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Marketing without Money | The best form of marketing on the plannet

If you think about – what is the best form of marketing on the planet, then there is really only one answer.  REFERRAL MARKETING, or ‘word of mouth’ as it is often called.

Lets face it, people will recommend you, even if you to nothing other than a good job.

The problem is 99.999% of all business owners don’t recognise that referral marketing is as a legitimate marketing stream and so they continue to write out cheques for a new website design, or new logos that don’t create any more leads.

The key to the success in referral marketing is and always has been having a referral system like the one I produced called ‘GROW YOUR BUSINESS WITH REFERRAL’.


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Steve Mills Marketing without Money | Marketing Channel

Marketing Consultant

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Here you go –

LinkedIn Training, Imogen Skirving of Langar Hall, Nottingham

“Thank you for your invitation to the DIY Internet Marketing Worksop.  You are a really inspirational speaker Steve and I would have loved to attend, BUT thanks to following your advice our restaurant and hotel is now SO busy that I can’t get away.

Best wishes Imogen – Langer Hall Hotel, Nottingham

The E-Myth | The best business book in the world…

Tony Robbins | Motive for Action

£55,000 following the first post on LinkedIn

One of my clients added his first post on LinkedIn telling his connections that he was attending an exhibition.  As a result, he got a meeting at the event and as a result of the meeting he got an order for £55,000.

Not bad for attending a workshop with me!

£135,000 in new business from LinkedIn in 3 months

Not bad for one of my clients following attending my – Grow your Business on LinkedIn Workshop.

Tony Robbins | Business Advice

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