to do some email marketing but not sure where to start? Follow the tips below to help make sure your email campaigns get through the spam filters and generate positive results.

  • Get permission
    To ensure compliance with Data Protection legislation make sure your email marketing is permission-based which means you need the customer’s consent to contact them. This includes allowing them to unsubscribe at any point from receiving correspondence from you. To build up your contacts database, collect email addresses from your customers at every opportunity!
  • Plan your campaign
    What do you want to get out of your email campaign? If you want to increase sales, think about how to achieve this. Will you make special offers designed to appeal to specific groups of customers? Do you want to invite customers to an exclusive event?
  • Call to action
    Include a call to action in every email you send. For example you could invite customers to download discount vouchers, purchase a discounted product online, or agree to attend an event.
  • Links
    Make sure you have links to your website so customers can find out more about individual offers. By monitoring customer click-throughs you will be able to measure your campaign’s success.
  • Subject line
    The subject line has a major influence on whether recipients open and read emails. Keep it short and avoid using CAPS, exclamation marks or words like ‘free’.
  • Design
    Make sure your design works! An HTML design will make your email look more professional, but if you don’t get it right, it will fail to render correctly across all inboxes or will get caught in spam filters. If in doubt, try using the free templates provided by email marketing solutions such as dotMAX
  • Targeting
    Targeting will ensure your email marketing sends the right content to the right people at the right time. By tailoring email content to different customer groups, you will significantly increase your chances of success.
  • Experiment
    Find out what works. Consider doing some split testing, by sending slight variations on your email to different customer groups. For example, find out what happens if you change the sender’s name from male to female, or use a different subject header, or send the same email at different times.
  • Deliverability
    Believe it or not, the main obstacle you will face is getting your email into your customers’ inbox! ISPs delete billions of emails each day. Make sure you choose an Email Service Provider with good deliverability rates.
  • Measurement
    Measurement is the key to future success. By finding out how many emails were delivered and opened, and which links customers clicked on within the email, you can fine-tune your next campaign.

For further information on email marketing go to Email Marketing Training.

LinkedIn lead generation DVD Programme

One of the problems with software is that we end up only using 25% of what the software can do for you because you don’t fully understand it.

This is often the case with LinkedIn.  Most business owners, people with senior positions in business and the public sector are on LinkedIn, but they don’t understand how to use it, so end up using less than 25% of it.  Most people don’t use more than four different ways to grow their business on LinkedIn and yet there are over 30 ways!

LinkedIn DVD Programme

LinkedIn DVD Programme

How to solve this problem

The most important thing is to get yourself trained.  The question is how?  For some people the answer is to read a book, other prefer a workshop, whilst some would rather do it on-line in webinar format.  Another great format is of course DVD.

This being the case I have produced a DVD Training Programme comprising of eight DVD’s called ‘How to Grow your Business on LinkedIn’.

What does the programme cover?


DVD No.1

  • Why use LinkedIn to grow your business
  • What is your businesses aim on LinkedIn
  • How much time do you need to invest
  • How to set up your personal profile
  • Adding video to your parsonal profile
  • Adding professional pictures
  • Setting up your company profile
  • Your professional headline
  • Creating links to your website

DVD No.2

  • Writing effective posts
  • The best way of communicating on LinkedIn
  • Posting through your company profile
  • Linking your posts to groups
  • Adding your products and services to LinkedIn
  • Posting on to your home page
  • Posting to groups
  • Adding video to your products

DVD No.3

  • Linking to relevant people
  • Growing your database on LinkedIn through effective list building
  • Adding your email contacts
  • Using LinkedIn’s recommended contacts
  • Connecting to your connection’s contacts
  • Using groups to connect with others
  • Finding people in the corporate world

DVD No.4

  • Communicating your message
  • Getting people to pick up the phone
  • Getting people to visit your website through effective posts
  • What to say
  • Where to say it
  • Commenting on other people’s posts
  • Should you buy into the paid membership
  • Getting a job on LinkedIn
  • Finding new employees

