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I found out today from Andrew Grey of k&h Accountants about a little-known grant that is available to SMEs who want to buy new capital equipment using finance.

The grant comes from a company called Regional Growth Fund (RGF), which pays 20% of the cost of assets bought using HP, as long as the assets are used to ‘increase or sustain employment’. In other words, you can’t use the equipment to replace people!

The assets bought must cost more than £25,000 (including VAT) and you must pay at least 10% up front, and the grant will pay 20%. The 70% balance is paid with interest at the bank’s usual rates (APRs of 7-8% are typical) over the period that you agree. It may be possible to re-finance existing assets as well.

A few asset classes (including cars) are excluded and there are various other conditions, but if you are considering investing in the near future – for example, to benefit from the extra tax allowances that you can get up to April (see our blog on annual investment allowance) – then I recommend that you find out more.

Thanks to Giles Winter and Katie Lawrance of RBS/Lombard for making me aware of this.  Please email Katie or contact Andrew if you’d like to know more.

LinkedIn Training for Accountants

Hi Steve

Today’s Linked In training was first class – worth 10 times the fee – it has saved me many hours of frustration in advancing my linked in marketing.  I fear like many that I had reached an impasse, believing that LinkedIn could be an important part of my marketing but always running out of time before achieving anything due to a lack of knowledge.

The training was delivered in a pleasant and friendly environment, sufficient time allocated for questions and being able to being laptops enabled us to implement your ideas immediately.  You may recall that I ask you how to set up an event and we did so during the training.  I arrived home an hour later to find that the first delegate had booked in.  Instant results.

I would recommend that anyone looking to embrace Linked In attends one of your training sessions – The alternative is to go it alone – in my experience the cost of lost working hours will be far beyond the small cost of the training.


Bob Hurn Accountants

Internet Marketing Training Berkshire

Marketing Advice UK

It is not that often that I recommend other people’s products, but I am making an exception!

Firstly, Lee Gilbert is a friend of mine who is also one of the UK’s leading experts on Internet Marketing.  He has a set of four fantastic Internet Marketing CD’s and he has reduced the price by 50% to only £49.99.  I strongly recommend buying this if you need to improve your internet marketing.

Secondly, Jackie Jarvis, who has also become a good friend and is the author of several great marketing products including a CD based Marketing Programme called ‘The Sales FastTrack Programme’.  In this 9 CD and workbook programme Jackie covers everything you need to know about marketing your small business.

And last, but by no means least – If you want to win more referral leads you might want to take a look at my 6 CD Audio Programme called ‘Grow your Business With Referral’

All can be found by clicking the link below;

Marketing Advice UK

LinkedIn Webinar

LinkedIn Webinar Training

How to use LinkedIn to Grow your Business – 8 week Webinar Programme
Hopefully by now you are convinced that LinkedIn should be a key part of your marketing (if not click here and watch the video).

So the question then becomes – how can I use LinkedIn effectively to grow my business?

An even more important question for many people is – How can I find the time to get trained in how to use LinkedIn properly?  Time is such an important resource and travelling to and from a seminar is often not the best option.

This being the case, I am just about to launch an eight week Webinar based training programme.  Now I don’t know about you but the thought of spending hours on the phone on a webinar fill me with dread and so I limit each session to only 30mins (4 hours in total).

In this time I am going to not only teach you, but also show you what you need to do to market your business on LinkedIn.  The programme covers:

Week 1

Your LinkedIn Marketing Plan
Setting up an effective personal profile
Week 2

Setting up a company profile
Building your database
Week 3

Keeping in touch with your target market
Using groups to grow your business
Week 4

Using LinkedIn for search engine optimisation
Week 5

Getting recommended
The paid for services
Week 6

Email marketing
Linking your LinkedIn marketing with other Social Media
Week 7

Using the many applications
Your Social Media Policy
Week 8

Putting your plan together
The whole programme costs £97.00.  That is just £12.12 per week.  If you think about this in terms of return on investment (ROI) then signing up is a no brainer.  I have clients who have made £135,000, £55,000, £28,650 and one who made £58,000 from one meeting that they got from LinkedIn.
Having said that, using LinkedIn to grow your business is about taking action and this is why this webinar format is so good because you get trained every week and in between times you take the required actions.

In order to get you signed up I also want to offer you several bonuses:

Bonus 1 – When you sign up for the programme you get access to my 28 video on-line programme.  So if you forget anything, or you can’t make one week you can go to the members only website and learn from the videos.

Bonus 2 – I will give you two months membership of my Raise your Game Programme (a monthly Business Development CD programme)

Bonus 3 – I will send you a copy of my e-book ‘A Sales Force of Thousands’ (a book about referral marketing)

The programme details

Day – Thursday

Time – 4.30pm to 5.00pm

Dates – 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th March | 5th, 12th, 19th April

Investment – £97.00 + VAT

Value – Immense

To book click here

LinkedIn Speaker

I am speaking at the Calcot Hotel, Padworth, Reading this evening, on how to use LinkedIn to grow your business.  I am speaking at a National Entrepreneurs’ Alliance group meeting.  If you want to attend contact them.

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