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LinkedIn Training In house

I am being asked to do lots of bespoke in house LinkedIn training at the moment.  doing two day’s in London this week and another one the week after.  In house is always good because it can be made very relevant to your business.

LinkedIn Training

If you use LinkedIn, but do not win any business from it then you might want to take a look at this.  LinkedIn Training

Social Media Training

“Observe the masses, then do the opposite”.

Great advice from Walt Disney.  Walt was certainly ahead of his time, but in his thinking and his vision.  How could you lean from Walt and make your business different from the rest.

LinkedIn Training

Click this Link to watch my video about why you need to use LinkedIn to grow your business.  Click here

Social Media Training – UK Masterclass Tour

Bookings are going great for The Social Media Masterclass UK Tour.   To reserve your place on what will be a great day. You will leave this event with a cast-iron action plan for Social Media success. Call us now to reserve your place – 0118 930 5700.
So if you want to:

  • Get more customers
  • Dominate the web
  • Turn followers into clients
  • Grow your market share
  • Increase your capacity to make more money
  • Spend the day immersed in growing your business
  • Maximise your Social Media Marketing
  • Raise your game on your business success

Your business will benefit from working with people who have actually got results and who are leading entrepreneurs and business experts. Join myself, Steve Mills, together with Frank Furness and other business people at our one day masterclass event.  Your day will be an intensive immersion into the expanding world of Social Media. You will walk away armed with powerful strategies to help you take action and achieve. The event details are available at this link.

Testimonial from Gerald Lambourne of Beard & Coles

“I have been attending the Business Accelerator Programme for the past 3 months and have found this invaluable.  Not only have I come away with action plans to improve my business, but the interation with the other delegates has also helped me to gain a new perspective on my busienss and how to develop both my company and myself.

I would recommend Steve’s course to anyone who wishes to grow their business”.

Read the blog posts below, then read this…

So if the reason businesses succeed is more sales and the reason that they fail is less sales, then the question is – How can you get more sales?

The answer is simple, but not easy.  Better Sales and Marketing!!! What you actually need is:

a) More customers

b) More sales from each customer

c) An increase in your average unit of sale

The biggest problem that most small business owners face is, trying to do everything themselves.  They go to work ‘in’ their business, instead of ‘on’ their business and that is the fundamental difference between big and small businesses.  Between success and failure!  Between wealth and going bust!

So if you want your business to grow and to give you more, profit, time, security and wealth, then you need to stop making excuses like:

  • I don’t have the time
  • I don’t have the money
  • I will get round to it one day
  • I am too busy
  • I have lots of client work to do
  • And the best one ever – When I get some more money, I will invest in my marketing

And you had better get off your ARSE and start to take action.

Here is where to start

Another reason small businesses stay small

Another reason that small businesses stay small is that they try to do it themselves.  And the fact is that they don’t know what they are doing and they don’t have the time.  This often applies to Social Media and Internet Marketing in general.

Businesses employing less then 10 people make less than £1,000pa on the internet (on average).  Businesses employing 11 to 50 make an average of £179,000pa.

I wonder… Could this be anything to do with the fact that businesses who employ 10+ people usually outsource their Marketing to someone who knows what they are doing and businesses employing 1 to 10 people try to do it themselves?

Why small businesses stay small…

The big difference between success and failure, between a large business and a small one is, the number of sales created.  Why do small businesses stay small?  Because they don’t make enough sales!

It is that simple!  Bigger companies are better at selling.

I recently spoke at a large Business Conference with over 600 small business delegates and I asked them two questions:

1. Who in the room is responsible for sales in their business?  About 90% of the room put their hands up.

I then asked:

2. Who in the room has done any sales training in the past 5 years?  Less than 5% of the room but their hands up.

Need I say more?

Duncan Bannatyne’s new book

I was just reading Duncan Banatyne’s book 43 Mistakes Businesses make.  When it struck me that doncan’s mistake No1 was ‘Not Taking Good Advice’.  As a business owner we can get advice from all over the place, our employees, our customers, our bank manager, our accountant, and our friends and family.  However, good advice is often a different matter say Duncan.

Duncan went on to say that getting poor advice is often why entrepreneurs get used to ignoring advice.  They tell themselves that “They have been in business for 15 years and no one knows this business like I do”.

The truth is they have been in business for 15 years and they still have not made any money!

Duncan went on to say, “One of the hardest lessons I’ve learned along the way was that the advice you don’t want to hear is probably the advice you should listen to the most”.

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