DVD No.5

  • Why join groups
  • What groups to join
  • Marketing yourself within groups to grow your business
  • The easiest way of contacting 1,000,s of other businesses
  • Keeping in touch in order to build business relationships
  • Growing your connections
  • Promotions
  • Setting up your own group
  • Becomming a key person of influence in your groups

DVD No.6

  • Getting recommended by lots of people
  • Getting your products and services recommended
  • What are the best recommendations
  • How to use recommendations
  • Recommending others
  • Using your LinkedIn recommendations throughout your marketing

DVD No.7

  • Why LinkedIn’s e-mail marketing is not great, but you should use it
  • Individual emails
  • Grouping
  • Your message
  • Exporting your list
  • Why LinkedIn is so great for your website
  • Link building
  • Driving traffic
  • Using the power of LinkedIn to get onto the first page of Google

DVD No.8

  • Getting to No1 on one specific key word
  • Getting found on LinkedIn
  • Is LinkedIn Pay Per Click Advertising for you?
  • How to set up a LinkedIn Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign
  • Market research
  • Driving people to your website.

How do I buy the Programme?

The DVD Programme costs only £77 for all eight DVD’s.

To buy the programme simply go to LinkedIn DVD Programme.  Or, you can call 0118 930 5700.

Internet Marketing Training Berkshire

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Marketing Advice Berkshire | Don’t take my word for it

What others say about Steve Mills – The Prudent Marketer

Mark Grubb- The Friendly Tree Surgeon
Mark Grubb- The Friendly Tree Surgeon
Director at Calibra tree surgeons 01344 311101

Steve has been working with us for a few years, his expert knowledge in this area has helped us out immensely. Our turnover has increased and advertising cost have reduced. I would recommend Steve to everybody. Please feel free to contact me if you want to know anymore about this marvelous chap…..

March 21, 2013, Mark was Steve’s client

Alan Scaplehorn
Alan Scaplehorn
Creating and branding dental payment plans for your practice| | 0800 069 968

I have only known Steve a matter of weeks but have already established a successful rapport with him through membership of his Linkedin Academy, which I would urge anyone who uses Linkedin and other social media, to join. His knowledge of the workings and business generation potential of this medium is boundless and he has opened my eyes really wide to the possibilities. I…more

October 2, 2012, Alan was Steve’s client

John Bowman-Baker MD
John Bowman-Baker MD
Chef & Restaurant Management jobs for people that consider food more of a passion than a profession. 01295 265 366


Of course you can, who above 5 years of age cannot!!

So how did you learn? Even Bradley Wiggins and Sir Chris Hoy had to learn at one time. Most likely you started off with stabilisers and progressed to Mum or Dad holding your saddle so that you did not wobble too much. ?

Well that is what Steve Mills of Steve Mills Marketing can do for you…more

August 7, 2012, John was Steve’s client

Janine Stevens
Janine Stevens
Business Development at Avalis Consulting; Marketing Manager at Adaptive Fertility Systems

Steve is fantastic and has been able to unravel for me many of the mysteries of social media and search engine optimisation. I highly recommend not only the LinkedIn Academy but any of his courses for any one wishing to better understand projecting yourself or your idea or product out into today’s market. Janine

June 2, 2012, Janine was Steve’s client

Thomas Cairns
Thomas Cairns
Business Development Manager

Steve came to Fox IT to discuss LinkedIn and online marketing in general. The areas we discussed will be of great use to us in the future as we build our online marketing presence. Steve was personable, easy to work with and understood our core goals. I would work with Steve again.

May 23, 2012, Thomas was Steve’s client

Langar Hall
Langar Hall
proprietor /manager at langar hall

Steve is an inspiration teacher transforming social media from a vague understanding to an exciting revolution.

May 11, 2012, Langar was Steve’s client

Ian Hodge
Ian Hodge
Phone systems | Online Backup | Business Mobiles Telecoms solutions| 0118 9099168

Steve I just want to say thank you I cannot believe the results that going on your course has done to our ratings on Google I would and am actively recommending you course to everyone i meet

Thank you
Ian Hodge

May 10, 2012, Ian was Steve’s client

Chris Bishop
Chris Bishop
Business Development Manager & Internal Sales Manager at Fox IT

We hired Steve for a day to help us discover the full potential from LinkedIn and social media. Its amazing how much we managed to cover in just the one day and the ideas covered are going to be valuable for our business going forward. Thanks Steve for a great day!

May 9, 2012, Chris was Steve’s client

Christina Fox
Christina Fox
Legal & RMCP Administrator,PA to Director of Compliance UK & UK M&A/Special Projects Senior Legal Counsel

I recently attended a LinkedIn workshop with Steve Mills. I found Steve to be very knowledgeable on this subject and he has helped enormously with Fox IT and myself.

May 8, 2012, Christina was Steve’s client

Mike Gilmer
Mike Gilmer
Managing Consultant at TM Brand Advisors

Steve provides a good introduction to the wide capabilities of LinkedIn’s very developed business network. I suspect most people are only aware of a very small percentage of LinkedIn’s capabilities and Steve’s 8 webinars were a simple and effective way of learning about them.

March 8, 2012, Mike was Steve’s client

Hellen Shaw
Hellen Shaw
Director at PINKTOMATO, A digital design and marketing company serving the Mobile Industry

When it comes to social media, Steve knows a thing or two! If you have not yet attended any of his seminars (online or otherwise) and want to get the best out of your social media efforts – in particular Linked in, then I would recommend that you get in touch with him in the first instance. Social Media is a minefield, but Steve’s expertise will show you quickly and easily…more

March 8, 2012, Hellen was with another company when working with Steve at Steve Mills Marketing

Robert Hurn
Robert Hurn
Owner Hurn Accountants

I have seen speak on LinkedIn several time recently, it is apparent that he has an in depth knowledge of the website and his simple (when you know them) tips save hours of frustration.

February 27, 2012, Robert was Steve’s client

Robert Hurn
Robert Hurn
Owner Hurn Accountants

Steve is able to explain how to use LinkedIn easily and profitably- in lay mans terms. A delight to listen to, I learned more about linked in in half and hour last night than I had in years beforehand – highly recommended

January 26, 2012, Robert was Steve’s client

Steve Hodder
Steve Hodder
Medical Video Production | Product Demonstration Videos | Website Videos | Broadcast Media Consultancy | 07831 338357

Steve presented an excellent session on “How to grow your business using LinkedIn” at an evening event for the Theale Business Network. He is a very informative and entertaining speaker and delivered some expert advice on how you can maximise the use of social networks. I was an early adopter of LinkedIn and have been using it for years, but Steve highlighted many areas…more

January 26, 2012, Steve was Steve’s client

Colin Ward
Colin Ward
Creating Business Opportunities for Russia

Sometimes you have a perception that you know more than you do about a subject. Steve, without rancour, was able to demonstrate how little I knew; but more importantly, he showed how much benefit could come by engaging in his understanding of what could be achieved.

He demonstrated and proved, enlightened and motivated, in a way which made this subject exciting and…more

December 22, 2011, Colin was Steve’s client

Paul Cadde
Paul Cadde
CEO, Adviser Breakthrough Group                   Appointments | Investments | Coaching | Software

Steve opened our eyes to a world of marketing possibilities which will completely transform our business. He creatively cuts to the chase.

November 24, 2011, Paul was Steve’s client

Frederika Roberts
Frederika Roberts
Owner Cini Suppli | Social Media Marketing Doncaster | Voice-Over | Presenter | Food Industry Recruitment

I attended a workshop yesterday, led by Steve Mills and Frank Furness, on Social Media Marketing. Steve led the Linked In and Facebook elements of the workshop and provided some great insights. His approach was very inclusive and managed to make LinkedIn accessible to those who hadn’t used it before, but also to give new ideas to those who had. A great day, thank you:)

October 7, 2011, Frederika was Steve’s client

Steve Loughton MBA, CFSP
Steve Loughton MBA, CFSP
Managing Director at Jestic Foodservice Equipment

I attended one of Steve’s LinkedIn familiarisation courses in a mixed ability group of about 20, all of us from the same industry.
It was the best personal training investment I have made in myself for several years.
The session was very relaxed but we covered a huge amount of ground in about 4 hours hands on work.
The proof of the instructions for me personally was…more

October 3, 2011, Steve was Steve’s client

Mark Bristow
Mark Bristow
Domestic refrigeration @ Coolectric ltd

Steve is an inspirational speaker, with a detailed knowledge of course subject matter and able to translate this into a number of practical applications that could benefit our business in a wider sense.
We will be introducing his principle suggestions to other team members and would recommend him to others who are looking for those productivity improvements businesses…more

September 30, 2011, Mark was Steve’s client

Dr Robert Illes
Dr Robert Illes
Senior Technical Author at WorleyParsons

One cannot help but be thoroughly motivated and energised after attending any Steve Mills event. There is some ineffable quality that he is able to transmit over and above the content, to make one get up and take action. Oh, and the content is great too… expert, engaging and eminently usable, immediately.

September 7, 2011, Dr Robert was Steve’s client

Emma Lewis
Emma Lewis
Sales and Marketing Executive at Toga Sports / Silk Road Leisure LTD

I have now been on three of Steve’s training courses, over the past year-.
Marketing without money, Linked in training and Social Media Mastery.
On each of the courses Steve has been extremely knowledgeable in the areas and has given me some brilliant advice that has been invaluable to the company, and has increased our sales and traffic to our website using social…more

June 23, 2011, Emma was Steve’s client

Tim Solway - Quality Printing London
Tim Solway – Quality Printing London
Printing and print solutions at Solways Printers

In Jan 2011 I attended Steve’s LinkedIn course and it became apparent that he could help Solways Printers grow in a ever increasingly smaller and competitive market place. We have now a marketing strategy in place to grow our business substantially over the next 12 months. He has in-depth knowledge of his chosen field and I recommend his marketing services. In a short…more

March 10, 2011, Tim was Steve’s client

Carol Adkins
Carol Adkins
Director of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Steve has worked with the staff team at the Berkshire Physiotherapy Centre, helping us understand marketing is a team responsiblity – these sessions invigorated individual thinking and encouraged imaginative, simple ideas and solutions.

February 24, 2011, Carol was Steve’s client

Karen Macphee
Karen Macphee
KMCcoaching – I coach the business PERSON, not the person’s business.Employed,self employed or running a company.

If you like me thought media social networking marketing is not for you as you don’t understand it – well do what I did and go on one of Steve’s work shop’s, refreshing that the he tells it in plain language – good investment. Karen Macphee KMC coaching.

February 22, 2011, Karen was Steve’s client

Penny Lowe
Penny Lowe
Enjoy Accounts and Grow Your Business. Overcome obstacles & grow profits, through training and mentoring.

Steve is good at recognising the use of testimonials and referrals to increase sales. He encourages you to make the most of existing customers.

February 2, 2011, Penny was Steve’s client

Marketing planning – The 7p’s and their impact in 2013

Steve Mills - Marketing Planning Advisor

Steve Mills – The Prudent Marketer

The “7P Formula” for developing a marketing plan is nothing new.  In fact it has been around for years.  Therefore can it help businesses to grow in 2013?  Yes is the answer, if it is implemented effectively.  It works and you should use to continually evaluate and re-evaluate your business.

The 7P’s are:

  1. Product
  2. Price
  3. Promotion
  4. Place
  5. Packaging
  6. Positioning
  7. People

1. Product

Take a look at your Products from a marketing perspective.  Decide whether or not your products are right for your target market. Ask yourself:

  • Are your current product or service, or your mix, appropriate and suitable for the market and the customers you serve?
  • What other products, or services could you provide?
  • Are there products and services that you should stop providing?

2. Price

The second P is Price. Develop the habit of continually reviewing the price of your products and services to make sure they’re still appropriate to your target market.

So many businesses under value themselves. Many have found that the profit of certain products or services don’t justify the amount of effort that goes into producing, or delivering them.

By raising you price, you may lose a small percentage of your customers, but the remaining customers generate a better profit.

You can combine products and services together with special offers and special promotions. Sometimes you can include free products that cost you very little, but make your prices appear far more attractive to your customers.

Another thing to consider is – does your pricing match your positioning (see P No.6)?

3. Promotion

The third P in marketing is Promotion. This includes all the Prudent Marketing methods you use to communicate with your customers regarding your products and services.

Testing small changes in the way you promote and sell your products can lead to dramatic changes in your results.  Hiring a highly experience marketing person, or advisor can often be cost effective and can increase the response rates from your marketing by anything from 20% to 600%.  (I normally get about a 180% increase).

The strange thing about marketing and sales is that what you’re using today will, sooner or later, stop working.  Therefore you must be at the cutting edge of marketing and be aware of the changes in technology.  For example, you might be on the first page on Google right now, but next week Google might change the way it evaluates websites and unless to are aware of these changes and can adapt your marketing to meet with those changes you disappear off Google and lose 35% of your business over night!

4. Place

The fourth P of marketing is the Place.  Where your product or service is sold.  You need to develop the habit of reviewing and reflecting upon the exact location where you meet your customers.  You need to develop an multiple stream policy and you need to do this in a prudent marketing manner.

You could sell your products and services in many different places?

  1. Direct selling
  2. Telemarketing
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Websites
  5. Other social media
  6. Email marketing
  7. Catalogs or mail order
  8. Trade shows or exhibitions
  9. Joint ventures

Many companies use a combination of many of these methods.

5. Packaging

The fifth of the 7P’s is the Packaging. Standing back and review the visual element of your packaging of your product or service through the eyes of a prospect.

You never get a second chance to form a great first impression and people form their first impression about you within the first 30 seconds of seeing you.

Small improvements in the packaging or external appearance of your products or service can often lead to completely different reactions from your customers.

Packaging refers to the way your product or service appears. It also refers to:

  • Your people and how they dress and groom
  • Your offices
  • Your van’s, cars and lorries
  • The way your telephone is answered
  • Your waiting rooms
  • Your brochures
  • Your business cards
  • Your correspondence

In fact every single visual element about your company. Everything counts. Everything helps or hurts. Everything affects your customer’s confidence about dealing with you.

6. Positioning

The next P is Positioning. Nothing is more important than your positioning within your market.  Are you:

  • Harrods
  • M&S
  • Lydl
  • A boot-fair

You should develop the habit of working continually about how you are positioned in the hearts and minds of your customers.  Are you a KPI business (key person/business of influence) in your market?

How do people think and talk about your company?  What positioning do you have in your market, in terms of the specific words people use when they describe you and your offerings to others?

Develop the habit of working to improve your positioning on an on-going basis. Begin by determining your current positioning. If you could create the ideal impression in the minds of your customers, what would it be?

What would you have to do in every customer interaction to get your customers to think and talk about in that specific way?

7. People

The final P is People. Think about the people inside and outside of your business who are responsible for your sales and marketing strategy and activities.

Your ability to select, recruit, hire and retain the proper people, with the skills and abilities to do the job you need, is more important than everything else put together.

“Get the right people in the right seats on the bus.”

It is often not possible to grow your business until you can put the right person into the right position.

LinkedIn Training Bracknell, Berkshire

I had a great day yesterday at the LinkedIn Lead Generation Workshop in Bracknell.  My thanks goes out to each delegate for their contribution and feedback.

Thanks also to the team at Ocean House, Bracknell for the use of their super meeting room on the 13th floor.  I always say that my training will take your business to a new heights and now I know that is true!!!

I am looking forward to the next workshop on 14th May.  For details go to LinkedIn Lead Generation Workshop.

Internet marketing training for HR businesses

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